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Format of Complaint for refund of money against vehicle receipt

Format of Complaint for refund of money against vehicle receipt

Format of Complaint for refund of money against vehicle receipt


_____                   Vs.              _____


Evidence by way of Affidavit on behalf of Complainant

I, _____ son of _____, R/o _____, _____, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under :-

1-                That the respondent is engaged in the business of _____.

2-                That the deponent approached to the respondent to purchase one _____. On _____ the deponent booked on _____ with the respondent and the deponent an advance booking amount of _____/- for the purchase of _____ and the respondent issued the cash receipt bearing its Serial No. _____ dated _____ in favour of the deponent.

3-                That on _____ the deponent met with the respondent and requested handover the booked vehicle _____ but the respondent again told the deponent that the respondent are going to handover the _____, then the deponent demanded back his money from the respondent as the respondent is not interest to purchase the _____.

4-                That the deponent sent a legal notice dated _____ calling upon the respondent to refund/repay the amount of _____/- alongwith interest within the period of _____ days. The said notice was duly received by the respondent but after receiving the same the deponent contacted the respondent and visited the office of the respondent from time to time, but the respondent has been miserably filed to refund the amount to the deponent and finally on _____ refused to refund any amount. Hence this complaint.

5-                That the deponent is entitled to recover from the respondent the above mentioned amount along with interest prevailing in the market.

6-                That the cash receipt of the respondent is _____. The legal Notice and the postal receipt are _____.



Verified that the above contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Verified at _____


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