Can’t use housing complex as religious building: Gujarat court

A residential complex cannot be used as a religious building, the Gujarat High Court has ruled and stated that doing so would amount to a breach of the Bombay Provincial Municipalities Act.

Justice R.R. Tripathi ruled that residential buildings were different from those used for religious purposes. The issue involved in the petition was whether residential buildings could be used as community buildings/assembly buildings for other purposes, including religious activities.

The court in its order made available Monday rejected relief to the petitioner who had asked for directions to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to quash a notice it had issued.

“It is clear that the ‘residential buildings’ and ‘community buildings’ are treated separately and this court is able to see the logic behind the same,” Justice Tripathi said in the order, which was also directed to be referred to reporters.

The court added that if the purpose of use needed to be changed, permission of the civic body as well as the commissioner of police of the area was essential.