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Kolkata, Sep 3 There is a difficulty in making one institution responsible for checking corruption in every sphere, said a member of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Saturday.


We want existing institutions to be empowered and strengthened so that we can work in close association with Lokpal and Lokayukta for betterment of the society,? Vigilance Commissioner R. Sri Kumar said here at a programme organised by Bengal Chamber, Calcutta Business School and Gujarat NRE Coke.


We are formulating our reply for the Standing Committee (of parliament studying the Lokpal Bill), which we will table on Sep 7, he said.


There is a difficulty in making one institution responsible for everything. There is a need for empowerment of resources in the existing institutions. Strong Lokpal is not going to settle the issue of corruption, we should also have an ethical society for a better future,? he said.


Pointing out that corruption was there not only in the government sector but also in the private sector, Sri Kumar said: ?We should have an institution that will work towards arresting corruption in private sector.?


He said India needed more technology, accountability, transparency, mutual assistance and cooperation for building a better country.

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5 years 1 month ago

CVC wanted to confer statutory status. After conferring statutory status it appears more irresponsibility creeped in. Nobody bothers in CVC to implement its own rules and laws. Even President’s forwarding letters are not cared for. Only corruption is cared for. It appears CVC acts only if a bribe is paid. That must be reason for growth of Anna’s raise of movement against anti-graft.

5 years 1 month ago

The suggestion of the CVC Member is correct, that they should be empowered and strengthened, but the problem is that they do not take decision evev in simple cases for years inspite of their website shows status of having receiveing the report and under consideration. There is no time limit for them to take a decision.