Bad System Of National Eligibility Test (NET)

By Sk Jahangir Ali,Asst.Prof,Balurghat Law College

 1. The minimum criteria for the post of Assistant Prof is either NET or Ph.D. as prescribed by UGC

NET and Ph. D is not same and not alike in nature.NET is only Eligibility Test and it’s not a degree like Ph.D. (which is treated as the highest degree) but NET is equated with Ph.D. at the entry level of Assistant Prof which is unreasonable because unlike is treated with alike and hence violation of Article 14 of the Constitution.


2. UGC notified for National Eligibility Test – December, 2012 for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship

As per of UGC prescribed regulation (Minimum Qualification for appointment of teachers and other Academic staff in universities and colleges and other measure for the maintenance of the standards in Higher Education) Regulation 2010, notified in the Gazette of India on 18.9.2010 that there is no notified post for Lectureship in it but UGC is conducted National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship for the entry of teaching profession and Research Fellowship. National Eligibility Test for Lectureship is ultravirous of the 2010 regulation because 2010 regulation is self-explanatory for Assistant Prof. at the entry level of teaching profession and not the post of lectureship.


3. UGC notified for National Eligibility Test – December, 2012 for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship and in this regard UGC fixed the scheme of the test that the Test will consist of three papers. All the three papers consist of only objective type questions.

Chance/luck factor plays a vital role to crack the National Eligibility Test and it erodes the general morals of the aspirant and deserving candidates that depth study is poorly needed and objective study is highly needed and bearer of the good luck are the winner and others are looser in this competitive market of NET. Further the sole objective method of evaluation fails to judge the subjective knowledge of the aspirant candidates. Basically teaching quality is measured by the parameter of the grasp of knowledge of the subject but this sole objective method totally fails to extract this great quality and virtue of subjective knowledge of a teacher which is traditionally treated as the merit of a good teacher in Indian Society. By the virtue of subjective knowledge in a particular subject in any branch of knowledge, a teacher is called the specialized teacher in any academic system and from whom the students obtain and inherit the special knowledge to well decorate him for the future journey of his carrier to face the global completion and to prove him the best in his academic and professional life. This objective method will be detrimental to the best interest of the students because in every society of the world the teaching quality is measured by the parameter of the grasp of knowledge of the subject, manner of presentation and to satisfy the students query in a simple and logical manner. The flavour of a lecture comes from the thorough knowledge of subjective and objective as well, but not from the one way traffic of objective knowledge in the road of higher education system and it must need two way traffic to run the sound academic road of higher education for the nourishing and flourishing of the best interest and future carrier of a student in a country.

4. Present marking criteria of NET

The chance memo of objective test and its marking criteria has diluted the academic standard and excellence in the society. This system bears a harmful effect in the society and students’ interest will be hampered as because there is no guarantee that a candidate having NET would be a good teacher. On the other hand there is possibility that a person without having NET can be a good teacher.

It is de facto proved in Indian society that the bright students throughout their academic life fervently unsuccessful to crack the NET. Such bright students always bears brilliant academic performance with brilliant marks but somehow is unsuccessful in NET and so their hard lalour, brilliancy and creativity is prevented by the baseless NET and the nation at a large suffers a lot because this talented candidates are not invited in the entry level of Assistant Prof because they are Non NET. It also has been found that a large number of students who ever had not been in the first row of brilliant performance in their student life but somehow cracked the NET and this fact does not prove that NET qualify person is eligible and fit for academic as because this NET is just like an effort and chance and it is not the test to bring out the hidden talent of the students .Further this NET is creating tension in the mind of the aspirant candidate who are always too good to produce qualitative output in the academic sphere but this types of students if fail in the mechanical OMR sheet base test of NET, it does not prove that this good student is a bad one. Further the mechanical OMR sheet base test of NET is failure to evaluate the real talent and teaching quality of a student. Hence it is against the notion of Art 21 of the Constitution.

5. NET 2012 June and cut off marks

Throughout the process and policy of cut off marks and subsequently shifting from this standard is vague and ambiguous and against the rule of Natural Justice.

6. NET 2O12 Dec and best 15 % criteria

UGC notified that best 15% shall be taken and in this regard it can be said that why UGC is cutting the aspirant candidates only who has appeared for Dec 2012 NET because in June 2012 there was no such tough criteria. This 15% is also ambiguous because 15% of what NET or JRF? It has not been clearly mentioned by UGC.

7. NET and mechanical process

There is no need to conduct NET exam to find out the good teacher. The expert Professors in the academic field is self-sufficient to find out the good academician from the main stream of the education system by constituting a reasonable and transparent search committee.

8. Objective base NET and unfair means

The objective system of NET carries in itself the bad outlet of unfair means. It is very easy to manage the answer in hall by unfair means.

9. NET in law field

Law is an open ended field and the logical argument of a law student can not be kept and confined only on objectivity test of NET.

Law is n professional degree and LL.M degree has it distinct character that it is just like M.Phil(10+2+5+2/10+2+3+3+2) in comparison to other subjects and NET on law is also unreasonable.

Part iv, Schedule iii, Clause 20 of The Bar Council of India Rule (2008), fixed only LL.M for lectureship and the UGC demands NET. So both are contradictory in nature.


3 Comments on “Bad System Of National Eligibility Test (NET)”

  • Kalyan


    I agree with the above mentioned para three to the point that it does represent a resilient and popular sentiment of candidates appearing for NET. The parameters prevailing due to the recent modifications including the exclusion of negative marking in the examination format has brought it to the likes of other assessments in so much so that apart from the level of difficulty, particularly of law, all of them are identical. It may have helped to gently place an in-ticket to job seekers but in the process the designation itself is loosing its coveted veneer once enjoyed by the few of the classes.

    However, I am not sure that the alleged unreasonableness is impugned to Article 14 in para one. This should be accepted that a literal and rigid reading of the said Article is not possible and nor its application. The argument of alike and unlike as unreasonable falls short of arbitrariness and hence put a glaring hole in the establishment of the argument from the get go. Its only when there is inequality , the scale of equality can be gauged. The modifications is issued for the sake of general public at large and to curtail the student/teacher ratio specially when law colleges in the last decade has proliferated and blitz.

  • I thought UGC do not follow Indian Constitution and Law.

  • amitra sudan


    Superb analysis and argument. UGC should learn from it write up.

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