Resolution Format of Company for Authorization

Resolution Format of Company for Authorization

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatExtract of the Resolution passed in the meeting of Board of Directors of M/s __________, Address, __________  held on _____

Whereas it has been unanimously resolved that _____ is the _____ of the our Company and he is authorized to _____.  He is fully conversant with the facts and circumstances of the case and to do all other acts and deeds and thing for the proper pursuance of the said suit on behalf of our company.

All the acts done by the above named Authorized Representative on behalf of the company in the said matter shall be deemed to have been done by the company and its Directors and our company shall be bound by the same and we do hereby ratify the same

For M/s ______________

Dated: _____

_____, _____ Directors

Attested specimen signatures of
_____, Designation _____

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