Cruelty Against Husband in India


In India where marriage is the union between man and woman to get social status in the society and marriage is nothing but procreation and caring of the child. According to Westmark Marriage has been often like as an institution made by itself. As there is increase in number of marriages every day, at the same time breakdown of marriages in the society has also been seen to be increasing whether by fault of husband or wife. Though cases filed by wife against husband and in-laws under Domestic Violence Act and 498-A of IPC to claim maintenance and divorce but all complaints are not filed bona-fidely. Freedoms of education, job opportunities, economic independence and social attitude have brought tremendous change in the status of women. The balance of scale has tilted reversely in favour of women.

Cruelty is an inhuman treatment and it is an act that causes mental sufferings and endangers to the life and health of the other. Cruelty may be in the form of physical as well as mental by the act either of the husband or the wife. Though it is the women who have always been subjected to be tortured and harassed by the husband and relatives, in fact saying this will not be proper as cases of torture and harassment against the husband by the wife is increasing day by day. Cruelty is the main ground to seek divorce as defined under ‘Sec 13(1) (i-a)’ of ‘The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955’ and party who is filing a case must prove that living between husband and wife became impossible.

There are many provisions made applicable for the protection of the women, which has got recognition from our constitutional law. The biased nature of these laws is evident from that fact that unlike almost all laws in INDIA the burden to prove innocence lies on the accused and this means as soon as the complaint is made by the aggrieved person/ wife, the result is that the husband and his family may be immediately arrested and will be considered as accused in the eyes of law. According to the ‘Section 498-A’ of the ‘IPC’ the wife and her parental family can charge any or all of the husband’s family of physical or mental cruelty but genuineness of the case has to be looked into by the court as this section is cognizable, non-compoundable and non-bailable in nature.

What amounts to cruelty against husband? Though it is the duty of the court to decide the case based on facts and circumstances but what amounts to cruelty is an important aspect as misuse of Laws by the wife against husband in society is growing day by day and most apparently some Indian Urban educated women have turned the tables and are using these laws as weapon to unleash personal vendetta on their husbands and innocent relatives and there are certain grounds on which cruelty against husband can be proved:-

• Misuse of Dowry Laws, Domestic Violence Act and ‘Sec: 498-A’ of IPC by wife against husband and in-laws of husband through lodging false complaints.

• Desertion by wife which means wife deliberately intending for separation and to bring cohabitation permanently to an end.

• Adultery by the wife means wife having sexual relationship with some other person during the lifetime of marriage and there must be strict law to punish wife who has committed adultery.

• Wife opting out for second marriage without applying for the divorce proceedings.

• Threatening to leave husband’s home and threat to commit suicide by the wife.

• Cruel behavior of wife where wife tearing the shirt of the husband, refusing to cook food properly or on time and breaking of the mangalsutra in the presence of husband’s relatives.

• Abusing and accusing husband by way of insulting in presence of in-laws and in some cases wife abusing husband in front of office staff members.

• Wife refusing to have sex with husband without any sufficient reasons which can be considered as a ground of cruelty and husband can file a divorce petition.

• Lowering reputation of the husband by using derogatory words in presence of family members and elders.

• Lodging FIR against husband and in-laws which has later proved as false report.

• Conduct and misbehavior of the wife against husband i.e. pressuring husband to leave his home, insisting for the separate residence, mentally torture and disrespectful behavior towards husband and in-laws as well.

• Some other grounds of cruelty i.e. mental disorder and unsoundness of wife, Impotency of wife, illicit relationship of wife with some other person and Wife suffering from the filarial.

• Extra-marital affairs of wife can also be a ground of cruelty against the husband.

• Initiating criminal proceedings against husband and in-laws of husband with mala-fide intention by the wife.

CASE LAWS: situations in Hindu marriage where a wife was held as ‘cruel’ to the husband and the Hindu divorce law was applied by the Supreme Court:

I. Mrs. Deepalakshmi Saehia Zingade v/s Sachi Rameshrao Zingade (AIR 2010 Bom 16)

In this case petitioner/wife filed a false case against her husband on the ground of ‘Husband Having Girl Friend’ which is proved as false in a court of law so it can be considered as cruelty against husband.

II. Anil Bharadwaj v Nimlesh Bharadwaj (AIR 1987 Del 111)

According to this case a wife who refuses to have sexual intercourse with the husband without giving any reason was proved as sufficient ground which amounts to cruelty against husband.

III. Kalpana v. Surendranath (AIR 1985 All 253)

According to this case it has been observed that where a wife who refuses to prepare tea for the husband’s friends was declared by the court as cruelty to husband.

Though the amendments introduced in the penal code are with the laudable object of eradicating the evil of Dowry, such provisions cannot be allowed to be misused by the parents and the relatives of a psychopath wife who may have chosen to end her life for reason which may be many other than cruelty. The glaring reality cannot be ignored that the ugly trend of false implications in view to harass and blackmail an innocent spouse and his relatives, i.e. fast emerging. A strict law need to be passed by the parliament for saving the institution of marriage and to punish those women who are trying to misguide the court by filing false reports just to make the life of men miserable and ‘justice should not only be done but manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done’.


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  • 9616439953


    If wife torches husband and afterwards husband report FIR about this does wife has right to report FIR against husband for the thing he has never done. Telling lie and creating wrong proofs

  • Smithk877


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  • Rajeev


    Hi dear i hope u can help me that’s why i m telling u all this actaually this january i had lost my both legs in train accident and my wife went to his parents and when i called her she said she is not coming back and she want divorce also we have a boy child of 2 years but my child is also with her now i want my gild back .is there any provision in indian law to get back my dhrub?

  • neeraj


    Sir you have mentioned all the terms and example that this could be the term of cruelty against husband but you did not tell us the Indian Penal Codes in such events as women has weapons like 498-a, dowry act, domestic violence and so on, first of all you know the women lodge these kind of complaint in any part of this country against husband where he has to go to attend the preceding and on other hand policemen they also favor women for making money out of those husbands and they also encourage women for making false allegations and they act upon them to torture men so that they could make money in lieu of giving them relief from false allegation, now second thing if by hard work a man prove her wife or woman accused then court even release woman just by giving warning that don’t attempt such thing again or give advice to men for filing a suite against them and even IPC codes are not favorable to men after filing case against woman and don’t fine them or sentenced of imprisonment for 2-3 years, my question is that why the same court where a woman file a wrong case/complaint give her punishment for torturing and misusing these laws. why there is no clear definition of laws in support of men in india, why you all mislead men always whereas lawyers are also men.

  • Trivikram


    In present society with this foolish Indian Acts, Its better to don’t go for marriage. Bachelor life is the happiest one. And adapting orphans is best.

  • Common Man


    My uncle got married 43 years back. She did not live with him even a single week. She left him and went to her parents house because she was in illegal contacts in her village. My Uncle died recently. Now she came and file a suit in court on uncles property. In the eyes of Law she has full right on his property even she is not living with him for 43 years. Even a prostitute did not accept money without providing pleasure to men. But our Indian Laws give right to accept. Is Law correct/wrong under this situation. Men have to give some amount/property either he wants divorce or wife wants divorce. The total loss is only for Men. And also Some foolish rights are given to women on properties. Please change Laws and save meaning of marriages. Its my humble request.

  • raju


    I got married to a girl in tn on 26-2-2012 .She is basically near Madurai .She stayed with me in my parents house after marriage she got conceive and stayed with me for 4 months then her mother got hospitalized she went to her native place and she requested me that she will stay back there for taking care of her mother with out any hesitation I allowed her to stay there and I started visiting her place every 15 days or once in a month she stayed and gave birth to a boy baby and continued staying there for another 4 months (totally she stayed for 9 months).Then I told her that I will come to take her back and my self and my father we went there on and stayed In my absence my wife mother and his father told to my father that her daughter will scratch her face even if it is a small issue that time my father did not tell anything he kept quite and later after reaching home he said me I was shocked and her behavior and way of talking was abnormal even then for the sake of my son I tolerated every thing .She stayed with me for another 4 months my wife had a difference of opinion with my mother and all of sudden she started packing all thinks her clothes jewells and her mother and father come to my house midnight took her back she started saying complaint that I am not taking her out anywhere and not taking care of baby her statement was not matching to the issue at all she wanted a reason to go with her mother . my self and my parents could not talk anything because it was mid night I called her through phone frequently and asked her to come back Once she will tell she will come back again all of sudden she change her mood and refuse to come with me I went there for 5-6 times to her house .She started telling different stories at my every visit .When his elder brother got engaged .They want me to come for marriage for that 1 month in december 2013 .she came back and stayed with me in condition saying that I come as a guest I asked her why you talk like this she said my mother only told me .I did not talk any more I don’t want to make any issue after a month her parents came and took her back and she went to her brother marriage left my place his brother marriage was on feb.after marriage got over she was not willing to come back at all. I arranged separate house also even then she refuse to come and I was fed up with her activities and I went and requested vanitha sahaya vani(councelling centre ) no on 17-3-2014 which is located in malleshwaram ,Bangalore form there they sent 2 notice to attend the counseling she did not come there all of sudden she sent me a dowry harassment notice on 04-04-2014 one copy to me which I did not receive and one more copy to vanitha sahaya vani(councelling centre). And then 3rd notice for counseling was sent to her house nearest police station even for that she did not turn out .They my wife filed in court for maintenance case After that they called us to get compromise My self my parents and my wife her mother and brother came to Chennai and tried to resolve the issue in our relative house and we came to conclusion separate house will be made they said that she has joined MBA She will attend only exams and then we made arrangement then finally she came with some house hold things to my newly rented house and after unloading everything they brought an agreement which was shocking us my self and parents refused to sign that aggrement they were trying to black mail us.Even then we tolerated every thing and kept quite. After that we started leading life in new rented house then we attended the court and cleared it .After that every days of my life was going bad she started threatening me for money 30,000to 50,000 frequently I refuse to pay her I clearly told her that I don’t have so much money .I really don’t understand what far she require money .I was leading my house I use to pay house rent ,and other expenses.Her behavior becoming very wrest day by day she sleeps 12.30 mid night after watching TV and get up at 10.30 am every day she has cultivated the same habit to my son also I use to wake up her before me going to work I tried to change her by telling good thinks she was not ready to listen and day after day she start quarrelling for some or the other issues talks in singularly and vulgar words some time she try to man handle me. her behavior was abnormal she use to act like a syco suddenly she take baby and herself run in to room and closed the door and start crying for unknown reason some times she will take knife and threatens me that she will kill her self and baby this is happened frequently to get her to normal position I require more than 4 hours .I could not do any thing I told this to her parents several times but they come and try to take her back. They did not comment anything I was not in the position to understand what is happening with her . All of sudden she and her parents started telling that she is suppose to attend the class for MBA and started taking her and my son to there place frequently as they like months together she and her parents refuse to tell what exactly she is studing class time table hall ticket and her result nothing was shown to me.Again she went to her parents house and came back on 21-2-2015 after 4 months .And her same behavior continued and again on 10-9-2015 she told me she is going back again for classes I told her clearly if you are going back you should show your 1st year exam result and your class time table. she refused it and we had some quarrelling and i have noticed from my sons tonsil a deep cut mark around 2 inch long wound this has happened when she previously visit her mother house and this was not told me when i asked her she told its a birth mark she is telling lies and next day I was suppose to go to Chennai for some official work she called her parents and went with them with out informing me. As I made a separate house which has crossed 16 months in that she hardly stayed only 8-9 months . Every time my wife and her parents create one or the other stories I was really fed up and i did not call her after 8 months i have received a notice from count for women domestic violence we have received 4 notices 2 in my parents name 1 in my sister name who is staying in chennai and 1 in my name All this is surprise to me the above said thinks is true my humble request pls let me know weather i can get justice awaiting for your valuable advice.

    With Warm Regards,

  • mmr


    hello sir or mam, My brother-in-law has been a victim of cruelty by his wife and her family. after marriage of one week she is gone away to her home just saying because of my brother-in-laws father and mother are patients and after one year her father came to us asked for mutual divorce and he asked the expenses amount at marriage time and he kept a condition if you clear all those amount our daughter is ready for giving divorce. then we cleared all those amount and extra some amount what they demanded and we give through a cheque. all this drama happen before applying of mutual divorce which is not at filed at court because of her signature pending again now she started demanding more money for signing the signature on mutual divorce filing. at present my brother-in-law is not in a stage of giving demanding amount.but we have only one evidence that her father given a blank cheque while we given a amount of cheque to there family. he given that for mutual divorce conformation.how to solve this problem please help us in giving back a solution

  • Ishu Aggarwal


    hlo sir or mam, My brother has been a victim of cruelty by his wife and her family from December . she is not interested in my brthr. She is aftr money only that’s why she alwys torture him mentally and always put false accuses on all fmly members too as a result mii brthr has been hospitalized two tyms nd she always threat him to get suicide, plzzz help me nd give sm suggestions to save mii brthr.

    • dinesh kumar


      Brother you should collect some important evidence against wife of brother , Then approached to NGO “Save the Indian Family ” That ‘ll help you to escape from this trauma.
      Otherwise , File a case against wife before that wife ‘ll case against you..

  • Tahseen


    Sir ,6 months hogaya shadi ko, she was staying with her husband in banglre now , her husbands in laws started interference saying she is not a good girl always back biting lair, hardly 4 din rahi hai vo unke sath vo log a jebel behave karre hai plz plz help

  • Tahseen


    Sir my sisters husband, who was very happy with dere relation suddenly say he can’t tolerate her torture, she is depressed kindly help

  • Abhijit Roy Choudhury


    I Am become torching from my wife ,my mother and brother peaceful mental passion they love me and depend on me . my wife torches them. Black mail me to to make me as dog . Her Father mother support her . Her parent claim money in their various incident . some time ornament also taken for borrow . i have only one sister who live in mumbay she cunt help them .I don’t get suicide because i know two passion will not also alive . We Are from good family . My wife father allows aware from Kill Me or police case .my father become died with this sorrow . I cunt tolerate more but i have nothing to do. i am trying 8 years become her please . but i am undone . what should i do . I don’t loose any one . because we have a 4yers Child . But Torching is so critical and painful . Please help me .

  • nitusingh 0314


    Wt can a woman do ? is she wait for a gud time..r she ll quit with ths type of relation?…..if her husband nt give her emotional support & comfortable environment to talk..nt support her in her bad time with her in laws…nt support her while she is working or come late in house r house work…nt talk her 20-20 day in a month while sharing a bed room..hardly talk wth each other…..husband nt give a financial support while thy r on trip ..nt financial support on daily life while she play a housewife role…he ddnt ready for ask abt. her pocket money…he just want to live like a live in relation….Please suggest wt a woman do in above case?

  • jyoti jaiswal


    hi my self jyoti jaiswal, i married my love deepak kumar singh on 19-04-2014. at starting i fee very lucky. time passes, suddenly life turned a new phase my in-laws try to mentally harass me. my husband is working in AG office Ahmadabad. i lived with my in-laws and his relatives in Allahabad. always state that “tumhare baap ki aukat ni thi is ghar me saadi krne ki” . always pressurized me to leave my PHD. time passed, 22 jan 2015 i got a offer letter to join the training in up gov parisadiya school. again pressuirzed me to live this beside all i do my work continuously i done all household work as well as my training. in may 2015 unlogo ne mujhe ghar se nikal diya. mere sarre ghane bi le liye or mere husband se kaha ki mai apni marzi se ghar chhod k chaligayi hu. mere husband bi unlogo ki hi sunte h. mai ph krti rahi aao mujhe le jao pr vo allahabad aaya mere ghar ni aaya lene mujhe. ab mujhe bhut jyada mentally stress ho raha h mai kya karu kuch samjh ni aa raha h. mere husband pichle do mahine se mujhse baat bi ni kr rahe h
    na hi ph pick kr rahe h. plz suggest me

  • hasan samnani


    Hii I love in vapi before that I was living in London with my family seen 11 years but from last 2 years my wife suddenly changed in small matters she started abusing me and at last she filled the case in London against me has domestic vailent and she kick me out from house and she doesn’t allow me to meet my son I didn’t saw my son seen 14 month either she is not allowing me to talk to him even on his birthday she put me in cell 3 time when I try to meet my son atlast I gave up and came back to india the reason is she wants to be liggal in that country now she is demanding for 50% property which we both earn I am agree to give her but what about my rights on my son she doesn’t want to came back to india now her status is in liggal in UK please advice me what to do even my in-laws are not responding

    • A. k singh


      Should i help you.
      Because i think i can help you.

  • suhail


    Respected sir .
    I fell love with my girl .i said to my parentz nd we went to see her.we like them .i have a brother .he is not mard .we find the girl for him .we fixed it .from that day on wardz they need to fix my marage date .my father told we need time .i only seen that grl for 2 times .once i visited her college nd came with her.i buy sleeper ticket nd we came .aftr all thiz pressure my parentz nd me took decision not to marry her .she alone came here at last moment she is saying that i raped her on train .promise i dont do that .i cant do that .she has a curchief with my semen .she ask me very cleverly i bring her on that day itself nw she is thretening me that i have raped .else i wana marry her .i cant marry her bcz she has a lot of affairz she has a lot of bf who call her at night when ever i call she ll say cousine from gulf finaly take decision not to marry her.nw she is telling that she is maild to vanitha cell .i dont know what to do .i dont have any sex with that girl .if anybody can help me plse help me .all of u know train travel what will happen it sleeper coatch .plse helpme .plse .i beg u all .help me .plse.

    • Arvind


      Boy luckily u r not married to that girl & this scene is not happening after your marriage, explain to her that you both are not compatible, meet a relationship counsellor, lastly just neglect her if you have not trully raped her in the train , u could always go to cops filing a case against her for blackmailing & torture……..let the law take its own course.

  • aruna


    When the husband keeps complaining of cruelty from wife, can the wife apply for divorce on grounds of cruelty admitting that she has been cruel to the husband ?

  • SACHIN dobtiyal


    Can smbody help me how I can get separation from my wife as she is not cooperate my

  • Raman Manocha



    My name is Raman Manocha and i am from Rewari (Haryana), i was married approx 3 and half years back with girl named Jyoti residing in Rohtak, eventually we got call from their parents that they have got our contact details from Ashram where few years back we had given my elder brother name to seek good life partner for him but till the time we got call from them my brother got married, then they took my bio-data from my parents and requested them to meet for once, we went to Rohtak to meet them and i don’t know how everything went and my parents agreed for this relationship without doing any investigation at their counterpart, after 3 months of our marriage my wife started shouting on my family at small things, we are living in Joint family so my father is running our house expenses, if i had certain additional needs they always supported me by helping me whatever finance they can give me, despite that my wife raised an issue that she needs to have an additional amount of 20000/- P.M, my parents started giving me that money, i saved some money and then my wife insisted to give that money to his brother to lend some person at interest (18% P.A), apparently i gave 1 lac rupees then i haven’t received any single rupee in the form of interest from her brother and when i asked her she started fighting with me on other family issues, till the date of my marriage my wife has lodged complaint in the name of my family members several times, she has given false complaint in women cell, right now she is living with me but everyday spend with her is fearable as she always keep on torturing us that she will do something with her, even she has gone from home twice but came back, her parents are black mailing us that if you want to leave our daughter we need 40 lacs otherwise they are going to kill me.

    We are really feeling helpless at the moment, please advise what to do as she is misusing all her rights that have been given to her being a women.

  • monika


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  • Om


    My marriage was an arrange marriage. After a decade & lot of suffering, I came to know that my wife, just marry me to have a legal child but not to stay with me. Just after a child, she is trying to prove me wrong as many as ways possible. She made a big group of people who can do any evil act. Being alone, she looted me like anything. She always threaten me for the laws in favour of women and associations of women in India. She neither want to live together nor want to take divorce. She used to abuse me and fight like wild animal but now my inner core shaking me to reply and raise the voice after a decade of suffering. That I bear because of future of a child. Could you please suggest me the ways out.

  • Om


    My wife, just marry me to have a legal child but not to stay with me. Just after a child, she is trying to prove me wrong as many as ways possible. She made a big group of people who can do any evil act. Being alone, she looted me like anything. She always threaten me for the laws in favour of women and associations of women in India. She neither want to live together nor want to take divorce. She used to abuse me and fight like wild animal but now my inner core shaking me to reply and raise the voice after a decade of suffering. That I bear because of future of a child. Could you please suggest me the ways out.

  • Hi sir..
    My name is Mahendra kumar Bharti . i live in Kasimabad Village Barapur Dist Ghazipur..UP. My Problem is .Maine Love Marries ki hai..Mere Marriage wale day mere wife ke parent ne bahut hi galat tarike se hame mehmaan nawaji dkhayi..lekin Mere ghar walo no kuch nahi.kahaa..bus sadi hone tak wait kiya bhi sadi hone ke baad mai apni wife ko apne ghar laya..lekin mujhe uske parent se Chidd ho gai..mai bilkul unke khilaf ho gayaa…mai nahi chahtaa tha ki ab meri wife unse phone pe bat kare…lekin maine aisa kuch bhi nahi kiya meri wife jiska name kiran hai….wo hamesa baat karti lekin mai..nahi…ek di maine yu hi recording ki kiran and uski mother ki jisme maine kyA payaa…kiran ki mammy mujhe abuse kar rahi hi hai …jab maine apni wife se puchaa to boli .: maine to kuch nahi kahaa; fir maine apni wife ko strictly mana kar diyaa baat karne se lekin fir bhi vo baat karti rahi is bich meri apni wife ke saath bahut ladai hui aur vo apne patent ke saat apne mayke chali gai…..bithout mere mammy ki permission ke……Mujhe laga vo mujhe chhod ke jaa chuki hai ..maine use phone kiya but usne bhone nahi pick kiya mera..fir maine socha ki mujhe chod degi Talak de degi…is tarah 9 month ho gaye..jab mai apne village aaya BA ka exam dene to vo kisi bahane meri big sister ko phone karke unhe convince kiya mere ghar aane kaa…fir meri sister ne mujhe samjhyaa …Maine uski galtiyoun ko parda kiyaa aur uake Mayke se bolaa liyaa…lekin fir usne vahi kahani chalayi mere sath..fir kai baar mere se ladai karke vo fir 12 mahine se vo mayke me hai…mere ak bacchaa bhi hai mai kyaa karoun sir …Pls sir help mi..

  • mary


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    • Amit sharma


      open challenge to all u people,do whatever u can do wrong with me by spell cast,u fraud people dont drag innocent people in your web

  • Mishra


    I m 60yrs old n my sick wife 53yrs living on my pension.My son got married 6 months back n both r service holder.Perhapes my daughter-in -law is a pschco or a mental patient,because from the very she is arrogant n violent.we all tolerated her few months.We all were living together,but she wanted to get separated along with my son.when my son does want to depart his old parents.As he objected her parents along with their relatives came ,abused us n took away our son threating to book us on false cases.Now my son n his wife r residing separetly in the same city.The agony is still now also his wife n inlaws r mentaly torturing him.We old parents r helpless n undone.ALAS our fate !

    • Guest


      I doen’t feel sorry for your situation , Because your son has to brave enough t leave her. She is not the only girl available on this earth for him. If one girl is gone you can get another one. But there is no replacement for parents. That your son has to understand.

  • Mishra


    GI m a retired govt person ,60yrs old n my sick wife is of 53yrs.My son got married six month back n both r service holders.Perhapes my daughter-in-law is a pscho or mentaly ill,it seems from her activities.within this time she made our house a hell n our life tortured. She wanted to live separately,n when we objected,her parents with their relative came,threatened n took away my son.They r now mentaly torturing my son n threatening to book us under different dwoery n torture cases.Now my son n his wife r residing separately n we old couple is left helpless n undone,as he is my only kid.God is there ???

  • F.A. Khan


    Sir, my son is married with a girl from Central India for three years. We are settled in Delhi/NCR although originally from eastern India. My son is a qualified professional and is well placed in middle east. His wife, though educated as MBA , got a job as a desk assistant in a company there. She keeps all her earnings separately and in addition takes monthly pocket money from her husband. She cooks food at her whims and always threatens and says about her family’s muscle power. She always threatens to leave and says,” Laat maarkar chali jaaoongi”, She says, ” My mother is a very strong person and you don’t know her power”,. She further says that she will go to the police and media here in the middle east and give in the paper and media and lodge complaint with police for domestic violence. In this process, her sister( daughter-in-law’s sister) is also aiding and abetting her.
    She is always creating tension in home there. She goes outside off and on without informing her husband.
    Her both the tubes are blocked and she had urinary track infection. Operations have been done.
    Her mother is a very con person and is said to be having connections with media and other influential people.
    Myself and my wife are senior citizens.
    We are very civilised, educated and law abiding citizens.
    Kindly suggest as to what should be done.
    F.A. Khan

  • Anna Korkova


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  • Payel


    My father has been a worst sufferer of marriage. He was always bullied by my mother. We are three siblings. My elder brother has been mostly busy with his own life. Me and my younger sister are the sufferers of the problem mother. She hates our father and us. My grandmother had to suffer a lot due to her. My father spent all his life with this cruel lady for the sake of our proper upbringing. All of us siblings are married. My father is now 65 years old. My mother is harassing him even more now. Can I save my father anyhow? Please let me know. My mother is so evil that she is making my father’s life hell. If any other guy would have been in my father’s place, either he would have left her or committed suicide. My father’s condition is deteriorating day by day. Please help! Let me know of any strong law or step I can take to save him.

  • Your Comments
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  • Ramesh


    my wife left after 10 years of married life. all along it was a nightmarish life and she troubled me to the core. she was intimidating me with all life attempts, police complaint etc etc… i didnt object her when she left last year. but she left with my son of 9 years age and staying with her parents. For the past one year she has been not allowing me to see my kid nor spend time with him. I visited her in her city to see my kid. every time she troubled me meet my son. She even abused me ‘to get out’ of her house. now I only get to speak to him over phone, that too if they answer the landline. she doesnt inform me where takes the kid nor his welfare or progress at school. she has been tutoring him and never allows him to call me. i have send several SMSs (to her father’s number) as well as mails to convince her to allow me to see my son and spend time with him, but no response. I dont know her mobile number atleast. Is it not cruelty against husband, disallowing me from my son? what shall i do now?

  • Anil


    I am also a victim of HMA U/s 13A & 125 CRPC, My marriage was arranged marriage & done in Feb 2007 without any Dowary. My wife never except me as her husband never respect me & my aged parents. She categorically told me first night that her parents pressurise her for this marriage. She never perform her conjugal rights after marriage. Me & My family members gives lot of love & respect to her. After marriage she left & deserted me within 44 days, her brother & uncle came to my parents house & given reason that her father was ill & take her with all the valuables gifted from my parents & relatives to her. After that she never return back to matrimonial home, her mother avoid us of her return with mis reasons till she she filed false petitions against me U/s 125 CRPC & 13HMA in May 2007. From that day till my case is pending in district family court. From year may 2007 she harassed me & earn illegal money under interim maintenance that was passed without any evidence in favour of her by the Ld judge. When she has deserted me, she has done crulity with me, she are more qualified than me. When I am jobless from 2007. From eight years I only got tareek pe tareek. Hope after eight years court deliver justice to me without any more delay.

  • KVL Suryanarayana


    My son married in the year 1982 Feb. Lives in usa being torched by wife frequeent threats by wife being recorded.They for USA March 2012 ever since she is refusing to come to India.My son is planning to come India on the pretext of my serious illness in. To my knowledge she is a psycho. Please suggest what can be done. to get divorce.



    I get married on 8th feb 2014 and my wife came on 12th feb 2014..after that i returned bareilly on 16th feb 2014 for my job. m working in bank . my wife never talks to me at night after 10 pm she always make her cell offline . she is doing every day.
    she returned on home 12 march 2014 ..now she is not ready to come . she is blamming me …false alligation of rape . and domestic voilent . she blamed me for burning by cigrate ..her family is rich and they are supporting her. even they dont want complain against me in Police ..

  • my husband doesn’t look after me and my children. He lives with his brother and sister. He doesn’t take responsiblity of father. What i should do?

  • suma


    kindly tel me hw can i make my child to be in my custody only without disturbance from my husband if i get divorced.

  • R



    I Live in Ahmedabad. I have been married before 1 year and 3 months back. I have been going through a serious phase of problems in my life. At the initial stage of marriage it was ok for a month or two months. My wife has the habit of forcing her ideas on me and wants to implement the same. These ideas are very impractical and devastating. These creates into heated arguments. Since last couple of months it happens every time that every time it goes well till month or 15 days. After that she has to create tension for some or the other reason by shouting loudly at home whereby othe whole building gets disturbed. Meanwhile she has also try to beat me twice or tyhrice during heated arguments in front of father mother and elders. she also threatens to commit suicide and do a case for torturing her. THe fact is she always lies to her parents once in a month with end number of blames like discrimination in the house , i do not give her time, etc etc. she blames me that u earn only —- amount. you donot have the sense to talk, you are a donkey and you are totally useless in front of family members.
    Her family back ground is like she has a father(with less income), mother, Mother’s Mother(naani maa),her elder sister(unmarried age-32), and younder sister(umarried age- 27). She quarells at our home goes frequently to her own home Ajmer.
    Right Now she has gone to home and we will have a discussion with the mediators during the marriage time. I am worried that she has threatened she can do the case of torturing to us . Please suggest what to do. I don’t whether she has already done the case or not.But franklly speaking we are scared and do not know what to do in this situation.

  • vijay



  • Rahul


    Hi, Almost 1.3 years back I got married and since than my wife harassing me that If you’ll not allow me to to do; what I want to do, I’ll commit suicide. Every now and then her parents come to my place and threaten me that we’ll call police if you do not allow my daughter for this and that.
    Condition is so bad that I can’t even tell my wife to bring a glass of water for me. Almost 6 months we have been living separately and now she logged a complaint against me in crime Against Women Cell. Lots of things in her complaint including 498 A. Its not possible to live with her as every now and then she threatens me that I’ll commit suicide. kindly suggest…

    • vijay


      sir same apki problum meri hai agar koi solution mile to mujhe bhi help kijiye
      mujhe lagta hai ki hum larko ko bhi govt dawar di gayi facility ka wife nazayaz fayda utha ke sadi jese pviter riste ko badnam karti hai kila

  • Is there any punishment in CRPC, for cruelty by wife against husband, if proved.

    • rohandharesh


      The laws are meant only for women; no laws for men.

  • santhosh


    dear,sir/medam,pls help me in this regards,we got love marriage in hindhu arya samaj after 3 months she and her family people harrassing me still ,she always listen her parents words , i dont have father from childhood and they speak im bitchison and valgar language ,and police complants in 2 or 3 complaints in year , and they completyly money minded , im poor person and and my mother also expired ?and they harresed on my blood reltions my brother and sisiters , i tryed a lot to change my wife , after 2 kids they want divorce and they forced in the police station accept ?they hited me i tryed comit to die also ?my kids ther with her only / and they trained to my kids ur father is deads when i cal / i tryed to see my kids but harras me and they hit me and they put false complaint wat is this i know wat she ands her friends wat she doing /wat to do pls any body is ther to help me in this regard one is over she staying ger mother , again im keep on im trying b coz get spoiled ?already my spoiled / pls any body to help me in regards

    • vijay


      sir i am also facing the same problem. my marriege last year hui hai or meri wife mere sath last six month se nahi rah rahi hai or us ne women cell mai complaint kar di hai dowry case ki. one time compromise ho gya ab us ne bina ghar aye bina hi dusri complaint kar di agar ap ko koi solution mile to mujhe bhi batana

  • Hi, my name is Ravi, wanted your expert opinion in my matrimony case, I am married for the last four and a half years with no kids, my wife is very career oriented, she left our house and have started living with her parents, she also bought a new house close to her maternal house, now its more than a year that we are living separately, she insists that I should go and stay with her along with my parents as she finds commuting easy to her office from her house, I disagreed to this as she has a very bossy nature and also ill treats my parents, if I agree to go and stay with her she will make me and parents her slave. Her father and brother has now started threatening us that if i disagree they will file harassment cases against us and put me and my family behind bars. kindly suggest if there is any provision in our law wherein i can save my family from being dragged into court and jail because of this, also I am not earning well hence also inform an approximate cost involved for the same. thanks

  • hi, my name is Ravi, my wife has been living separately for the last one year (we are married for four years with no kids) and her family members are bad mouthing about us since then, they want us to reconcile but with their own terms and conditions, my wife wants me to live with her in her own house along with my parents as she finds commuting easy to her office from there, i disagreed to this as she has a very bossy nature, once we go to live with her she will make me and parents her slave, now she has also started threatening us that she will go to the police and send all my family members along with me behind bars, her father also keeps threatening us to come and stay with her daughter otherwise they will levy harassment cases against us. Is their any provision in the law which can help me save my family? also as I am not earning a good salary please also suggest the cost involved

  • M


    Hi team , pls share your suggestions as i am in deep trouble and unable to bear the torture..pls request you to send the suggestion to my email address.

  • Rishi


    My wife has been torturing me day and night for last three years. If anything happens against her wish then she will get angry, fight and then if i argue, she turns it into a physical fight and if i try to defend, she would threaten me of police complaint. On three occassions she has made a police complaint, and i was insulted in the police station by the inspector in front of everyone, as if i did any crime. My wife would stand by the room door, and wont let me got out for hours and keep on verbally abusing, and then if i try to pull her away, she would threaten me of police complaint. I have failed to prove myself innocense. Ever since I have got married, I wanted a divorce. But my wife has clearly told me that she would rather die in my house and put entire family behind bars than leave me. She insults me in public and friends. I have visited few counsellors and small time lawyers, they have said that nothing can be done and I will have to live in hell because of the inability of Indian Law. Now by mistake she has fallen pregnant and entire family has asked me to work on marriage. Today she is 6 weeks pregnant, and due to her physcho and massive anger and stubborn nature, she continues to torture me for everything and picks on fights and makes a big deal out of everything. Please help. I am in deep trouble and dont know what to do. I need a divorce and I am ready to do anything.

  • shreya


    my SIL suicided on 27nov2013 without any reason. she left a note that she is doing on her wish and noone is responsible. Can you please guide what my brother and parents should do to avoid further problems from her parents? She may try to go for all types of bad cases in marriage like dowry, domestic voilence. They were married for 9 months only. Please guide us urgently.

    • Aditya Sharma (@AdiGatsby)


      Any death of a woman within 7 years of marriage has to be investigated by a magistrate. I am sorry but your family can expect trouble, my advice is to get a copy of the autopsy, perhaps any psychiatrist who was looking after her. History of psychiatrical diseases as well

    • rohandharesh


      Apply for anticipatory bail for all your family members and stop supporting women’s rights movement. This movement is responsible for the death and suicides of more than 55 thousand husbands every year and the illegal arrests of several lakhs of men, women and kids every year.

    • rohandharesh


      Membership based Men’s Rights Community.
      Get Peace, when your Marriage is on the rocks!! http://www.confidareindia.com/
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      In Confidare Men’s Rights Community Center, we understand men and their problems, whether you are young or old. We are aware that there is growing discrimination of men by the laws and also the court system, where often men are considered as aggressors and women as victims.

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      In short, Confidare Men’s Rights Community Center is a place for men, who face marital problems. You can access the reference material, basic law books and the legal citations at the center. The center also contains an audio-visual system, which enables you to watch videos related to laws and men’s rights.

      If you are a NRI, you can also join Confidare and access our services through Internet and phone calls.

      Here are couple of scenarios:

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  • Mrs Namita


    My name is Namita. I was brought up in Delhi, Dwarka village region. My parents and family members (as usual done in villages in India) fixed by marraige in vilalge in UP. They got me married to person in Orai village, UP East in year 2002. I was 17 years old during my marriage. After marriage in the village, my husband along with his parents handed over his sister’s two kids (one boy and one girl) to me and asked me to do the upbringings of the kids. I was shocked. But still I thought it was god’s instruction and accepted both the kids as my own kids. I was not prepare to have my own kids that time.

    My husband was not doing any job or work during the marriage. My parents thought since my husband was only son so there will be no hassles in the family and in future my husband will do income. But as time progressed, he did not do any regular work and got into lot of bad habbits like Gambling, whole day wasting time with friends without doing any income. Also if I tell anything to him, he shouts at everybody even to his parents. He has sold my gold ornament for playing gamble (cards). He and none of his family members were capable of buying a mangalsutra for me during he marriage. My own brother bought this during the time of the marriage. After marriage, I came back to Delhi thinking that I will change my husband nature through love and care. In Delhi there was another wrong doing by my husband. He was facinated to become HIJRA. He started staying with some hijra. He is mentally sick.

    He did not have family senses but only use to have sex with me. Due to which we have two kids of our own (one girl and then a boy). I was mentally not prepared for all this. Moreover after coming to Delhi, I started working as maid servant in societies. My husband has extremely suspicious nature and use to follow everyday to the society gates. He did not do any job and do all this unwanted things. Still I managed to continue my family life as I thought that I have to maintain 4 kids. But he did not care from where income is coming or not. I took proper care for kids as well as for my husband. For his wrong behavior, I had to leave my job. After that I changed my job and same thing continued from his suspicious behavior towards me.

    Four years back, I had a ulcer in stomach operation in Din Dayal Hospital in Delhi. It was a big operation and doctors suggested to take rest for six weeks after that. But on eighth day of the operation, my husband along with his parents took me to village in UP. We went to UP by bus. And due to jerking on road, the stiches of the operation got infection and I had to suffer and I was about to die. My brother took care of me and saved my life. During this days again my husband started playing gambling (Jua) and lost my gold ornaments in the gambling. Again I came back to Delhi in order to make my husband away from all this bad things in village. During that time, forcefully my husband’s parents kept my own son with them in village with my husband acknowledgement.

    Again I started to work in home as cook. Whenever I got good work due to this suspicious nature of my husband and following me at every work place humilated me very much. I complained about all these to my husband parents. They were also fedup with him. I have fixed various jobs for him but he does not attend his work properly and thus everytime loses his jobs. He do not give a single penny for family income. Rent, Fooding, School Tution Fees, Mobile recharge, and all other expenses were taken care of me for the last 10 years.

    In year 2012, October, I got a good cooking job at good salary. Only one gentleman was there for whom I have to cook food, wash clothes, and do all household activities. That person is very helpful in nature. He use to give something or other to me as well as my family members including my kids and husband. I got irritated by husband behavior for not doing any jobs properly and not helping me out in family matters. Slowly again the suspicious nature has started with this man. The man called my husband along with my relatives many times and explain not to suspect me as this will lead to break down of our family life. But he did not listen and use to buy many sim cards and call my mobile more than 100 times a day just for irritating me. This continued for more than 5 months. Then in between I visited my old doctor and done the Ultra sound as I use to get pain in the operation area. The doctor told I had diagnosed with Large Incisional hernia and had to be operated as soon as possible. I went to the man where I work as he has his friend reference in many hospitals and doctors in Delhi.

    On last Diwali, all of a sudden, my husband and his parents (that time staying in Delhi) forcefully took to the village to do some puja rituals on my husband. They have done lot of bad things by telling all my workplace that I have bad nature and I might run away with someone. I was totally devasted by my husband act. I have done some much for him and his family and in return he and his parents has blamed me with bad things that I have illegal relation with that man who is helping me. So I have to go to the vilage as my brother from vilalge also told me to come. So I went to village with another brother here in Delhi. Thus I could not do any test nor take any dates for my urgent hernia operation.

    In the village, there we had a panchayat for all this issue where our family members and my husband family members participated. In the panchayat, my husband and his parents humiliated me and my family and told many false things. After which my brother told that he will not let me go to my husband home in village as they were torturing me.

    Few days after this, since my kids school is in Delhi, so we have to come back. But my husband followed me and forcefully came back to Delhi. And again started torturing me. Last week, on 22/11/2013, my husband locked me inside the house and snatched all my mobile phones and money. Also he has snatched all my voter id card, pan card, doctor prescription, LIC policy papers. I was not able to even complain the police. Any how, my daughter told to that man where I work. That man then called my brother and then my brother told my husband if anything happen to me then he will be responsible and everybody will complain to police. Also my brother told that he will come this week and then finalize what has to be done. Still I am locked inside my home.

    I do not want to stay with this irresponsible and suspicious natured person who does not care for his wife’s prestige by blaming with false allegations infront of society.

    Please let me know how to get divorce from this person. I am 28 years old. I can search some other life partner for myself once I get divorce. Please help.

    • You should not live with him and divorced him. Thereafter you could get maarriage with a innocent person.

  • karan


    Please can anybody help me out and suggest me the legal ways what should I do actually my wife had an affair before marriage and after the marriage and we just got married couple of months ago and since she’s been living with her parents initially she denied to come back and wanted to marry that guy and now its been 5 months we have been living separately, no attachment and no physical relation but now she is trying to prove me that she has changed but I don’t trust her I know that she is lying under the influence of her family I am poor guy who’s been victimized by her family I don’t want to spend my rest of my life with such a women who is not trustworthy so can any body suggest me what legal options I have to dissolve this torturing marriage. I am completely innocent I haven’t done anything wrong with her or with her family and I am a victim who’s been bearing the brunt of this torture for 5 months please help me give me some legal advice because I have a long carrier and life ahead and I can’t handle this any more I would rather commit sucide instead of spending my whole life with that b**ch..

  • Abhijit


    It has taken me a long time to find the courage to lodge this formal complaint against my wife to Human Rights
    Commission but yet to get any reply from there, but I can’t take her abuse anymore. My wife has been emotionally abusing me for the past four years.

    In 2008 we have got married. From the beginning she had been continuously complaining against my parents, that they have misbehaved with her. I hadn’t found any appropriate reason for that. However, when I was looking for a well solution for the same, I have got a job in a construction company and had to go for outstation (I am now residing in Gujarat since July’2008).

    My father is 71 and patient of throat cancer, my mother is 58 and now unable look after my father as she is suffering from high blood pressure, blood sugar and going through stroke for once. It is my bad luck that, I am unable to help any more.

    Here (in Gujarat) I am living with my wife, and able to go my home once in a year for about fifteen days only (in West Bengal), but the problem is remain same. She is always protesting me to talk my parent over telephone or visit to my home. She use to check my phone call regularly whether I have made any call to my parents or any relative or friend who she always dislikes. Her parents use to come here every year; however my parents came only once and got a bitter experience (on that period, she misbehaved with them extremely) and according the position I am not dare to request them to come again. Since then, I have been spending with intolerable mental condition. She has been obstructing me to contact you or go to home by various ways for the past one and half years.

    From the beginning whenever I try to protest, she always quarrel and frequently threatened to commit suicide or go to police alleging false case, which might be resulted jail for both my parents and me, as she is very much aware about the present law favoring for a woman in many ways. I have been trying to adjust the situation from the beginning with extreme negotiation but now keeping patient is almost impossible for me. She use to talk with her mother every now and then to irritate me. Her mother always encourages her and dares to complain about me to one of my senior colleagues over telephone also. I have been spending so many sleepless nights. I have no idea whether she unable to adjust with me or intentionally doing the same for any reason, which is unknown to me.

    Please let me know if I may be got any assistance from your end.

  • Sriram


    MY wife insists she wont come to chennai where we live but she will remain in bangalore with her parents with my child. Please advise how to bring her back

  • chaitali


    1 year back my brother got married. He has married a lady who has medical problems, gynecology problem. Also she faints when some argument takes place for long. her brother is a Police and scolds my brother telling that he will send police to our place if there is a fighting and he should be obeyed. The wife says she was forced into marriage by my brother and mother, which is shear false. Moreover, she says she has married my brother for gold and jewelries she will get in marriage as gifts. She also says she is an LLB and will go to court. She tells that she will involve everybody in the case. Immediately after marriage she wanted me (her-sister-in-law) to go out of the house which she couldn’t do as i have share in the house too. she often fights with my brother. Please help what should we(mother, me, my son and brother) do?

  • Well Wisher


    Hi , My Brother is an Christian and his wife was an Hindu but now converted to Christian by her wish.

    – They both fell in love and girls family based in Nellor got them married without our notice and sent them to Bangalore. (Mid night my bro & his wife came to my house)
    – Now they have an Baby Girl and was leading happily till the baby was born.
    – My Bro’s wife is troubling him for every small thing and leaving him and going to her mothers place with out telling any one with the baby.
    – My brother has stopped communicating with us/ any relatives due to these repeated insult.
    – She wants my brother to move to her mother place and take care of her whole family ( Mother , dad , her sister , herself and the small baby) by his earning.
    – My brother wants to be in Bangalore and take care of his family well ( he , his wife and kid) but this girl is creating issues and going to her moms pale every now and then. We tried to talk to her but its not making any effect , we even stopped interfering in there family yet its not working out and this is getting repeated.
    – Now my brother is getting disturbed mentally and he is getting addicted alcohol.
    Please let us know what to do .. My bro is 25 years and his wife is 22 years and kid is 2+ years.

  • Meeks


    I’m Meeks from Canada. My husband left me for no reason on 24th of June 2011. He moved in with another woman, I felt like killing myself. I’ve tried different spell casters and went to different churches to pray but all to no avail. My life was very bitter and sorrowful. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about a a woman called mother Esango. he said she gave him some lucky numbers that he played in a lottery and he won 5 fives consecutively. I didn’t believe it because I’ve worked with so many of them and it didn’t work. He begged me further so I decided to try this great woman called Esango. I contacted her and I gave her the necessary information. after the days which she gave me, the next day which was on the 29th of July, I received a call and it was my darling husband Peter. He apologized and came back to me crying for a second change and he even gave me money to start up a business as a means of compensating me on that very day before leaving. I’m now a very a happy woman and our marriage vows were renew again and ever since he has shown me love like never before. Thank you dear mother Esango, I will forever be grateful to you. You can reach her on her email:esangoshrine@gmail.com. she will solve any problem you are facing now. Try her today and share your own testimony. i know some people will look at it in the other way round, don’t ever hide your problem, because if you do, you will never find the solution. also share your problem with friends, they might be of help to you. thanks for taking your time to read my testimony.

  • Michelle


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    spell caster how can help you within hours.

  • M


    A boy proposed his boss and wanted to marry her inspite of she rejecting due to age, diff in caste the boy still wanted to marry her later she got to know that he was using her to get promotion and was asked to leave the organization provided she forgave him agreed to marry him waited for 6 yrs as he told that his brother was to get married before him. The boy always used to ask the girl to do register marriage not knowing when his brother would get married to which the girl was not agreeing as she wanted to get married in front of society and with both parents blessing and was not right getting married before his elder brother was married.After sometime the girl discussed about the boy to her father who wanted to meet the boy parents to know they thoughts and how to proceed with the marriage etc but the boy always gave a reason saying unless his elder brother was married he cant get them meet his parents.. The boy asked the girl for register marriage as the girl father was sick and due to sudden death of girl father the boy and girl did register marriage wherein the boy did not get any of his family people for witness. The girl family wanted the presence of both parties and wanted to wait for marriage as per customer .Later after 6 months the boy came to girl family he would marry in girl custom and also get converted having asked for his parents he said they donot believe in girl custom and asked him to proceed. Though the girl spoke to boy’s mother no one bothered to give her answer and the boy said to consider him as a orphan and asked the girl family to get him married to the girl.Though the boy mother was asked to part of wedding ceremony (haldhi) by girl she instead blasted her son and never turned up . to this boy said that when time comes he would question his parents when they would ask for his marriage in they caste .Post the marriage in girl caste the boy told that girl that he would reside in his house as his brother was getting married in a month time and used to visit her during weekend (they both had decided to live in house which the girl purchased) until than the girl stayed along with her old mother post one month also the boy used to visit the girl only on weekends though the girl used to tell him that it was not right as society will take it wrong way. Later the boy told that he would get marriage done in his caste only to fulfill his parents dreams though the boy was not getting loan he was forcing his mother to get marriage done and before marriage they met the girl family insulted them badly .The girl was worried and was not willing to get married in that caste for what all was going and that they were depending on relative for money who insulted the girl family to do the marriage in boy custom. Boy force the girl and did marriage in boy caste .Post marriage the boy mother asked the girl to visit they house on weekend which she agreed however she asked to boy of they staying together etc to which the boy started misbehaving by giving girl emotional and mental torture and not coming to visit her .This is happening since 3 months and the boy visited her 5-6 times also not convey to his parents for the plans made by them ( his parents know that the boy and girl bought a house before marriage itself). The boy parents are not bothered and never came to resolve the issue during those 3 months the boy elder brother got to know the way the marriages happened and scolded the boy and his mother for not keeping him in loop for whatever happened. Though the girl,her family and boy’s friends etc tried to help him understand he is still forcing and torturing the girl. Provided the girl told she would shift to different area and that he needs to consider on her travel also the boy is harassing with messages and warning her for divorce. The boy keeps on changing his mind now and than saying he would stay with her (the girl stays in rented house at present) /want her to shift to different location where the girls siblings are not there/ he would want her to stay opposite to where his parents reside not considering the girl has to travel 40 kms if she moved from current location to work. The girl is now unable to understand what needs to be done to make her husband understand and live life with her. Please provide your suggestion

  • rames


    I have been married for 12 yrs and it has been never a successful relationship with her. For the past two years she has gone beyond control and harassing me to the core. She even shouts at me for simple and trivial view or things when i express.. If she doesnt like me (my 10 year old kid says she gets irritated seeing me), she can go out, but she doesnt leave home. She wants to stick around and make my life miserable. After a lot of ill treatment and humiliation, i went away.. for a month, Leaving the entire furnished house for her and troubled myself staying in a small room outside. She didnt even bother to check whether im alive or dead. Looking at the behaviour of her.. (she needs an ATM, not husband) I gave notice to Owner of the house that I am vacating. Then she sends mail accusing me that I have left home and claiming that she is still at home waiting for me. Thinking that she has changed I came back.. Now she is even more arrogant and aggressive.. Kid is also now being brain-washed not to talk to me. what should i do?? Today she was shouting that she would give a police complaint against me.
    All this behaviour has been conveyed to her parents and pleaded them several times to resolve the issue, but they never heeded to my request. They dont even pick up the phone nor respond to my messages.
    My wife harasses me:
    (1) Not cooking for me, even though I get everything.
    (2) Not allowing me to play or talk with my kid.
    (3) Doesn’t care to atleast enquire about my parents welfare.
    (4) Blaming me for anything that happens to her.
    (5) Not allowing for sex
    (6) While passing along me, scolding commonly and speaking in bad words.
    (7) Threatens of complaining to police.
    (8) Stamping all the vessels and articles on to floor when she sees me.
    I am the only son to my parents and they don’t live with us. I gave her all the freedom, luxury and money. Still she is under the influence of her father and brother. Whenever I tell her behavior to her parents and seek their help, she bounces back with double the hatred. Do not know what to do? Please suggest. I am very much depressed in life.

    If some one is willing to help me, please pass on the mobile number, i will call you.
    I am in dire need of some help.

  • ramesh


    I have been married for 12 yrs and it has been never a successful relationship with her. For the past two years she has gone beyond control and harassing me to the core. She even shouts at me for simple and trivial view or things when i express.. If she doesnt like me (my 10 year old kid says she gets irritated seeing me), she can go out, but she doesnt leave home. She wants to stick around and make my life miserable. After a lot of ill treatment and humiliation, i went away.. for a month, Leaving the entire furnished house for her and troubled myself staying in a small room outside. She didnt even bother to check whether im alive or dead. Looking at the behaviour of her.. (she needs an ATM, not husband) I gave notice to Owner of the house that I am vacating. Then she sends mail accusing me that I have left home and claiming that she is still at home waiting for me. Thinking that she has changed I came back.. Now she is even more arrogant and aggressive.. Kid is also now being brain-washed not to talk to me. what should i do?? Today she was shouting that she would give a police complaint against me.
    All this behaviour has been conveyed to her parents and pleaded them several times to resolve the issue, but they never heeded to my request. They dont even pick up the phone nor respond to my messages.
    My wife harasses me:
    (1) Not cooking for me, even though I get everything.
    (2) Not allowing me to play or talk with my kid.
    (3) Doesn’t care to atleast enquire about my parents welfare.
    (4) Blaming me for anything that happens to her.
    (5) Not allowing for sex
    (6) While passing along me, scolding commonly and speaking in bad words.
    (7) Threatens of complaining to police.
    (8) Stamping all the vessels and articles on to floor when she sees me.
    I am the only son to my parents and they don’t live with us. I gave her all the freedom, luxury and money. Still she is under the influence of her father and brother. Whenever I tell her behavior to her

  • Surjit Singh


    1.Can wife be punished for making false complaint against her husband and in -laws?
    2. Divorce filed by husband pending in court for one year, decision likely in few months.
    3. At this stage, wife filed a false complaint in police station against her husband and in laws demanding dowry. Marriage was dowryless.
    4. During counselling and trial she never made any complaint against anyone.
    5. She wants to live with her parents though they do not need her help and they have working son to support them. She does not want to relocate or join her husband. Couple has 3 years son who is in her custody.

  • n misra


    We that is me my husband and our son are suffering because we married our son to a girl who is educted and works for an well known N G O. She had an affair which she continued after marriage. so we do not know why she got married?.we still tried to be nice and my son was keen to keep the marriage. Things were going on well . But she deserted with all the valuables and they asked for some little gifts given by them to my son which we returned. My son returned even his Shoes and socks given by them. It seems women get married just for some money and jwellery . Law is favouring them and they are exploiting the law . we are undergoing torture and uncertainity in life . Thanks for hearing. In such cases where girl has deserted within few days of marrige.It should be desolved just by ulta pheras I mean socially accepted method as marrige ceremony we need to invent divorce ceremony . At least economic and physical torture will not be there, as it is emotional torture it self is very difficult to handle .More so when marrige has not been registered it can be disolved easily. please pardon me if i am going off the track due to my mental stress.Thanks alot . i have just written to you that it might strengthen your cause. you are doing a great job . thanks and regards. Mrs N Misra

  • dinesh


    my wife went abroad last year for her company work. Now she returned n has dile dv act case afyer more than one year accusing me of desertion n has impleaded my parents n brothers who neber loved with us. I have one son who went abrpad wid his maternal grand parents abroad 2 see his mother n i completed his visa formalities. after 4 months my wife at behest of her parents stopped xalling me n sent her parents n son back 2 india within 2 months n made new friends went 2 canada for trip, chats on facebook with males, doesnot wear mangal sutra nor applies sindoor in her mang n has posted photos of her on social websites, messenger apps. Wat should i do. i guess she is havng afgair as she is ready 2 give custody of son if i agree 2 divorce by mutual consent. Pls advise

  • Respected Sirs & Madams,
    I need help for survival. I am an orphan, have no father, mother, brothers , sisters or any blood relatives. I am in deep trouble due to torture by my wife & her second husband (secret). I am being tortured severely and I have almost lost my mental balance. She, her boy friend and her supports are always behind by back and keeping track of all my activities since last 15 years. Now a day they are threatening me that they will murder me or put me in jail and murder me there. My step mother, step brothers, sisters and relatives were bribed heavily by them and they are supporting my wife & my in-laws. They are strong economically, socially & politically. Where ever I am going and doing job, they are spreading bed rumors about me in my working place and making my life extreme difficult. Kindly help me, I am totally innocent. I may have done small mistakes but I am facing a very difficult situation in my life. I was born & grown up like an orphan. My mother was handicap & died when I was in class five. I have not got proper facility for study. In my childhood I was helping my father for farming and also attained the school for study. I have taken lots of pain for my study. My college life was extremely difficult because my father was not supporting me financially due the reason I could not spell it at this moment. Now I am lonely, mentally imbalance and under heavy torture. I want to survive and serve the orphans and motivate people for population control. Because I feel that more population is the cause of all other social problem. I have a great desire to serve the poor people, the orphans & handicap people. Kindly help me & guide me. You are GOD to me and I beg for your help for my survival.
    With best Regards,
    Arun Kumar Sahoo

  • Subir


    I got married 19 years back. Recenty my wife suspecting me that i am hiving multiple sex pertner apart from her. Is there any medical test to prove myself.

  • I am an electrical engineer working for tata steel for last 5 years. I joined as manager and in a short span rose to the position of asst divisional manager in my company. I was staying with my parents before my marriage last year on 8th june. Since marriage my wife has been been constantly torturing me. Just a month after coming back frm our honeymoon my wife threw my parents out of my house. Then she started spying on me and making false claims of me having affairs with my office colleagues. This she made very public which ruined my reputation in my company. Later on she started making demands like joint salary account, monthly pay slips. I agreed and opened a ppf account and a joint savings account with my wife. Then she started torturing me mentally by alleging that I had sexual relationships during my foreign visit. She used to check all my messages and emails and even accused me of having an affair with my cousin sister. I have given her the bedt possible comfort and luxury at house. But still she is not happy and she constantly troubles me. Two days back when I returned from office I found her inflicting self injury and threatened me to go to police if I fo not fulfil all her demands the moment they are made. My in laws have filled a report of domestic violence against me. I am no mentally disturbed that I have submitted my resignation in my company. Please advice me on what should I do…

    • you are not written regardig the role of your in-lows or her friends in this case.

  • Ranjan


    My wife is suffering from a mental disorder called compulsive obsessive disorder. She has turned my house in to a garbage dumping yard by hoarding lots and lots of junk such as plastic bags, news papers, stale food, organic waste etc causing un healthy atmosphere where insects and rats have started growing. She serves food which is kept open in such condition which causes health problems to me and my children. If forced to throw away suchgarbage she turns violent. How can I get relief?

  • Sir,
    We have five brothers all are married. Four younger brother are working in other state elder brother only live at native house which is father own acquire property. We all of randomly visited at native place.
    Now greedy arise in my elder brother (45 yrs), he convinced father (60 yrs) through lie & father keep beside my mother (58 yrs) & we younger (min 26 yrs). Mother is also living at native house with 2 very bad condition rooms. Elder & father is not care her and threaten several time to left these rooms as possible. They also not allow to room maintenance. Father doing as well as direction by elder brother & his wife.
    We all Youngers are full filling mother all nccessary expencess, Now 2 Youngers came back to native palace for mother help.
    But we don’t know how to solv it. We all brothers have equal right in said property but elder do not want to sare it. He arrise disputed betwee father and mother too.
    Now we have two part one side we four younger with mother and other side Elder with father.
    How to get my mother maintenance expencess and place in residence for live?
    Is any right for us younger?

  • Sir,
    We have five brothers all are married. Four younger brother are working in other state elder brother only live at native house which is father own acquire property. We all of randomly visited at native place.
    Now greedy arise in my elder brother (45 yrs), he convinced father (60 yrs) through lie & father keep beside my mother (58 yrs) & we younger (min 26 yrs). Mother is also living at native house with 2 very bad condition rooms. Elder & father is not care her and threaten several time to left these rooms as possible. They also not allow to room maintenance. Father doing as well as direction by elder brother & his wife.
    We all Youngers are full filling mother all nccessary expencess, Now 2 Youngers came back to native palace for mother help.
    But we don’t know how to solv it. We all brothers have equal right in said property but elder do not want to sare it. He arrise disputed betwee father and mother too.
    Now we have two part one side we four younger with mother and other side Elder with father.
    How to get my mother maintenance expencess and place in resedence for live?
    Is any right for us younger?

  • Shekaran


    I got married 1981.My daughter and my wife both are arogant,they never listen me and my daughter also doesnt have any fear on me as my wife insulted and use to shout in front of my daughter.Now both are Harrasing me.I stay alone since 2000.My daughter and my wife both desired and they saw net and my wife arranged marriage and for marriage expenses my wife made emotional blackmailing and she and my daughter both put pressure on selling of my Flat and sold for 16 lakhs and she took entire amount as the property was purchased on my wife name on good faith when I got married.My daughter marriage done 2 year back inspite of advised by me to my daughter and to my wife they have done marriage.Now my daughter said I dont like him I want to divorce,my wife also support to my daughter and file a suit.Now I am staying alone since 14 years,No sexual relation/No food/she never wash my clothes/she earned 40000 to 50000,my wife and my daughter both are staying alone.I am staying alone.Everynow and then my wife is abusing and shouting infront of my daughter on phone and threatening me I will send police to your place I will make you to arrest,she is giving mental torture.I gave One house to her and one house sold for my daughter marriage,Now I am having only one flat where I am staying,she is trying to snatch that also my age is now 58 where I will stay if I give that also,because of my wife and my daughter arrogant nature I am not able to go and meet them as my wife has made me House arrest two times,I am not able to my routine work,I am mentally upset,what is to be done .I am getting fear always because of my wife arrogant nature ang threatening me I am sending police now and police will catch you.pl advise me I will become mad,I am totally upset my heart is beating fast because of this

  • prajit


    I got married seven years ago, and from six years I am struggling to take divorce. my wife filled maintenance case plus trying to murder & domestic violence, against me and my parents & my sister from last six yrs she is staying with her parents family only and not ready to come. she has also tried fake suicide attempts many time. she had created big drams outside the house many times. For every hearing either she got ill or her lawyer of she apply for leave. the local court has order to close her justifying stage so now she went to high court. any how the matter is lingering day by day. my age is going older i have already crossed 30 my parents is worried but no one can do anything. kindly suggest some way or solution for the same.

    • simi


      why dont you file a criminal case against her in your local court.. basis mental harassment by wife…

  • Nishchal


    My wife uses abusive language and creates storm out of small things. She is unreasonable and wants all done as per her choice. She shouts at the top of her voice over petty things even in front of her child. It affects my social position and has let down in front of my relatives and friends apart causing mental stress to me as well as my child. SHe keeps threatening of taking me to court and false accusations of dowry and causing mental stress to her. What remedial measure I should take to safeguard myself ?

    • dear Friend,

      what u r saying is already happen with me since last six year.

      and my wife has done the same what she was telling me since last 6 year

      false complain and false case and demanding maintence maney as 2800000 INR

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  • ranvijay


    sir i am suffering from cruelty of my wife she is not living with me from two yers she don’t like me she is not having sex relation with me i was married 7 jul 20011 i want divorce help me

  • Rajesh


    mere sasural wale meri wife ko apne ghar is liye le gaye the ki uska 9 mahina tha kuch din ghum ayegi. fir unhone kaha delivery hum krayenge. mere mana krne k bad bhi unhone delivery krai. 1 din bad bachhe ki tabiyat khab ho gayi. bache ko mere sasural bale dusre hospital me admit kara k mere bharose chod gaye. or bache ki ma ko le ke apne ghar chale gaye yaha tak ki dudh k liye v nhi bheja. meri wife uske ghar walo k kehne me hai. meri kisi baat par viswas nhi krti. mujhe dar hai ki wo kuch ulta karegi mere against or mujhe phasa kar divorce degi. mujhe kya krna chahiye.. Me bahot pareshan hu.

    • advocate amit


      u shAll file petition under section 9 of the Hindu marriage act immidiately

  • lara


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    everyone who doesn’t believe in spell, I was one of those ones at first. I
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    I’m still waiting for the spells to completely manifest, but with all that
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  • Last year when my brother in law through my wife and her elder sister-in-laws said he does not need me for my gambling habits and suicide tendency i gradually accepted. i said since the flat is in my name i could sell the flat and move to some other place. But she insisted that i will divorce and give my property share! I am ready as it is her desire to seperate from me.

    We have been married for over 27 years and my son working in Johannesbury from September 2012 is also not supporting me in this times of crises though i spend some of my fortune for his education, good life style.

    Being a Treasurer of the Society, I am now in financial bondage, my wife is not willing to listen to what i have to say because she conducts tuition classes at my residence and feel this is a good business. Tuition business can always be conducted in any parts of Maharashtra. Education business is the top source of income.

  • kumkum singh pradhan


    sir my name is kumkum and i got married with the boy whom i loved we did court marriage but after 2 month he started beating me and asking for divorce because his family is nt accepting me and my husband want to marry again bt i m total against of him i will never let him to do marry again bcz i love him what i do plss suggest me i cant give him divorce at anycost.

  • suhas


    my cusin married in Dec 2011. Within a period of fortnight his wife started harrashing him every 2-3 day, controlled for 2-3 months and brought to notice to her parents, parents also convencined to their daughter and promissed to us not to repeat in future. but still no results changed.the wife is becoming very voilent. Psyacatric treatment is in process. the wife has attempted 2-3 time suside and threatening to husband. Husband thinking to divorse now. what is right way?

  • susan


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  • Hi Sir
    I am suffering the same situation from the day had married 10 aug. 2008,
    now, from last 3 months, my wife left my home with 2 my kids & staying with her family & her family everday & to every person tells that our son in law is drinker, beating every day to their daughter, etc.
    i & my family facing very uncomfortable situation now a days. plz give me some tips to leave her but i want my kids with me always

  • Jamalia


    Do you find normal to file divorce against wife because she refuses to have intimate relationships with you? If the husband doesn’t wash, then why is the woman obliged to take that? Cooking and cleaning also it’s not a reason. Women are not slaves of men. The only reason when she should cook is when she stays at home and he is the only one who works, but if she works also, then why would she be obliged to cook and do housechores and take care also of children? Isn’t that too much? Cheating and insults towards husband family, dowry things, phisical and mental abuse, those are cruelties, but food, housechores and sex are not. Most women don’t even have the choice of whom they marry, should not they also have choice of their own body? It’s beyond imagination of a person to be forced to sleep with someone you don’t like phisically, at least a little bit. As a woman I agree with the charges against violence, insults, misbahaviors, cheatings and so on, but I totally consider abnormal to treat a woman as a sex slave, and as a maid, and as object.

  • carina


    My name is carina and my ex-boyfriend dumped me 8 months ago after I caught him of having an affair with someone else and insulting him. I want him back in my life but he refuse to have any contact with me. I was so confuse and don’t know what to do, so I visited the INTERNET for help and I saw a testimony on how a spell caster help them to get their ex back so I contact the spell caster and explain my problems to him….. he cast a spell for me and assure me of 3 days that my ex will return to me and to my greatest surprise the third day my peter came knocking on my door and beg for forgiveness. I am so happy that my love is back again and not only that, we are about to get married. Once again thank you Dr Adecula spell, you are truly talented and gifted contact his email: SPELLHELPCASTTEMPLE15@LIVE.COM

  • rizwan


    sir plz help me i have been married to a christian girl before 3 yrs we lived togather but now she doesnt want to live with me coz her mother totally made control of her ….i m helpless plz help me in any form

  • S.Antony


    my wife has given dva act against me the reason is not coming separate from my house and she loved to stay with her parents only. can i have ur guidance please.
    thank u
    with regards

  • sasha


    i want to say a very big thanks and
    appreciation to the spell caster for
    bringing back my husband who left me and
    my kids for almost 6 months within the
    space of 2days after following all
    instruction given to me by this spell caster
    My husband came back asking how was the kids, he told that he love me and promise never to let go of me again.
    i am very much
    grateful for restoring peace in my marital
    home’ i pray God almighty give you the
    strength and wisdom to help more people
    having similiar problem like mine.
    you can reach him on his email address:
    my name is SASHA.

  • after 11 yrs of marriage and having a 11yrs old kid my wife says she doesnt want to stay with me . shes having a good job .she wont give a divorce either, i dont know what to do. she wants to be independent and mentally harasses me

  • kailash


    I am recently getting daily harassment from my mother in laws and my wife as she went her home without reasons alongwith my one year old son and insisiting me to join her at her house as she denied to come back in my home…

  • stacey



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  • Hello Team,

    I am facing constant harassment from in-laws and wife since the day of my marriage. They are creating new tricks every month to break the marriage.

    1. Wife is not ready to shift to my home and says job is important for me than husband.
    2. Her mother controls her and she says she will not stay with my parents and are now demanding that i need to shift the place where she is leaving and they will take care of both.
    3. No privacy since the day of marriage. Her brother in law has a say in all matters offline without coming into picture.
    4. Demand to spend money un-necessarily for all matters.
    5. They constantly spy on me and Threaten with dire consequences if i dont meet their daughters demand.
    6. Pick up silly quarrel for all things . their demand is
    a. Dont ask where my daughter is
    b. No asking with whom she is and when she is coming to house.
    c. No asking what she does and how she lives.
    7. Also they have threatened that they will marry her to a different person. But when i asked them to proceed with divorce , they said we will not give the divorce.
    8. Constant demand for the assets offline.
    9. Have kept away from their
    family events and i am treated like a slave in all terms .
    10. They threaten to screw up my brothers marriage also.
    11. Most importantly they advised the daughter to stay away from me when i was admitted to hospital for treatment. when asked about it they said , if you question back we know what to do.

    On top of this my wife is not listening to the advice which well wishers give. She is hell bent on staying away from me. Currently my parents have let me to leave in a separate house and her parents are hell bent on separating me from my parents. Being a son , its my duty to take care of ailing parents. They want that to be avoided.

    I have been mentally down and i have lost will to survive. I need some advice to make sure that i lead a happy life.

    thanks in advance.

  • my wife has not live with me due to previous affair & my mother in law has quarrelling & slapped to me in presence of 40 person but i can not put any proof of that . what i can do plz tell me.

  • Wife left husband’s home for no reason 16 months back with baggage – her parents used foul language and took her in their car – now she insists husband must leave parental house and hire a room then only she would cohabit and refuses to return – is this mental torture?

  • vishwas


    In pregency i have send my wife to her father home for delivery but after delivery her father refuse to send to my home. I go to wife home and bring her to me. From 15 months i never send her to her home. I want agreement between me and wife that if some other person tries to break my marriage then we both save our life.

  • A R


    Punishment to wife for filing false dowry case. and DV Case.

  • Wife suffering from psychic disorder and refuses to get treated. Collects garbage and dumps in the entire house thereby causing health problems. Refuses to enjoy sex after 14 years of marriage. Now 20 years have passed. very suspicious, offensive and violent with husband and children. Can police complaint be lodged? What section of IPC can be applied in this case? Can the police forcefully drive her out of the house and send her to asylum for treatment?

    • sreedhar


      I live thru such situation too and there is no help for the welfare of the husband’s family… my wife left with my two children(under duress) and has now filed a 498A against my family. we were not prepared or expecting that. Her family is very well connected politically and hence the false cases and stories have been registered. I have filed for divorce and custody of children on my advocates advice. I suggest that you appeal to court for divorce on grounds of cruelty, abuse, misbehaviour and for custody of ur children. As I understand the litigation can continue while she co-habits with you.

  • p


    Nice article

  • Ashish


    Is there any place in Bangalore where complaint against wife can be lodged?

  • My opinion is, the false cases are suggested by legal professionals for their business purpose, they suggest plan, to do this (wrong or right not to bother as every thing is right in love and war) to win the case.

    There should be some system, that the legal professionals to sign one affidavit, that they have personally verified the case, and find contgents / allegations correct to best of their knowledge.

    It will help , as the professionals will fear to sign any wrong affidavit.

    I am giving this thought, because i personally gone through the trauma, and came to know this fact, that legal professionals advised to write such allegations.


  • shalija


    sir i married in 1999 after marriage my inlaws demand moneny and they beating me badly i go to womencell in 2002 they register complaint against mother in law ,one sister in law and husband and court given me 1 flo metermoal home my husband stayed `st floor with his mother he used to come upper stair and he is filing divroce in 2004 all cases are pending latest he is hving reletation with sm gil may i filed case of adultery to her or him

  • Is there any center in Bangalore whereby I can go and file a complaint?

  • Dear suffering brothers we have to apil against the extra protection of the ladies which provided by law.they mis use their rights and we and our families are suffering from this kind of law

  • zoya


    i got married on 15th june 2012.
    my husband used to be angry on small thngigs which led to fights among us

  • pkumar


    the laws are more in favor of women. It is important that the innocent whether a man or woman does not suffers because of the loopholes in law. Law should be equal for both.

  • Laxmi narayan Dora


    my brother got married to a girl who is from Hyderabad . however much more cultural & social difference crop up within 4 months of marriage. the parents of the girl instead of giving right advice to adjust with the husband and in laws blindly support her. taking advantage of the laws in India the girl and her parents now started blackmailing & threatened my brother & my family. they also demand to take back all the gift items immediately. inspite of several request by my parents and brother the girl denied to come and even to look at the face of my brother. we are also apprehending they may lodge false case against us. what are the steps to be taken in this situation please suggest…

  • we got married on 14th feb 2005. we have a girl baby of 6 years old. july 2012 i transfer from pune to kanpur, but my wife dont want to go kanpur, bcoz that place is near to my home town, she thought that if she shifted , my husband allways lookafter to his mother. my mother is 68 years old & she stay alone at my hpme town. on aug 2012 she shifted to noida as she want to do her PHd with my daughter. she dont think to ask me whether to go or not, becoz her parrent involve in this. her father came to rly station & she join him. than i shifted my family belogings to her place, & regularly send her to monthly maintanance & daughter school fees. earlier when we shifted from pune to kanpur, i gave her all the jewellary which i bought ,to say that when i got locker to new place, u bring that. at that period her parrent told that “ekali tum bacche ke sath kaise le jaogi, hum baad mai milne aaunge to lete aaunge.”due to work pressure i resign my work 0n dec 2012 ,at this period we mutually agreed about my decision.
    but later feb 2012 her parrents came to celebrate our 8th anniversary, but they did,t brought & i am also not asked them. after that i regularly visit every saturday to go her place & back on sunday night. when i asked my wife to jewellary she start insulting & abbusing me that you dont desve these things .
    on 26th march 2013,when i reached to her place to celebrate holi festival, i recieved a call from kotwali home town that my wife file written report for a dowry & harrasment case aganist me & my mother as on 10 march 2013.
    plz suggest me wat to do , she stay at my home town with my mother only once during last 8 years of our marrige, my mother is old & she yet not know about that complain.
    plz suggest.

  • i got married in 24 Nov. 2008 my wife always doubt on me my job she always demanding money she always eager to know how much money i have i am working for a IT company as AVP HR getting enough to live in standard way but still she is not satisfy for earning i can work only in a company apart from that i can’t cross my limit please help me otherwise i have only one way to go i can commit suicide i f she not change her mind

  • anderson


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  • dominic


    i am and wife got married in 2012 may. and she went her parents house on june 19 2012 . (because of seperate cooking and job . and after sep 30.2012 she gave pettion in police station under secton 498A in pollachi . i applied antbail but no complaint filed in pollachi station . after i send legal conselling notice from high court.
    1. still now she not coming to my house to live with me .
    2. she always telling shall we divorce .
    3. my wife always fighting with me through phone come and pick me or after may i will send divorce notice .( my wife my releative .
    please advice me solution.

  • I am 45, married in 2000, having one son aged 08. ( our second issue aborted in 2008). My wife owns a beauty Parlour. I am serving in Govt. Deptt. My problem is that these days the relation between me and my wife are absolutely at nadir. She is not at all interested in the marital responsibilities. she is busy with her parlour. She is also not attentive to my son. She is not at all interested in sexual intercourse. In fact, there has been no intercourse for the past two year. (she acuses me for this which is very wrong) The word she uses are it is ritual activity, she has no mood etc., I am fed up with this. I discussed this issue with her, and even requested her to seek medical advice but she is adamant. she does not want to go to the Doctor. she is not even interested in going out with me. I even asked her why is she not interested in marital relationship. Kindly advise me as to what is the solution to my problem. I am trying to pursue her, but is she is not cooperating what should I do?

  • no women did filed that case against their beloved one without any reason. whenever that women leave their parent and all to make all of you happy, then you says that your mother also do this. you people start torture with her. really our Indian women really suffering very much.

    • Shashi


      How are u sure for that?.What if she has married for her greedy motive

  • satinder


    hello sir
    this is shanky.my brother name is satinder & his wife name is gurpreet kaur.they married in march 2011.after marriage they started living together as husband & wife at the matrimonial home subhash nagar & later on the couple shifted to jammu and started living at nagrota , jammu.out of the wedlock of the parties one son namely harjot singh was born in april 2012.all the things went on normal upto the month of october 2012 but there after there became a change in the girl behavior and her parents towards my brother satinder & me &my parents.she started saying that my mother & father are alone & if we give the child (harjot singh) to my parents forever then they become happy & instead of this they give us lots of money or property.we never agree with her thoughts.after sometime she & her family starts threatning to us by saying if we will not agree with them then they will go to women cell , and do a misue of 498 and make us behind the bar.and in the month of november 2012 her parents ist come to our house (subhash nagar) and threatened when i was alone in my house. they asked about my brother house adress of jammu nagrota.when i didnt reply then they starts misbehaving & threatning me by saying that “we will see ur brother ist then later is ur turn”. and on the next day they went to jammu nagrota with some unacquainted peoples for threatning my brother forcefully.then they went to jammu poice station & make a false complaint and make police peoples to put a pressure on my brother and then took custody of child by compromising with such a thing that (3 months bride & groom will never see mutually, child will stay with mother , groom will give the expenditure to child & mother , relatives will meet mutually each other). since then whenever we call her or to her parents then no reply comes from their side, they still threatening by saying after 3 months we will see u in court etc. and whenever we go to her house ( fateh nagar ) to meet the child then they not open the door , and repeat their threatening words again & again.now my brother condition is frustrating. sometime he say “i will suicide” , etc. please help us. regarding this what we can do?i will wait for ur reply.

  • Tricia


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  • sir , I married at 96, now i have 2 children one is 15 and 13 years. in past age my wife had not care me and my family . she create pressure to separate at this time my parent had passed. nowadays my wife didnot care me even she always bysy to her 4 sisters in phone and she does not interested to cook food and serve . I had gone often office by hungry. according to her torturing I spend my time in ffice and on official tour . always she gives dhamki for suicide and I affraid. what is the precaudtion for me kindly suggest me.

  • My has nt look after any basic needs of me our baby he left me in my parents house he use lision whtever they parents say he use fight with me he use stay with they parents say lot of lies and blames me mentaly torcher bec of they sister wht to do

  • desh


    i got marriage dated 28.5.2005, my wife left to her mother house without any reason after 8 month of marriage. while stay with me she everytime shows that she does marriage with her parent pressure.
    after left my house she claim maintenance case and dowry case. Now she is presenting on dowry case after 6-7 dates of court, i e delaying the case. can i complain against this in written. also please suggest how we transfer dowry case from her area court to my area court.

  • tauchan


    i have also very much disappointing by my marriage i have no guilty by the family of my wife is want to separate me from my only widow old mother and so many issues against me and for my family they abuse me they warning me by telephone and by there boys and relatives i am alone

  • My cousin did arya samaj marriage a year before but do not live together.Now for last 4months lived together but girl have doubt that cousin have affair with cousin sister.She done complaint in women cell against husband and cousin and send divorce papers to husband.Please suggest what action should my cousin take.

  • Prakash


    I got married in 2008 and my wife never stayed with me so far. we both are working in different cities. I used to go to her place and after 4 years we got a kid. Even now she is not ready to come to me and instead she wants to live with her parents only. I am missing my child now.. What should I do now..Plz help

  • Kamal


    THis is true, men these days are being exploited, Black mailed by their wives for various reasons including Alimony, and maintenance, all similar thinking men should form a Forum or advocate for formation of a Commission for Men as well

  • Padmalatha


    My sister Get arraged marriage with the name of Praveen kumar on 27th May 2011 and they had one child, She is not happy with her husband. he is scolding her and not giving permission to her to talk with their parents. she getting so much torcher from her In – Laws.Please tell any solution to solve her problem.

  • ashwani


    my bother-in-law came in my house and started saying to her sister mamta that she should take divorce. i resiste he started beating me. ASI DARSHAN SINGH (14-15MAY)2012 poted at CIVIL LINE BATHINDA asked me to do compromise as my wife was blackmailing me for divorce. intead of registering case the ASI on the initace of Corrupt retd. ASI MOHAN LAL PRESURIE ME TO O COMPROMIE. I AGEE.

  • xyz


    My wife is doing a job and still filed maintainence under 125. I know where she works and how much she earns. Is there a provision in law by which I can prove that she is doing the job?

  • shilpa



    My brother got married last year ie 4-11-2011. My brother’s wife who was staying with my brother , mother and father. She lived with my brother for hardly 6 months there after she went to her mother’s house saying a lie that her younger sister marriage got fixed . On that day she just packed all her clothes, jewellery, her utensils everything what she has brought with her during the marriage which we had never asked nor dowry. Now here she packed everything and makes a call that she not going to come she doesn’t want to continue with the marriage. The main reason behind this is my brother asked her to do job and through both saving there can get settle sooner, but here she does’nt want to do job, no cooking abilities. the attidue she has her parents are very rich and with this attitude she says that my brother should stay as son-in-law in her parents house. for which my brother never agreed. they have no children and now it is 10 months there is no communication from her side.
    In this case if brother through family court if he takes first step will he have to give alimony if yes what it will be if no what are the procedures. how long will it take.

    Thankyou, Shilpa

    • vivek


      I am a person who himself suffer from this and my wife’s parents cheated me without disclosing her mental condition. I have suffcients proofs like his handwritten diary & some other but in indian consitution no law to favour harrased husbands. we liver together only for 2 months and from last two years i fought for this. Form last two years there was no complaint filled by my wife. Firstly i file police complaint but she was not present there. after one year spending in this finaly i filled court case but in indian courts only dates and dates and in my matter i have not any hope to get justice from indian constitution because the parents of her threaten me many times that the cousion of your wife is session judge and we will spoil your life

    • faruk siddiqui ihave married 9 yrs before. My sister staying with me after her divorce. My wife is forcing for separation and specially forcing to move to her home. We have 1daughter my wife doesent want to stay or adjust with me she is arrogant cunning and lier how to prove my loyalty and her cruelty I am worried about section 498 pls guide me sir
      . refused to adjust with husband’s earning. She claimed that being husband my friend is bound to satisfy all her desires and demands. She always comparing her husband with others. All other expanses will be demanded by the time of festival. Their family member also supporting her, they always insult me when ever i visit their home. Recently she told that she will book case 498 A against me and my sister, and sent me to prison .what to do sir I am helpless

      Please help me sir. I am helpless.

  • Babu


    I married 7 years back. My wife did not come to my native place till now. We staying in a house where my in laws also invested money for construction of house. My in-laws are taking the rent of 25 thousand. My wife always tells this is my house, it is belongs me. She watches her own TV channels and do not let me to see my channels because it is her house. I have 3 old daughter and she never send my daughter with be to my parents house or she never allow my parents to come into this house. She also scolds for small issues. I though of diverse her. Please advice

  • Sir
    i married 17 sep 2012. this is the second marriage both of us. After marriage i know my wife hve no legally divorce. Bt i hve no document prove it. Bt i sure she hve not divorce decree by court. She left me after one month. After she sumbit the complaint in women cell agnist me and my parents and young brother. After two metting she file the case domestic voilence in court. I have mobile ph recording her mother demand money through doughter. I hvenproof we married without any type of dowry. I sumbit section 9 in own home city. If she want sift the case of section 9 in own city. It’s possible? How i get her mutual divorce record. I hve no address her x husband. bt i know her 1st marry is local area.

  • Sir,
    I am Pawan Kumar from Distt Solan of Himachal Pradesh. I organise Love marriage in Arya Smaj Mandir Solan with Rachna Kumari of Distt Bilaspur HP. Our all Relation of married life will be so good. I have a female child of 4 month. Certainly 06-Oct-12 my wife leave me alone with my child and run away with 3rd person without any information or any reson. When she leave me alone then my child only about 2 months and 21 days old. Police collect her cell phone detail and find that 3rd person. But she was not there. Now she live with her parents. I am belong to poor family. I am now very difficult problen with my child. Plz help me if posible.

    Pawan Kumar.

  • saleha


    I have married one year before. My mother staying with me after my father expired. My wife is forcing for separation and specially forcing to move to her home. We have no children yet . refused to adjust with husband’s earning. She claimed that being husband my friend is bound to satisfy all her desires and demands. She always comparing her husband with others. All other expanses will be demanded by the time of festival. Their family member also supporting her, they always insult me when ever i visit their home. Recently she log a case 498 A against me and my mother, and sent me to prison for five days with the help of a politician.

    Please help me sir. I am helpless.

  • Im also facing proble by my wife Shweta, before marriage, she had affair to other person, now she complained that my husband is hitting me and demorlised me in front of others, I want to take help by man right commission of India, so what can I do, please help me.

  • Dear Sir,
    pls mail me new case laws ruling of divorce petition by husband against cruelty from wife (mentally & physically )

  • In a relation some where or some how there is not a fault of one person . Clap can’t be heard with one hand as we say, always to hand palm.Husband are always blamed in a relation and 80% false complain,they never say about there fault.

  • happy


    my friend’s wife is after the money of her husband. She is a selfish girl. She has taken all the advantages of being with in-laws, during the birth and first 3yrs after birth of her baby. Now she is forcing for separation and specially forcing to move to the metro city. She has refused to consider the baby’s future, refused to adjust with husband’s earning. She claimed that being husband my friend is bound to satisfy all her desires and demands. She believes that being a housewife of a central govt employee, she deserves 8000-10000/- as her shopping budget for Durgapuja and this is only for purchasing her own dresses. All other expanses will be demanded by the time of festival. Hope a Bengali can under stand the height of expectation at that point.
    she keeps on using slang to satisfy her demands as my friends and his parents are normally accept her demands to stop this kind of nuisances.
    we are trying to safe our unlucky friend from this unhealthy relationship. But during my search I have seen it is very difficult for husbands to get justice in India.
    Can anyone give us a ay of hope?

  • jayakumar


    MY wife has illicit relation with a person in the neighborhood. When i came to know and asked the same, she refused and she threatened to commit suicide. When the incident about her illegal relation was informed to her parents, her parents instead of advicing her turned out against me and now my wife and her parental house threatens me to book a case against me stating: 1) I have an illegal relation 2) I have been harrassing them without providing necessities 3) My brother’s family is harrasssing them.

    I am not interested in continuing relation with her. Please advice for divorce.

  • Amit


    The myth of the wife always being the victim is so much deep-rooted in our conscious that we fail to give due respect and recognition to cases where husband actually suffers extreme cruelty by wife. The wheels of justice grind ever so slowly, but one day will come when law would treat both husband and wife at par in terms of weighing cruelty.
    Till that day comes, husbands would continue to be victims of cruelty by wives and refused to be believed by the society and the courts.

  • neo wave


    All Laws are completely biased and made without considering their consequences.

    Laws are empowering wives and not women.

    If some women has bad relationship with her parents, do laws forces parents to give maintenance ??

    All the Bureaucratic people and Laws maker themselves has lots of money and their son and daughter are getting married by taking hefty some of money- Dowry, where is the law for them??

    My wife is a psychophant, and I am keeping her with all due cares n all, but she dont regard me/neither my family , has cruel behaviour all times. Why wives are not punished when they are not doing their duties as per Hindu Marriage – 7-Promises..

    If husband stops serving wife , Law thinks that Husband is cruel and should be punished, because wife can make false allegations.
    If wife stops her duties, why she is not punished??

    I have 3 servants in my home- 1 maid, 1 baby-sitter for my son-2 years, and 1 driver, and no other family member so we are a nuclear family, Anyone tell me how much amount of work my wife will be doing in such cases, if so much help is available, I work around 12 hours per day and earn very good money to serve my family in best possib;le way, but my wife never understnads such things, such wives should be pun ished as they dont understand how much pressure I have been bearing due my job already and if home become a battle ground its mental and physical cruelity to me or many other men like me.

  • I m staying with my younger brother n wife . She has all facilities of cook n maids.. We had very good family relations with neighbourhood family.. my wife accused to have an affair with my neighbourhood friend’s wife… Even though all famiky members of both families explained our relations to her she wanted to end up all relations. To settle my married life I discontinued the communication with her n keep once a week seeing relations with the family.. It’s been a year .. We go for dinners thruce a week and movues as n when … She ended up all mu social lufe but continued her school job and started a boutique against my wish .. She cones home late after i reach and i always get feeling of disrespected as a husband. Despite i and family taught her to maintain resoect she behaves same. If asked for anything she starts the chapter all over and threatens for suicide… My parents had come and when asked about her issues she got violent and rolled herself on floor and tried jumpibg off the window to commit suicide saying that I m not providing enough luxuries and husband happiness to her. She said i m taking revenge of all..She attempted to jump off building in front is all relatives and we had to call neighbours to settled her. She ruined all my respect in front of relatives and neighbours… She opened all bedroom stories and humiliated me. After so much of humiliation I cannot continue my life with her.. Kindly guide..

  • rakesh


    Dear Sir :

    Please send above article to my e mail

  • 498a should be amended and cruelty upon husband should also be incorporated, as now a days wives have become more offensive.

  • vijay


    Court or Society should refrain or desist from interefering in the family affairs of citizens or other-wise delay the matter so that tempers would cool down.

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