Format of Affidavit for Contractual Job

Format of Affidavit for Contractual Job

affidavitI, ________ Son of ________ Resident of ________, do hereby solemnly affirm and certify that

  1. I am bonafide applicant for engaging on contractual basis as as _________ for a period of ________ months/years.
  2. I further affirm that I aware of terms and conditions of the offer of contractual engagement with ________ and I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of said offer.
  3. I am to state that all the credentials/ certificates and statements made by me while applying for the contractual engagement of ________ as are true and the certificates/ testimonials submitted by me are bonafide.
  4. I am fully aware that in future, if it is detected that the above details given by me are found to be incorrect/false/fake, then I will be be fully responsible for the same and the ________ will be free to take any action against me, both criminal and civil proceedings, as deemed fit.
  5. I am fully aware that the offer of engaging on contractual basis is only of r a period of ________ and I will not claim any regular employment in ________ on any grounds whatsoever.
  6. I further affirm that on the above terms and conditions I am willing to accept the offer of engagement on contractual basis with ________ if found suitable otherwise.
  7. That in event of any loss caused to  the ________ during the course of any discharge of official duties by me, I shall keep the ________ under indemnified all the losses and claims.

Date: ________


Verification: –

I, ________, hereby declare that the contents from Paras 1 to 7 are correct.


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