Doctrinal Research in Law Field

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Sk Jahangir Ali, Asst.Prof., Baurghat Law College Basically research means investigation of the new thing and new thing means first-hand experience. Doctrinal research in law field indicates arranging, ordering and analysis of the legal structure, legal frame work and case laws to search out the new thing by extensive surveying of legal literature but without… Read more »

Bad System Of National Eligibility Test (NET)

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By Sk Jahangir Ali,Asst.Prof,Balurghat Law College  1. The minimum criteria for the post of Assistant Prof is either NET or Ph.D. as prescribed by UGC NET and Ph. D is not same and not alike in nature.NET is only Eligibility Test and it’s not a degree like Ph.D. (which is treated as the highest degree)… Read more »

Judicial Response On Bandh

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Sk Jahangir Ali,Asst.Prof,Balurghat Law College “Bandh” is a Hindi word which means “closed.” In India it has become a norm for political parties and organizations to call for ‘Bandh’s (shutdown) when they want to be heard.( Is ‘Bandh’ Constitutional or Unconstitutional in India? available at than a decade after the Kerala high court ruled… Read more »

Kindly Be An Advocate

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Sk Jahangir Ali,Asst.Prof,Balurghat Law College Most of the final year LL.B students of today want to get a job and they are not interested to do practice because they don’t have ‘God father’ and they would face problem to stand in this field. They thought that practicing field is very struggling field and it takes… Read more »

Examination of Section 66A of the Information Technology Act

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Technology changes the dimension of the society. Obscenity in electronic form, morphing  of images, defamation, text bullying, stalking, spamming, unsolicited emails, criminal intimidation, extortion, public mischief, insult, threat to cause injury have penetrated in this modern society with the help of cyber technology. Under this back drop the legislative body incorporated section 66 A under… Read more »

A Gross Copyright Violation by Photocopying Of Entire Books : A Socio-legal Study

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By Sk Jahangir Ali Introduction The photographic copying of books and other materials is a modern technique that started at the beginning of the 20th Century by the advancement of science and technology. Since then, photocopying has become the most popular mechanism of physical reproduction of documents, materials etc. Direct reproduction of the entire work… Read more »

The Weakness Of The Indian Federalism

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Indian Federalism,

Sk Jahangir Ali The founding fathers of the Indian Constitution drafted a federal constitution with having the federal features namely (1) Distribution of Powers, (2) Supremacy of the Constitution, (3) A Written Constitution, (4) Rigidity and (5)Authority of Courts. The founding fathers adopted these characteristics from the constitutions of U.S.A, Canada, Australia and the Government… Read more »

Bio-piracy from India in this intellectual property rights regime: An analysis

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Sk Jahangir Ali The world wide economic integration by the GATT and the TRIPs opened the mind of the national and international policy markers to protect their bio-diversity from the free access and bio-privacy. The Biological Diversity Act 2002, The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001 and The Patent Act 1970 as… Read more »