Will Format of Property


Will Format of Property
Will Format of Property

THIS WILL  is made and executed here at ____________ on this ________day of _____________ by _____________________ hereinafter called the Testators in favour of _______________________________ hereinafter  referred  to as the BENEFICIARY.
Whereas  the Testator is the absolute and undisputed owner in possession of property_______________________.
I, have already received full and final payment of the said property  from ______________________________. If during the life time of myself the said property can not transfer in the name of said purchaser, then after my death said ________________________ will become the absolute and undisputed owner/allottee/ nominee of the said property/plot , my legal heirs will have no concern/right/claim  in respect of the said property. My all legal heirs shall be bound of this document this is my last will in respect of above mentioned property. I am executing this my last will and testament of mine of my own free will voluntarily without any compulsions or pressure of any person and with a sound disposing mind in the presence of witnesses with his full consent.

Dated ___________.


1. ___________

2. ___________.

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