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Written Statement Reply- Format of Suit for Declaration & Partition

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatIn the court of _____

In the matter of:-

_____  Versus   _____


Written Statement on behalf of the Defendant No. _____


The defendant No.1 most respectfully submits as under: –


1- That the contents of Para No.1 of the plaint are correct and admitted.
2- That the Para No.2 of the plaint is also correct and admitted. It is correct that _____.
3- That the Para No.3 of the plaint is also correct and admitted.
4- That the Para No.4 of the plaint is also correct and admitted. It is submitted that _____.
5- That the Para No.5 of the plaint is a matter of record.
6- That in Para No. 6 of plaint it is submitted the defendant No.1 has no knowledge about the said _____.
7- That the Para No.7 of the plaint _____.
8- That the Para No.8 _____.
9- That the Para No.9 of the plaint is correct and admitted.


That in reply to the prayer Para it is submitted that if _____ defendant No.1 has no objection.


It is, therefore, prayed that the suit of the plaintiff may kindly be decreed as prayed for Defendant _____

_____ son of _____ resident of _____

Through counsel:
_____Advocate, _____


Verified that the contents of the written statement are true to best of our knowledge and belief and nothing concealed therein.

Verified at _____ on  _____

 Defendant No. _____

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