Healthcare professional as workmen under the industrial Disputes Act, 1947

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 The law relating to labour and employment in India is primarily known under the broad category of “Industrial Law”. Industrial law in this country is of recent vintage and has developed in respect of the vastly increased awakening of the workers of their rights, particularly after the advent of Independence. Industrial relations embrace a complex […]

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Liability for Misstatement in Prospectus: Where to stop?

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BY:MANENDRA SINGH Introduction  This article focuses on the wide applicability of liability provisions with respect to any misstatement made in the context of a prospectus issued by any company whereby it asks the public to invest money. The liability regime for the misstatement has been fluctuating ever since the time corporate personality came into existence. […]

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Reconstruction and Amalgamation

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BY:NISHANT ARORA I.        INTRODUCTION The company wished to avoid being wound up and negotiated a scheme in which the existing shareholdings in the company would be transferred to a new company which would take over the company’s undertaking and assets as well as its debts. This was to be effected by a scheme for reconstruction […]

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