Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter: All 22 accused acquitted due to Lack of evidence

MUMBAI: A special CBI court in Mumbai on Friday acquitted all 22 accused
in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case today. The court acquitted all 22 accused in the case, citing lack of evidence. 

Special CBI Judge SJ Sharma ruled the prosecution has failed to put forth any “documentary and substantive evidence” to suggest or establish the alleged conspiracy. Sohrabuddin’s brother Rubabuddin Sheikh protested the court decision and said the family would challenge it.

The court said that the government machinery and prosecution put in a lot of effort and 210 witnesses were brought but satisfactory evidence didn’t come and witnesses turned hostile. The BJP will heave a sigh of relief today after a special CBI court acquitted all accused in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.  Sohrabuddin was killed in an alleged fake encounter on November 26, 2005 near Ahmedabad, while his wife was killed three days later and her body disposed of, the CBI had said. BJP president Amit Shah, who was also named in the case, was discharged.

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