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In a Private Limited Company, where there are only two owners, one with 51% shares and other with 49% shares. Can CEO/MD be decided without consent of 49% share holder?

Karthik Shenoy

Can a Section 8 Company and a Private Ltd., Company have same directors on Board?

Some points to consider

Both the companies run parallel to each other supporting a development cause. While the private company takes care through commercial / sponsoring funds or may be sales also in few processes.

As this developmental project needs to utilise both CSR as well as Commercial funds for its overall sustainability.

I would appreciate if someone gives me an answer to this so that i can plan thing accordingly

Thank You.



In Bank there are 2 types of Mortgages. Simple Mortgage & Registered Mortgage. If Borrower takes loan using Simple Mortgage loan by Depositing Original Title deed of his Property with Creditor Bank & Defaults it, Any rule under indian Law Mandates the Bank to register the Mortgage in Registrar office?. Encumbrance Certificate doesn’t show any Encumbrances unless it is registered. There are chances that Borrower could sell the same property using Certified copy to 3rd Party. I came across the same kind of situation and I am in Legal dispute with the Bank. Can someone please guide me.

if it is equitable mortgage by depositing the original title deeds, it is not compulsorily to be registered. However, most of the banks are practicing the register of memorandum of Deposit of title deeds.If it is a registered mortgage( with out depositing the title deeds) , then it has to be registered . And, with regard to the equitable mortgage , even it is not registered, the said equitable mortgage will carry eve after the said equitable mortgage any transactions are taken place. That means any further transactions are subject to the prior equitable mortgage. No need to worry. Selling… Read more »

In case of the Default by Borrower, A suit instituted by a creditor (which term includes a decree-holder whether he has or has not applied for execution of his decree) needs compulsory Registration?? Please reply.


Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge . its a very good information.

Gaurav Sood

Does the law of the land anywhere grant unbridled rights/ powers to Independent Director to seek any information / documents from the Company or its Officers?

Can an Independent Director compel a company to divulge its Trade Secrets, confidential commercial Information and documents in his rights as a Director of the Company?
Example: Can an Independent Director of Coca Cola Company (in the context of Indian Law), demand that the secret recipe / formula of Coke be disclosed to him/ her?

May kindly elaborate the statutory rights and limitations on the Powers of Independent Director in this regard.


hi, can someone help me with arbitration act?