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The concept of ‘Principles of Natural Justice’ were derived from the Romans who believed that some Legal Principles need not require a statutory basis but that principles are ‘Natural’ and ‘Self-evident’. Almost all the Judicial and Quasi-Judicial authorities usually adopt this concept before reaching to the judgment of the deciding case.   MEANING OF NATURAL… Read more »


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Dhawesh Pahuja In modern India where politics plays a vital role, Corruption among the Public Officials is growing with a high speed day by day. To bring transparency and openness for the citizens to know about their Governmentary System and its administrative functions, the Government of India repealed ‘Freedom of Information Act, 2002’ and passed… Read more »

Note on Cross Examination

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Dhawesh Pahuja In India where large number of complaints and cases are filed in civil and criminal courts every day, delay in justice is common as pendency of cases in courts are also growing rapidly. Examination of witnesses plays an important role in the presentation of the evidence in a court of law irrespective of… Read more »


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In India where almost half of the population are women, they have always been ill-treated and deprived of their right to life and personal liberty as provided under the constitution of India. Women are always considered as a physically and emotionally weaker than the males, whereas at present women have proved themselves in almost every… Read more »

Reverse Mortagage

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A ‘Mortgage’ means transfer of an interest in a specific immovable property for the purpose of securing the payment of money advanced as a loan, an existed or future debt. The transferor is called a ‘Mortgagor’ and transferee a ‘Mortgagee’ and an instrument by which transfer is made called ‘MORTGAGE DEED’ which actually depends upon… Read more »


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1. Introduction: The process of globalization and liberalization has virtually transformed the way of business across the globe. The technological innovation of improvements in the communication networking helped the banking sector activities through re-engineer its works. E-Banking is considered as an important input for rapid growth of economic development by providing mechanism of electronic inputs… Read more »

Power of Attorney : A Review

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Dhawesh Pahuja 1. Introduction: In the modern world where commerce and industry have assured large and long roles to play, the need for entering into contracts of agreements in relation to business and other transactions have become a common and necessary feature of daily life. As man became busier it became more and more necessary… Read more »


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In the era of cyber world as the usage of computers became more popular, there was expansion in the growth of technology as well, and the term ‘Cyber’ became more familiar to the people. The evolution of Information Technology (IT) gave birth to the cyber space wherein internet provides equal opportunities to all the people… Read more »