An Overview of Squeezing out of Minority under the Companies Act, 2013 Vis -À-Vis the Position in International Jurisdictions

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Tanvi Kini Abstract Squeeze outs demonstrate the power that majority shareholders in a company have to drive out the minority shareholders. It is a manifestation of the control of majority shareholders over the company. The minority shareholders are openly eliminated and are forced to accept the price determined by the majority for their shares. Although… Read more »

Proposed Changes to the Companies Act

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The Companies Act, 2013 (“Companies Act”), while beneficial, has also been perceived as overzealous over regulation in part. With a view to facilitating the ease of doing business in India, addressing stringent compliance requirements, harmonising company law with other regulations, the (“Bill”)was introduced in the Lok Sabha in March 2016 and is currently under review… Read more »

A Critical essay on compounding of offenses under Companies Act, 2013

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INTRODUCTION An ‘offence’ is defined as ‘any act or omission made punishable by any law for the time being in force’ under Section 3(38) of the General Clauses Act, 1897. Section 2(n) of Criminal Procedure Code 1973 (‘CrPC’) also defines ‘offence’ in the same way. A person guilty of committing an offence is liable to… Read more »