Format of Affidavit for Marriage Declaration

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Format of Affidavit for Marriage Declaration We, _____ Son of _____ Resident of  _____ and _____ Daughter of _____ Resident of _____, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:- 1- That we are at present unmarried. 2- That we have completed the required age for entering into marriage. 3- That we are not related to each other… Read more »

Marriage Registration Certificate Form of Extract

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CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE REGISTRATION FORM  OF  EXTRACT  FROM  HINDU  MARRIAGE  REGISTER 1-        Name of applicants                 –           _________ & _________ 2-        Date on which application forRegistration is made            –    _________ 3-         Date of Marriage                     –           _________ 4-         Place of Marriage                   –           _________   Particulars of Bridegroom Particulars of Bride 1-Name 2-Father’s Name 3-Age at… Read more »

Right to Marry under Right to Life : Panoramic View

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Asst.Prof.Anisa Shaikh The three most important events of human life are equally devoid of reason: birth, marriage and death. ~ Austin O’Malley Marriage is one of the universal social institution. It is established by the human society to control and regulate the life of man. It is a corner stone of a society .It is… Read more »

Restitution of Conjugal Rights : A Comparative Study among Indian Personal Laws

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– ANUJA AIYAPPAN CHAPTER 1   1.1 Restitution of Conjugal Rights: Concept and Origin Marriage under all matrimonial laws is union imposing upon each of the spouses certain marital duties and gives to each of them certain legal rights. The necessary implication of marriage is that parties will live together. Each spouse is entitled to… Read more »