Child Labor -An Enigma,Still Requires Introspection

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Adrish Guha Majumder ABSTRACT Taking a view of the present scenario of child labor in India, related laws and its shortcomings, the article deals with the subject of child labor which is an enigma now a days in India and in the world scenario. It introduces itself with the definition of child labor, its causes,… Read more »


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Introduction In the developing world the problem of child labourers has spread like a tsunami. Just like in tsunami, how one by one wave usually comes and leaves behind scenes of destruction; in the same manner every child who is exposed to child labour, one by one, moment by moment they go far away from… Read more »

Role of Indian judiciary in protection of Rights of the Children

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Sandip Bhosale 1 Introductory The role of the India Judiciary and the scope of judicial interpretation have expanded remarkably in recent times, partly because of the tremendous growth of statutory intervention in the present era. The judiciary plays an important role in the protection of fundamental rights of the citizen and non-citizens alike. The twin… Read more »