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ll2Start a Discussion Forum on Labour Laws of India (any of one can also ask question in this page and any one can answer it)

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D. Ravi Kumar

Could anyone enlighten me as to how many apprentices a company can have any given point of time, also let me know from labour law point of view is there any difference between an apprentice and trainee.

Dear Sir, I have worked in a managerial capacity for almost 15 years with MNC in India. Company relocated me last year from one city to another within India after serving for 14 years at one location. My notice period is three months but my superior is willing to release me immediately on resigning. This year in April I was asked to find another job citing some reason as cost-cutting. In August I have been asked to resign by September end. I also do not wish to continue here. Please suggest compensation package that I am entitled legally to ask… Read more »


I am working in a private firm and the notice period is of 3 months and they have not sent me a acceptance letter and my manager is constantly threatening that she would extend my notice period until the project gets over. The project is a ling term and it will not end in another 6-7 months. Please advice me on how to go about this scenario. I need my papers when I m leaving


Hello Sir/Ma’am,
I was working for a private US based private firm. They have asked me to leave without notice yesterday saying that my performance was not upto their expectations. So, now that I am jobless I want to know if am eligible to get the salary in lieu of my notice period or not.


It depends upon the terms of employment in the appointment letter. The relief can be claimed under labour laws too if your job description falls within the definition of ‘workman’ in the Industrial Disputes Act

Sirs/Madams I have worked as a employee for a private concern in india during the mid of year 2012 and resigned after completing probation of 6 months. Later that i went to overseas and came back now after 4 years to india due to personal problems . Now i am finding difficult to find job in my state eventhough opportunities come forward me by email and phone the manager (Mr. XYZ- Shall inform Later) of the private concern in Bangalore India has been circulating some bad information about me among the companies who are trying to hire me. Infact i… Read more »

You can take several steps to redress the problem. You can file a suit for injunction against the company from indulging in such activity. You can also file a defamation suit against the manager who is passing such wrong information.