Format of Indemnity Bond For Job

Format of Indemnity Bond For Job

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatI _________ son/daughter/wife of _________ resident of _________, _________ and I am employed as _________ with M/s _________  and w.e.f. _________., and am posted at _________.

I hereby solemnly give an undertaking that I have read and understood the Service rules & terms of Employment of the “Company”, and agree to serve the Company with full integrity and honesty. I also understand that I am working at a responsible position of _________ and any misconduct or wrong action on my part whether deliberately or otherwise can adversely affect the business/goodwill/reputation of the company for which I shall be solely responsible.
1.    That I am working as a _________  and responsible for _________ under my control.
2.    That I shall be solely responsible for any _________ under my control.
3.    That I shall be solely work in accordance with the Policies/Guidance of _________.
4.    That any loss or damage caused to the business due to the negligence of _________. I shall be liable to pay damages/losses to _________.
5.    That I authorize the _________ to recover the damages from my Dues.

On this _________  day of  _________ at _________.


Witness (Signature) _________
Name _________
Address _________

Witness (Signature) _________
Name _________
Address _________



Format of Bond for Letter of Credit

Format of Bond for Letter of Credit

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatTo,

The owner agent or master of the _______
Goods             :   _________
Bill of loading No.         : _________
Invoice No. & date         : _________
Value             : _________
Qty            : _________
Mark            : _________
Loading Port         : _________
Discharge port         : _________

The above cargo were shipped on the above vessel _________. and consigned to order, but the bill of loading has not yet arrived.

We hereby request you to give delivery of the said cargo to _________. _________, in accordance with our request.

  • To indemnify you, your servants and agents and to hold all of you harmless in respect of any liability Loss, clamage or expense of whatsoever nature which you may sustain by reason of delivering the cargo to _________, accordance with our request.
  • In the event of any proceeding being commenced against you or any of your servants or agents in connection with the delivery. The cargo as aforesaid, to provide you or them on demand with sufficient funds to defend the same.
  • To pay you on demand the amount of any loss on which the master/agent of the vessel or any other of your servants of your servants or agents whatsoever may occur as a result of delivering the goods foreside.
  • If the vessel or any vessel or property belonging to you should be arrested or detained or if the arrest or detention on thereof should be threatened to provide on demand such bail or other security as may be required to prevent such arrest or detention or to secure the release of such property and indemnity you in respect of any damage or express caused by such arrest or detention whether or not the same be justified.
  • If called upon to do so at any time while the goods are in our custody, possession or control to delivery the same to you.
  • To produce and deliver to you the Bills of lading for the above goods duly endorsed as soon as documents shall have arrived.
  • The liability of each and every person under this indemnity shall be joint and several and shall not be conditional upon you proceeding first against whether of not such person is a party to or liable under this indemnity.
  • To produce the original bills of Lading within __ days from the date of issue of this Bond.
  • The Bank Guarantee is valid for one year from the date of issue of this bond.
  • This indemnify shall be constructed in accordance with English Law and each and every person liable under this indemnity shall at your request submit to the jurisdiction of the High  Court of _________.
  • Shipment against L/C No. _________

Yours faithfully

Format of Bond For Money Borrowed

Format of Bond For Money Borrowed
Format of Bond For Money Borrowed

I, KB, s/o Mr. RB, r/o ……………………. have borrowed a sum of Rs. ………………….. (Rupees ………………… only) from Mr. AN, s/o Mr. KK, r/o ………………. on account of price of furniture purchased from him.

I promise to pay the said amount on demand on or before…………….with interest @ 18% per annum from the date of this bond.

In witness whereof, I have signed this bond on this …. day of ……………, 2016, in the presence of the following witnesses.

Witnesses :

1. Name…………………………

Address……………………… Signature of …….

2. Name…………………………

Address……………………… Signature of …….

Bond Format of Indemnity

Bond Format of Indemnity
Bond Format of Indemnity

This Deed of Indemnity made at ____ on this _______, day of _______________, by
(1) __________________________________________, Occupation___________________
(2) ______________________________________,Occupation _____________________, (hereinafter context so admits or requires shall include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigness) of the one part; in favour of the ______(hereinafter referred to as the Board ) of the other part.

Whereas _________________________, allottee of _______, _____ is willing to get the allotment of the said house at his/her own in the name of __________________________ and this transfer is a friendly transfer.

Whereas ____________________has agreed to transfer the allotment of ______, in favour of _____________________

And whereas ____ has asked the transferor to furnish deed of Indemnity from two independent persons of means for the transfer of the same.


1. That the said transfer which is being effected in the name of _______________ is a friendly transfer and in case _____ would suffer any loss whatsoever on account of this transfer in the name of the transferee, we shall be liable to make good loss jointly as well as severally which may be sustained by the _____ or its employees on account of this transfer out of our property both moveable and immoveable and persons.

In witness whereof the Indemnifiers have here unto put their respective signatures the day and year first above written.

1. Witness
Address                                                             INDEMNIFIERS
2. Witness
3. Witness                                                          1._________
4. Witness                                                          2._________