Insider Trading Regulation in India

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 Sourabh Battar INTRODUCTION In a Company, Insider Trading is trading by Insider and Insider do not mean employees or key managerial person of a company, insider could be connected to the information of the company and securities of the company. Trading by insiders while in possession of unpublished price sensitive information thereby possibly gaining unfair […]

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Buyback of Shares – A Judiciary Prospective

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Mandar D Rane Introduction When a Company has excess cash they may either use it for Investment, Acquisition of another company, repay debt or Buyback of shares. Buyback of shares in common parlance may be described as a procedure followed by a Company wherein it offers to purchase shares from its shareholders. Buyback of share […]

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Insider Trading

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Manthan Saksena ABSTRACT The project comprehensively deals with the different implications of the insider trading as well as the efficacy of the existing regulatory mechanism in the shape of SEBI (Prevention of Insider Trading) Regulation Act, 1992 to deal with this problem. The project has mainly focused on insider trading from Indian perspective. The author […]

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