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Format of Indemnity Bond For Job

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatI _________ son/daughter/wife of _________ resident of _________, _________ and I am employed as _________ with M/s _________  and w.e.f. _________., and am posted at _________.

I hereby solemnly give an undertaking that I have read and understood the Service rules & terms of Employment of the “Company”, and agree to serve the Company with full integrity and honesty. I also understand that I am working at a responsible position of _________ and any misconduct or wrong action on my part whether deliberately or otherwise can adversely affect the business/goodwill/reputation of the company for which I shall be solely responsible.
1.    That I am working as a _________  and responsible for _________ under my control.
2.    That I shall be solely responsible for any _________ under my control.
3.    That I shall be solely work in accordance with the Policies/Guidance of _________.
4.    That any loss or damage caused to the business due to the negligence of _________. I shall be liable to pay damages/losses to _________.
5.    That I authorize the _________ to recover the damages from my Dues.

On this _________  day of  _________ at _________.


Witness (Signature) _________
Name _________
Address _________

Witness (Signature) _________
Name _________
Address _________



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