1. (Old age (also referred to as one’s eld) consists of ages nearing or surpassing the average life span of human beings, and thus the end of the human life cycleEuphemisms and terms for old people include seniors, senior citizens and the elderly.

  1. 2. As occurs with almost any definable group of humanity, some people will hold a prejudice against others—in this case, against old people. This is one form of ageism.
  2. 3. Old people have limited regenerative abilities and are more prone to disease, syndromes, and sickness than other adults. For the biology of ageing. The medical study of the aging process is gerontology, and the study of diseases that afflict the elderly is geriatrics.. )

There is a saying–” Those who knows the mother, knows the world”.

This caption might be true. But, ironically, he who does not care for the mother at least at the old age when she really require and expects actual help and assistance from his son…..what to call him…How to define him and in which language…

Just think and imagine the feelings of old aged persons of and above the age group of 50-60 years, who happens to live separately or away from their son(s).and of course the daughters…

This may happen on various accounts like:

        By virtue of their son living on account of job in some other state or country;

        Or in the course of living away from them though staying in the same city but living on account of their jobs, children’s education, or to be nearer to the place of working;

        may be in the course of love marriages; and

        May be on one or other account or pretext.

In general, it is found that they are not in a position to talk their parents-in particular with his mother; they find no time to visit to the mother’s house, if they stay in the same city, even during holidays, festivals or other festivities, at least to say hello, or to spend a little time to have consonance their aged parents/ to the mother.

Their offerings of excuses include heavy and unbearable job work, over time, late sittings at job work, or that they are not in a position to spare time to come from their place of residence, or other wise engaged, preoccupied on some other work.

It may heartening to hear from others that the so called son and his family members were seen at the restaurants, hotels, or at cinema halls, market places, or at the busy malls etc. The comments of the neighborhood, the relations, and of the friends at this old age found to be unbearable to them. The mother, or of course, the father, make out all sorts of excuses and explanations by supporting their son’s absence. But, the mental agony of the parents, their untold feelings, sleepless nights are and cannot be brought out through pen. Their swallowing of the expressions to cover up their inner feelings, the Atmaxobha  and eyes always searching for their son and to listen to him are all found be a like  their night vision.

The enormous money they possess, the relations they had, the friends, the authority, the power and the status they had, have found to be not coming to their rescue in replacing the sons’ presence with them. The old age homes, other’s counseling’s, etc, will they be of any help to them from making them to feel happy or to come out of their depressions, which I found that no person can recognize, replace , establish or detect.

Sadhana, or as we call, prayer, yoga, meditation, and the like  for Elation and Elevation is found to be the only solution       for the mothers who are neglected and made alone to live by their sons. No smothering words can help in distracting their eyes eagerly looking at the gate side, ears wanting to hear his voice of affection and love,

But, but, but… what. —-what the sin she might have committed to loose all this love and affection from the son? What to write and how to console and convince her about the present position of her son, and his re-thinking of inbuilt imaginations and thoughts; redefining the works, words to suit to his conveniences. These revelations may be with a view to satisfy his wife alone at his cost of life, only to make her believe that he is taking full care, love and affection towards her/his wife. Or his not visiting his mother may also be to make her/his wife believe that he does not care his mother, father , other relations, and that he tries to make her believe that her/his wife’s versions as true and beyond doubt. How to change his mind set up and about misconceptions toward the divine mother.

Many of the people advocate the golden means saying that self effort and fate are like the two wheels of a chariot or are like a pair of scissors.

Whenever defeat stares us in the face, we try to console ourselves by ascribing the failure to our ‘stars’, to predestination or to the result of our deeds in the past lives.

Whatever may be their philosophical connotation, there can be no denying the fact that we ourselves must strive to elevate our lives.

We always adjust to the life’s spring and actions. We must bravely march forward.  We must work with a sense of dedication with immense faith in our self-effort.

There is a saying to the effect that up to the sixth step it is human Endeavour and the seventh is divine favour.  Has anyone in the world ever risen in life without sustained hard work backed by assiduousness and enthusiasm?

Can we ever be successful in any field of life if we idle away our life waiting for fate or fortune?  Such a mentality will convert the man into a coward and a slave to sluggishness.

People commit many mistakes due to their weakness and then put the blame on the stars, fate and luck.  It is said that a man who slipped carelessly and fell down blamed the fate and the ground for his fall.

Try to read their minds with patience, in between the lines and not with severance or in hasty.

Be realistic to understand the situations, the consequences and the sequences that might have erupted from the beginning to the point of separation of lives- of the mother and the son. Just pity the mother, the son also, and for the matters encountered in her life and the dreams about and on the expectations of him she had. Imagine the stamina and the strength she had to sustain the draw backs, the push backs in her life to bring her son to the present position. The kicks of her son on the chest received during the early age as a kid and the joy she might have felt at that age.

And now when her son grew with maturity, in mind and developed his own thought revelations and the actions with self decision making to select and marry his life partner, reside separately and away from the mother, what explanations can any one put before her.

Her reconciliations from his child hood, she, as mother, might have pondered with joy and Jubilations for the first actions of the son, receiving kicks on her chest, and now for the second actions (even imaginable like kicks of words). Who can imagine her feelings and rethinking of the past which are entirely different to her expectations?

She might have become a soft target to her belief or he might have become simpleton? He was rather a hot stuff with sanguine this affair…? Is he became sandpaper or a sandwich in his life and with the life of his mother in the name and style of living separately on one or the other pretext with his family?

Is it due to the love and over helmed affection and sympathy towards his family? Or he has adapted to suit to his convenience to visit the mother and satisfy his other loved ones.

With all the above regurgitates and surmises, still I have a belief that he is a person with sanity and still did not loose love and affection toward his mother, then why and how the situations can be changed and what is the solution to resolve the matter. I have no answer, except to rely on the God.

Even if we concede that there is fate that hinders us from reaching our chosen goals, still we can overcome the fate through our diligence and also by awakening our spiritual strength.  Had there been an omnipotent fate, concepts lie fair and foul, virtues and vices, spiritual strength would have been unheard of.

Human beings are not a mere sod of earth or a log of dead wood.  No one can ever prosper in life if they  harbours the feeling that they are  not responsible for their actions, that it is fate which makes them behave as they does and that they are pushed and pulled helplessly by fate.

He who blindly follows the invisible fate is propelled by extreme ignorance which cannot but precipitates his downfall.

I firmly believe that only he who surrenders himself at God’s feet and prays to God (if your ever believe in God) whole-heartedly can regard himself as a machine which logically smoothers life span in a cognizable manner and the days goes on, and God as the driving force.  Especially noteworthy is the fact that such an individual can do no wrong and can do no harm to others.  This great man will be an embodiment of selflessness always aspiring for the weal and welfare of all in the world. They do not get discouraged or loose heart under any circumstances. They cogitate deeply and some how adjust with the life, and the environmental conditions.

I boldly and with pride ascribe these connotations to the mother, who might have faced and or facing the wrath and the sufferings of the life, that too without even whispering to others.

But, now, at this age, when she requires a helping hand and counseling – the same is missing from her son. Fortune favours the deserving…: Patience pays….But. At what stage?, will it be of any help to her when she can not be in a position to relish, realize, and understand the same, except staring at him and dump founded by the actions of his son.

The GOD – the almighty only shall help the Mother and resolve, if He can.


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