Bond Format of Indemnity

Bond Format of Indemnity
Bond Format of Indemnity

This Deed of Indemnity made at ____ on this _______, day of _______________, by
(1) __________________________________________, Occupation___________________
(2) ______________________________________,Occupation _____________________, (hereinafter context so admits or requires shall include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigness) of the one part; in favour of the ______(hereinafter referred to as the Board ) of the other part.

Whereas _________________________, allottee of _______, _____ is willing to get the allotment of the said house at his/her own in the name of __________________________ and this transfer is a friendly transfer.

Whereas ____________________has agreed to transfer the allotment of ______, in favour of _____________________

And whereas ____ has asked the transferor to furnish deed of Indemnity from two independent persons of means for the transfer of the same.


1. That the said transfer which is being effected in the name of _______________ is a friendly transfer and in case _____ would suffer any loss whatsoever on account of this transfer in the name of the transferee, we shall be liable to make good loss jointly as well as severally which may be sustained by the _____ or its employees on account of this transfer out of our property both moveable and immoveable and persons.

In witness whereof the Indemnifiers have here unto put their respective signatures the day and year first above written.

1. Witness
Address                                                             INDEMNIFIERS
2. Witness
3. Witness                                                          1._________
4. Witness                                                          2._________

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