In India where almost half of the population are women, they have always been ill-treated and deprived of their right to life and personal liberty as provided under the constitution of India. Women are always considered as a physically and emotionally weaker than the males, whereas at present women have proved themselves in almost every field of life affirming that they are no less than men due to their hard work whether at home or working places. Behind closed doors of homes all across our country, people are being tortured, beaten and killed. It is happening in rural areas, towns, cities and in metropolitans as well. It is crossing all social classes, genders, racial lines and age groups. It is becoming a legacy being passed on from one generation to another. But offences against women which reflects the pathetic reality that women are just not safe and secure anywhere. According to a latest report prepared by India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a crime has been recorded against women in every three minutes in India. Every 60 minutes, two women are raped in this country. Every six hours, a young married woman is found beaten to death, burnt or driven to suicide.

Violence against women is not a new phenomenon. Women have to bear the burns of domestic, public, physical as well as emotional and mental violence against them, which affects her status in the society at the larger extent. The statistics of increasing crimes against women is shocking, where women are subjected to violence attacks i.e. foeticide, infanticide, medical neglect, child marriages, bride burning, sexual abuse of girl child, forced marriages, rapes, prostitution, sexual harassment at home as well as work places etc. In all the above cases women is considered as aggrieved person.

The term used to describe this exploding problem of violence within our homes is ‘Domestic Violence’. This violence is towards someone who we are in a relationship with, be it a wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father, grandparent or any other family member. It can be a male’s or a female’s atrocities towards another male or a female. Anyone can be a victim and a victimizer. This violence has a tendency to explode in various forms such as physical, sexual or emotional. ‘Domestic Violence’ includes harms or injuries which endangers women’s health, safety, life, limb or well being, whether mental or physical. It may also be through physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and economic abuse. According to ‘United Nation Population Fund Report’, around two-third of married Indian women are victims of Domestic Violence attacks and as many as 70 per cent of married women in India between the age of 15 and 49 are victims of beating, rape or forced sex. In India, more than 55 percent of the women suffer from Domestic Violence, especially in the states of Bihar, U.P., M.P. and other northern states.

What amounts to domestic violence against women? -Domestic Violence undoubtedly a human right issue where it is very important to know what actually leads to act of domestic violence. The most common causes for women stalking and battering include:- exploitation of women for demanding more dowry, discrimination of women, alienation of women’s self acquired property fraudulently, torture by husband and in-laws of the husband, arguing with the partner, refusing to have sex with the partner, neglecting children, going out of home without telling the partner, not cooking properly or on time, indulging in extra marital affairs, not looking after in-laws, cruelty by husband or in-laws mentally or physically, abusing & insulting by using vulgar language, sexual harassment, molestation, immoral traffic, rape, sodomy and all other inhuman acts. In all above stated causes women are subjected to torture and will be considered as the aggrieved person. Usually violence takes place due to lack of understandings between the couple as well as in the family.

The consequences of domestic violence attack on women, which will affect victim as well as family of the victim. Domestic Violence affects women’s productivity in all forms of life i.e. assaulted women will always get agonized and emotionally disturbed and remain quite after occurrence of the torment. The suicide case of such victimized women is also a deadly consequence and the number of such cases is increasing day by day. A working Indian woman may lose her efficiency in work or drop out from work in some cases. Domestic Violence may affect the life of children at the larger extent because child will be having greater attachment with her mother and once the mother’s grief and sufferings revealed then child may turn silent, reserved and express solace to the mother. In some of the cases violence will lead to maintain distance from the partner whereby sexual life gets affected adversely. Sometimes marriage life will become a burden to the spouse and one of the spouses will opt out for divorce or separation which again affects life of the children.

In a case where wife is beaten up by her husband doesn’t amount to domestic violence unless a sufficient reason of violation of right to life is shown. In another case where the women just not given food, it amounts to domestic violence if it is intended to achieve the ultimate purpose of necking her out of the benefits of shared household.

To prevent violence against women and to protect the rights of aggrieved women, the legislation ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005’ was passed by the parliament. According to this act every women who have been deprived of their right to life by the act of husband or relatives of the husband, can file a complaint to the protection officer, police officer or magistrate in the form of ‘Domestic Incident Report’ (Similar to FIR). Complaint can be filed by the victim /aggrieved person or relatives, it will be considered as the prima-facie evidence of the offence. Every ‘Domestic Incident Report’ has to be prepared by the Protection Officer which will assist in the further investigation of the incidence. The protection officer will pass certain orders i.e. protection of the women, custody of respondent and order of monetary relief to the victim.

The Government of India should come out with some more stringent laws to protect the rights of women who are victims of violence of any kind occurring within the family, so that it will work as the preventive measure to eradicate the crime. A strict law to be passed to punish those women who are filing a false compliant against husband or relatives by misusing of Domestic Violence Act so that there will be fair justice to all.



  • Prem Mathur


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  • Ravi Kumar


    Hi sir,

    Main ek dukhi bhai hoon jo apni bahan ko uske sasural mein ho rahe pratadna ko rok nahin paa raha hoon. Agar main apni sister ko un logon ke against complain karne ko kahta hoon tab wah apni aage ki zindagi ki hawala dekar koi complain nahin karti.
    Main aise mein apni bahan ko pratadit hota nahin dekh sakta kyunki wah akele poore ghar ki kaam kaaj karti hai uske sehat ka na to uske husband aur na hi uske saas aur sasur rakhte hain. Uski do betiyan hai jo 5 years aur 2 years ki hain use bhi koi education nahin diya jaa raha. Jab kabhi poochta hoon to bas mujhe ye bataya jaata ki wah tuition le rahi hai par jab uski test leta hoon to wah nursery ke kaabil bhi nahin hai..
    Please aap mujhe suggest karen ki main kya karun jisse meri bahan ka ghar bhi barbaad na ho aur wah aur uske bachhon ki education ka poora khyaal rakha jaaye..

  • Sandhya


    Sir my husband got expired 2months back nd mine love marriage i got 2 kids 1z of 10 years nd another z of 7 years old nw my inlaws dey r torchering me a lot i cme out 4rm dt house 8 days back nw i want sme maintains 2 take care of my kids. My parents got expired 2years back no family background nd support wt shud i nw 2 get ri8 justice me nd my kids

  • Mahi


    Hi sir/mam
    I got married 2013. Tb se meri mother in law ke through mjhe mentally disturb Joe jata tha tb mere husband ko bargalakr mere khilaf bhadkati thi or fir mere husband mouse maar pitai krte last me thak haar or mene last violence in mjh pr hua tb mene jakar lucknw thane me report likhwa di un dono khilaf mere baby ni h isly bhi mentally taane dia krte the aj mjhe 1.5 month ho jaaega apni bua ke yahan Me rah rahi hu. Mere mummy papa Delhi me h or financily bhut weak h to me wahan unke paas bhi nahi jaa pa rahi hu me lucknow me job bhi krti hu. Please mjhe btaiye kya mera mere sasural me rahne ka haq nahi h kya ab?
    Kyuki mere husband ka kahna h ki unki maa ne unhe ghar se bahar kr dia h. To mjhe ab kya krna chahiye. Pleaseeeee please. Helpppppp me. Me bhut puzzle hu. Meri or unki counsling hogi tb tk me kahan rahu or kaise

  • kavi


    Hello… Mere sasural me mera devar n mere sasur mujhe sexualy harassment karte the meri SAS bhi unka hi pax leti this kyoki meri shadi ko 9year ho gaya he Lenin mujhe. Koi baby nahi he to merit SAS mujhe kehti ki apne devar air sasur ke sath sex kar tujhe babby hoga jab men’s inks virodh kiya to mene apne sasura k safe logo ko bulaya to sabne mujhe daraya dhamkaya air mere papa ko na batane ko kaha lekin unhone mere pati ko bhi daraya .his ki vajah se humne kisi ko nahi kaha lekin mere devas air mere sasur be mujhe bahut pareshan kiya in sub me meri SAS aur mere sasur me relatives ko bulake mene kaha sub be mujhe gandi gandi galiya di air mhjhe air mere husband ko ghar she bahar nikal diya inse. Born hokar me do sales job kar rahi hu to name jab ghar she nikala to hum Dono pati patni ko unhone ek din 29/3/16 me din phone kiya air ghrpe bulake mere path ko Mara mere sasurne hum donone an socha ki ab hum mere make waloko. Bulate he 30/3/16 me din mujhe air mere make wall ko unhone bahut gandi galiya di for men’s himmat karke Manila help line ko call kiya WO aane hi wale the me mere sasuralsalone compromise karne ki bat ki unhone kaha ki WO Hume hamara haq denge WO bhi helpline k dar she q ki mere pas mere devar khilaf proof WO sound proof he kaya evidence me chalega air WO agreement karvarahe ki unhe hamare sath koi relations nahi rakhna he air WO agreement me hamara has dene she pehle mana kar rahe the ab achanak q agreed ho gaye kaya wo agreement me koi gadbad kar sakte he air kya agreement k doran me unpe case kar sakti hoo air mera adio recorded proof manager jayega

  • sheen


    hello.. i have beaten by my husbnd several times.. but every time kept quit bcoz of my 4 yr old son.. but this time he crossed his limits… my face was swollen and it was unbearable.. I can’t even say this to my parents I don’t want them to suffer bcoz of me… pls help.. what action can I take against him…. I don’t want to loose my son..

  • Shefali


    got married in.2008 Wid lucknow guy.after my marriage he was fired frm his job since thn he was torchuring me physically and mentally but coz of my small son i was quite and thinking may be he is depressed coz of job.he is alone son so his parents supports a lot.they were kept assking me to bring money frm my father.thn we got to knw dat my son is suffering frm chronic kidney diease.he is under treatment of PGI doctors.thn one day my in laws asked me to bring money or gv divorce wen i reject they ask thr son to kill me.somehow i managed and run away wid my son to mahila thana thr they asked me to gv written application.thn i move to my maternal place at kanpur thn after 4 Dayz mahila SO called me and she instead of supporting me asked me to handover my son to my husband she said he is sick give him if anything hpns to him thn u r responsible.sir since last 7 Month m living widout mmy son.sir plz help me plz i want my son i want my rights i am highly depressed.i wl die

    • saurabh dubay


      mam just approch to a good advocate , for your right crpc under section 125 has provided u with the right of food & maintainance by your husband and legally you are entitled for the custody of your child . you have to go into the high court with the writ of habes corpus the high court with certainly provide u with the right of maintainance & right of child also

  • anjali


    Need immediate assistance…. He is not letting her contact to any one… Help us. She was a very talented girl n she has been stopped from working by her husband immediately after her marriage. Now we want her to b independent by giving him divorce n join her job. So that she’ll again live her life.

  • anjali


    We have already filled a complain of domestic violence to one of my friend by her husband n in laws n the year 2010. After some time it got settled her husband took her promising that he will treat her nicely As he missed her a lot.and now he’s the most cruelest. Hez treating her the worst. Can we again reopen the file?

    • saurabh dubay


      you can again go to the police with the fresh FIR giving reference to your old case and FIR

  • Sachin


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Sister is being beaten by his husband and their mother in law. When we asked to them and say something then they are replying. they don’t want to have any relation.

    She is currently suffering with back pain in spine cord. Also doctor has suggested to get operation ASAP and totally bed rest. But they are not taking care of her and they forced them to whole work of house. His father in law says-“Mar jaane do”. Their sister in law and other family members are also creates problem for her again and again.Also says apne ghar walon se paise le aa..

    Requesting you please support.You are my last hope.I love my sister too much. Here Police is also not a solution as UP police works for money only.

    My Sister name is Priyanka Gupta(Pooja Gupta)
    City – Firozabad 201301

    Sachin Kr Gupta
    +91 9910075202

    • saurabh dubay


      aap court ka rukh apnaye
      agar station aapko support nai kar raha hai to aap sidhe kisi advocate ke trough court mai complain file kare wo apne aap waha se fir karke report mangva lenge

  • ruchi


    I filed domestic voilence case against my husband and inlaws in november 2014. But during this journey i know the structure of all legal system.
    As per my experience if anyone want justice and adopt proper legal process then you definitely loose your case and shutter your trust upon law as well justice.and you dont have any approach and enoungh money to pay bribe then you must face truth of police, lawyers and judge also who never listen you even dont try to know about your story and problems.
    i have one question that i attended two dates on rohini court in seeema maini where section9 had been filed by my husband and when i aggreed to go with him in matrimonial house with court protection he was also ready in front of judge but infront of counsel he offered money for divorce i refused and proceed back to court but on second date judge didnot listen us even cant see the cousel report and said to me you should live with your husband as he want even if he want to stay me on road than i should be aggree .???????? I just want to say to seema maini, M’am when a woman thrown out from house by husband thanshe is already on road, i am on road than tell me why a torture person see to court. Even my FIR has been filed in april but they also nothing done as well as file sections as my complaint. Plz help me

    • saurabh dubay


      you are correct ruchi there are certain lacunas in our system but there are certain peoples to help u you just need to have knowledge about all there nd you are not required to hire a lawyer just approach to legal aid department of the court they will gona hire a advocate for you. then you your self start reading the law and queries about the matters related with you the you will got to have guidance and call me if any guidance required 8386050614

  • c prasath


    My daughter married to H1B Visa holder, who is working in USA in Feb 2014. After marriage she went to USA along with husband. He started abusing her for dowry and beaten her cruelly in USA where she does not have any help from anybody. Nor she reported about the domestic violence to us. She came back to India in Jan 2015 and also her husband came after 15 days. At that time, she revealed to us the domestic violence taken place in USA.
    When asked about this, he replies that she is not obeying him and makes provocative arguements for which he punished her with beatings with hands, legs, chappals and even next step will be beating with rods.
    Now, kindly advise – whether she can file a complaint against him for Domestic Violence in USA Police Station by Post. Is there any maximum period in which she has to file DV complaint. He deserted her since 5 months due to which she is financially struggling for maintenance. Can she claim interim maintenance since he deserted her ? She does not want to live with him and wants her jewellery back along with her belongings and want to settle the matter after finalising alimony. What is to be done.

    Kindly send your suggestion to my mail, for which I shall be very thankful. Also, for filing DV in India, is there any maximum period within which it is to be filed ? Suggest good lawyers at Chennai who can handle this issue.


  • zennet


    I m suffering from tortures from my husband since 5 years of my marriage.I always got silent just because this society never with be any women who is alone and harrased, some do but to some extent only. I am in hope might god will change my life ,but i become hopeless when my husband gives me physical and mentally tortures and says i will do second marriage and leave me forever.Even he is not ready to plan for kids,i dont know what is going in his mind.i want to live and dont want to seperate and belive in one marriage only but despite of my continuous efforts would it gone waste.Or he is waiting for that duration to be passed after that i cant do against him legally,im very much tensed kindly suggest me what to do.what is the duration under which my complaint is really meaningful,i also dont do that because i feel might be it can lead the situation more worse, i want a kid and can he easily get the divorse from me until and unless i dont want to give him. He always says that he is in touch with lawyer and soon he give me the notice for divorce. He never listen to others , his family ,his parents ,his brother all failed to make him understand that what is right.He loose temper very shortly and beat me frequently. Always pick small things and make big issues of those,can fight with any one,Please help me and suggest me.

    • saurabh dubay


      if u r a muslim zeenat then then you r governed by muslim law which is not codified and there is no remedy for womens in the muslim law there fore but still if you do not give your consent then he cannot marry the other women and according to the indian law there are lot of remedies in favour of women’s before 7 years of your marriage you can file the suit of domestic violence & dowery and after this the case cannot be form so strong in the indian penal code bigamy is illegal meaning there by that you cannot have a second wife when your first wife is living and you have many more things if he is harrassing you in any manner .

      • veen


        Cases.. Money is not the point… I’m in same situation like her… Its been 6 years I’m married in my cases both in laws and husband torture me.. Talk bad about me and my family.

        If not interested y marry in first place.. I feel so bad when I see others settling in life with kids..they don’t want kids.. Don’t like me then y married me. Upon that for tolerating that things will improve.. He will understand my love for him… I get o hear only bad blames on me and my family for the things I’ve never done. Is there nothing that can be done to such people… Is there no justice for being loyal and good???



          You can approach mediation centres who don’t indulge you in any litigation or legal affairs. These are meant only to provide assistance to the parties and for mediation of the parties with shattered relations. you can call us on phone for any assistance or advice in this regard.

  • Jolly mariya


    i am a qualified and professional woman recently divorced and started staying with my brother and mother in the house owned by my mother.the problem i have is that my brother is too much short tempered and egoistic.since years he is torturing us mentaly and physically .he made our lives hell.every next day he shouting madly on us if any one utter a single word he started beating or throwing the things. one time even i complain to police also but they didnt take any action. he is beating every one even to our mother also.using dirty words, passing dirty remaks to me , blaming me for the my divorce,we belong to good family background.because of him we lost our image in the society.he just want his domination.the male domination.he didnt study not as qualified as other family members are and for that also he is blaming us only that we didnt provide him the better education.life became worst than hell. how the domestic violence act help us please send your advice.i want serious action against him
    please help!




  • Hello


    A colleague of mine is subject to tremendous mental torture by her husband as well as her own parents and family to shift to Saudi Arabia against her wishes. This was actually a forced marriage and she is trapped in this. She is already seeing a psychologist and is ready to give some time to this marriage before calling it off or filing for a divorce but her husband and parents are torturing her daily to give in. What legal remedy can she adopt so that this torture stops and she gets time to think over this marriage and take it at her own pace please?

    She is not contemplating divorce at the moment but this pressure is driving her crazy and she is losing her mental peace and mental balance. Please provide a remedy to stop this daily torture in its roots!!!

    • NK


      She must say to them regarding her state of mind to be in the condition for any decision.if the marriage us forced in her then she must not give a chance to this bulls**t relationship coz the grudges will remain forever n wont make her happy internally.

  • neha bhattacharya


    Excellent article! I often come across news on domestic violence in India and the increasing trend of children abandoning elderly parents. Today, I was disturbed to see my own relatives turning evil because of their greed for money. My grandmother was befooled to sign major portion of the property in my aunt’s name and now she is being troubled and tortured to leave the house as she has no more money. When I asked my granny to take help of law, she rejected it saying she doesnot want to take her own daughter to court.
    My parents are bringing her to our home but it would be painful for her to leave the house in which she spent her whole life and wished to peacefully die.

    I have never felt so helpless before.

  • Enlighten


    Hi This is the first time i am admitting it.. i am sick of getting abused by my husband.. the last time he has done this physically was literally because my 1.5 yrs old daughter was drinking milk from her feeding bottle and the lid collapsed and milk spilled on her face.. i was making milk for my elder daughter, myself and my husband when this happend. my husband got so angry on me and started callin me names saying i don’t take proper care of my daughter.. he always feels and says that i am inefficient in everything… i feel he doesn’t help out enough in anything…that day when he started abusing me verbally, i also responded verbally and then he again hit me on the face.. so hard i had marks on my face entire night.. and this time he hit me with his slippers! i cannot forget this incident and i m refraining from him now… i feel like leaving him but i cannot as i have 2 daughters and don’t want to break my family.. he has abused and assaulted me physically many a times before and there have been incidents when i have responded alike… but i just want to end this and start again… i know we both love each other but this doesn’t seem the person i loved.. i cannot talk about this to anybody as it was a love marraige n i can’t blame anyone for my bad luck… please guide me if possible…

  • Chaya


    Hi,My husband is mistreating and abusing me since last 3 years..i had to leave my job to take care of my infant child..since then he has started feeling that i m a burden and not contributing anything..my father in law has always supported him…he is no doubt a very greedy person but he has started misbehaving more because of my father in law…he has also beaten me in past,abused my parents,fights with me more or less everyday, used to come at midnight everyday giving fake reasons of meeting,i also feel that for sometime he has been in a extra marital relationship but not sure …have also called up police 1 day but was of no help..i am now fed up of daily comments and abuses.pls help on this…i stay in Patna and is in a 6 years of marriage

  • Deepti Sarkar


    Yes, Its very bad sound though its true no one can never stop domestic violence. Domestic violence not only happening with those people who didn’t know about these, but also happened by them who knew about these. Most of the people who are against the domestic violence, say many things in front of the society but inside their home they do the same things with their family members. I know women can never get their rights because women are their first enemy. when one women torturing another women never try to stop that. This is the realty.


  • Assu


    A friend of mine is contemplating suicide due to her forced marriage and pressure from both her family and inlaws along with the husband. She has been to 2 counselors and both have adviced seperation after 6 months but the family is not willing to understand and forcing her mentally to adjust. She is literally under house arrest and they are not permitting her to work nor go out until she agrees to adjust.

    In such a scenario as a 3rd party can I do something legally to ensure she does not take this extreme step?

    I took her to a couple of NGOs too who are willing to help her out but she has lost that willingness and courage to act, how can I save her life legally, please advice!

  • Sohail khan


    I have a friend in Thrissur districe, she is the product of a forced marriage who has gone back to her parents with her 2 small children after 7 years of marriage, she is now under constant physical attack from her father in front of her girls and also emotional torture from both parents for not complying with tradition. I would be grateful for details of local organisations who I can refer her to for help. Many thanks.

  • usha khandel


    my father has govt job and earned a lot til date. since childhood, I saw my father abusing my mom and bitting her all the time. My mom sufferered because of children. She has sufferred almost 35 years. One of the reason for her being so sufferred by my father was male child. Because of which, she had to under go through several abortions forced by my father. However by god’s grace, she gave birth to a male child. Thenafter, he never changed and continued to do same thing.
    Now being in this old age, my father still torture my mom every now and then.
    He has stopped giving a single penny to the family. No responsibilty towards the family.
    He want to take Voulantry retirement and take all the money and want to give his
    bhabhi, with whom he has affair all these years.

    My mom coudn’t do anything coz she was uneducated. But dont want my father to continue all these crib at this stage.

    He must learn the lesson that his wife is not the factory of producing babies, she is better half in each and every share.

    My wants that at least she could get some of the money of his VRS, so that she can get help to marry her children, as we are still not settled.

    Please guide me what should i do?

  • Sheetal


    I am a victim of physical abuse as well by my husband and his family members. Though I’ve been living in US with my husband for the past 10 years and have been working, I couldn’t gather enough courage to file any police report…mostly I am scared of the consequences and negative impact on the kids.
    Unfortunately my own parents are pretty orthodox and they think that I should still try hard to please them and handle the situation rather than thinking abut separation.
    Is there any way Indian laws can help me here even though I live in US presently? I am stil an Indian citizen and got married in India.

  • muthu swamy


    sir i need help for my sister ,my sister husband is like a gambler person, due to his changing character we able to understand very late ,due to children life and future our family suffered a lot ,we lost every thing but my sister husband still trying to make violence in home, lots of things are there which i cant explain. I need strong support from you if possible ,if i go ahead to legal then in my mind i am thinking that we will not safe because my sister husband may attack physically also on my sister or children,more over he can harm him self also ,because he acted so many times before like that only so that we will keep silent ,but now the limit is over and we are helpless to take any decision . Kindly do the needful for my sister having three female children, i need some strong support and your help.

    • lawyer


      Hello Mr. Muthu Swamy. Do not worry. It is very clear from your explanation that your sisters husband has subjected her to physical and mental cruelty. The law is strongly on your side. My advice is-

      1. For next 1 month, collect as much evidence as possible of your sisters husband’s cruelty. You can do this by secretly taking a video of him harassing your sister and your family. Collect as much evidence as possible.

      2. After collecting strong evidence, contact a good lawyer and file for divorce.

      3. Based on the evidence, divorce will be easily granted to your sister. Moreover, the court will order your sisters husband to pay your sister and her children maintenance for the rest of your sisters life and until the children become major.


  • Suraj Kumar


    Dear sir,

    My mom’s sister is a victim of the old age. Her daughter in law is the one who is doing all the things. my uncle died of the mental pressure. Can she get some help.


  • You can complIen in women Commision, New Delhi.. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  • Asha Pardeshi


    I am tortured by my mother & brother KICKED me out from my house, I am in Kolkata & my mother & brother are in Mumbai I want to file domestic violence case against them but I am unemployed depend on my Husband . can I will get free legal service for fighting my case of Domestic violence

    • you can rise your voice you have 100% right , and you can take a support through State women commissin and National women commission new Delhi.Thank you so much Other wise you ncan contect me .. 09585620050 or 09430400043

  • m chandrashekar



    I am in the lookout for a channel which can highlight the matter in their channel regarding my old grandmother.Being from a rich family where she hails from W.Godavari now being in a disastrous status with helpless in our home left alone by thier sons.One is a crorepati living at ECIL and another one in the same village well settled. Theya are looking for the mother to die asap to take the share of the existing property which is loacted at Kopparu near Narsapuram W.Godavri where she is presently located.The property worth 20 lakhs.

    My only concern is being so rich and lead a beautiful life ,now she is in difficulty since from 6 years in living didn’t have money to survive and what ever the expenses which she used to get from the property being a well cultivated land is taken by two sons. She reported that in the local police station as well but the locals are not supporting and the influence was created by this two sons on the police as well as on the local big peoples.I just want to bring this attention to the villagers as wellas to the community so that it can make or do a justice to my grandmother and infact it would be moral lesson for the others as well.

    I am in the look out for a complaint aswell but don’t know whom to report so that I can ask my grandmother to make complaint directly to the required authorities so that she can get justice and the concerned people are punished.Now she is finding difficulty to buy the medicines this is one of the example itself. Please kindly pay attention to this matter and if given opportunity more details can be provided with the picturees of the sons and daughters of er family who evere involved in totally ruining her herlife in this last stage for the money and the property.

    My conatct no-9908509650

    I wish that she get justice through this news channels atleast.

    Thanks & Regards,

    M. chandrashekar.

  • midcy gama


    i wan help my mom ,who is suffering for 30 yrs.she dnt wan live..

  • bhushan parwat


    one of my relative is a very dinker , he always drinks alcohol and abuse , worn his wife to murder her .
    the wife is belongs to a poor family . please let me know how can i help her 07709418177

    • lokesh Kapoor advocate


      You can file a direct complaint to Police narrating facts of the case or to inform Protection office ( Supervisor of Child welfare Department) for assistance, she may get protection orders and maintenance also, or you may directly write to Magistrate of the area and need ful be done by him

  • kavita


    I am kavita,a delhite.I want to know how should i proceed as i want to lodge a complaint against a women in our neighbourhood who is a Kind of prostitute.She is trying to build intimate relations with the men’s in our society and afterwArds start blackmailing them.Her husband knows about her acts but does not stop her.She is doing this from past 15 years.I want to lodge the complaint as i feel my family is also a victim as she has also done this with my father.My family is shattered with all this.So kindly plz help me regarding this.

  • Monika


    I am Monika Aggarwal who was married to Mr. Jatin Gupta, having permanent residence at H.No. 49, Green Avenue, Khatipura Road, Jaipur and he is son of Mr. Daulat Ram Gupta, currently residing at Chennai with his parents.
    on the night of 14th Janauary while i went to inlaws place at their above mentioned residence, i was tortured and beaten badly and attempt was made to murder me by my husband.. i had several injuries but thereafter my in-laws blackmailed my father and assured that they wont let their son do same thereafter… thereafter my in-laws kept on following my father for money and transfer of my car on name of my husband , Jatin Gupta. i got pregnant thereafter and then after my child’s birth again on 19th October 2012 my husband again tortured/ beated me badly and pressurized for asking money for child’s name function. therafter my mother-inlaw beated me badly at gurgaon residence for same money demanding in cash. then after sometime i came to my parents home.. for about an year i lived with my parents along with my son and again when i went to gurgaon residence after call from my father-in-law i started living with my husband and my son.. things though were not ok but still i kept on living with my husband thinking that he may understand his responsibilities one day.. again on 28th october 2013 in the morning while i was ready for office, my husband started abusing me and my family for no reasons and when i told him to not to say so much suddenly he pulled me scratched my face allover deeply with his nails and then pulled me from my hair and pushed me to ground and stepped over me.. then maid working in the house separated him from his attempt to murder me and i got up and called at my home and police at 100… when police came and dragged him to police station at sector-4 gurgaon he was left free after signing of forgiveness letter for attempt what he did.. therefater i came with my parents after taking few clothes from sector 4 gurgaon. today i.e. on 31st October 2013 when i went to gurgaon home to collect my clothes and some of woollens of my son i found house locked and landlord of rented gurgaon home also informed that he wont let me break the lock and Jatin gupta has already left the city for his parents as they live in Chennai…. i am feeling helpless now… that i cannot take my own clothes and my son clothes even when winters are approaching from rented residence at gurgaon, due to my wicked husband who ruined my life. i came back to my parents home in faridabad.
    My husband, Jatin Gupta works at Sapient Corporation, Gurgaon
    (NCR of Delhi). The address is as below:—
    Unitech Infospace,Ground Floor, Tower A,Building 2, Sector 21
    Old Delhi – Gurgaon Road,Dundahera, Gurgaon 122016,Haryana,India,Tel: +91 (124) 672 4000

    Can you please help me for justice as my husband has already made three attempts to murder me and his parents keep on approaching me for money, their unjustifiable demands. please help me.. such males like Mr. Jatin Gupta shall be severly punisheed and locked up in jail. presently he is been informed to be at chennai as informed by my landlord, and he may come along with his parents on 7th November 2013 at residence no.1026 sector 4 gurgaon. hope you may earn me justice.
    Monika Aggarwal

    • pls let me know any assistance may required. call .09786433233

  • Pl help in Geetanjali Murder case. The girl who fought for women power & female foeticide, has to go for the same. No arrest has been made as yet.

  • I just want to know if I am abused thru domestic violence by my husband whom should I complain. Also I would like to mention that my husband is a government servant he servers as a UDC in Diu Court. He is having an extra martial affair, and due to this he is touring me everyday. He is also denying having any extra marital affairs, but I know because all his staffs have told me. And many people around the locality are aware of his affairs. This have put lot of impact and effect on my two sons, he also does not allow my sons to study, as he is a alcoholic, in the evening when he comes up to bit me and my children he makes sure that we do not run away from the house, so in that case we are lock and he pulls me by my hair and holds my two children and kicks them, I have complained to the police here in Diu, but since he works in the court, all /most of the policemen in duty have been instructed by him not to entertain my complaints. Two years back also the same incident happened and I ran to my mother’s house, she is based in Daman, then he came to take me and children back, but the condition in my house is the same. He has not changed at all and I am alone since nobody wants to support me, because of his rude manner and some because he helps people in court work. Kindly let me know whom and which department should I complain. This has passed more than 6-7 years that I and my children’s are suffering and nobody to help me. thanks alot

  • Ragini sharma


    apne liye kuch krne ke liye dare hona jaruri hai jo kisimein nhi hai sab log sochte hai ki hume is jamle se dur rhna chiyo or jo log kuch krna bhi chaye to unki family,relatives rokte hai or ye sirf India mein hi hota hai

  • This is a topic that can never have a redemption until politics gets clean in our country. Behind every 2nd or 3rd crime, there is one political hand to save the culprit.

  • To end violence against women we need to do the following things. Investigating officers should do it with a sense of justice and dedication and go beyond the parameters of influences of all types. The evidences collected should be used to find ways of successful conviction that acquittal. Here, the legal profession has to get into the realms of a divine profession. The process of the judiciary has to be fast and instantaneous. Once convicted, the verdict has to be implemented fast. But in India, I feel that nothing of this will happen as we are in a system, were the Dons in politics and bureaucracy are corrupt elements, supportive to crime and injustice, which is the main stay for al of them. Our country needs a liberation from all this. A liberation struggle from the masses. The day the masses start to stone the corrupt in public and at their homes and offices, and the day this struggle ends possitively, by placing patriotic men in power, that will be the only day we will experience a start to change for the better. The present system is like a devil in our midst, that will never quit by itself. It has to be forced out. Rise India, Rise, let us start the liberation to save this land and our women and girl children from the clutches of devils in human form. JAI HIND.

  • prathusha


    better to provide toll free numbers in ap state also for all women welfare.there are so many illiterate people who really don’t know how to approach legally.and they are missing their rights against their husbands family .like properties for their children , monthly compensation for their family etc.please try to make aware of them

  • X


    I am in abroad.My husband and their family sent me a divorce notice and they are having all my Jewels with them .They are not giving the Jewels to my parents.I have given the authourization letter to my parents to get the Jewels but they are giving it to my parents.I don’t know how I ll get my Jewels and if I go to India , I ll lose my Job and ll be burden to my parents .I lost my marriage life , I should get my Jewels back to stand on my leg.Please give me your advise.

  • S


    Am married to my mothers own younger brother. my father passed away when i was 12 yrs old. since then i was forced by my mother to marry her brother. he took me to take care of my grandmother who was having BP and Sugar. While i use to manage school and house work,
    he use to sexually harass me and blackmail me every day and night that if i dont sleep with him then he would not marry me and i had to sleep with him thinking of my family situation. one day when i could not take the torture, i commited sucide by having 30 sleeping pills which did not take my life but instead i was admitted to hospital and survived.
    but still it he did not stop harrasing me. i told my mother of what ever happened and the answer she gave me was”he is ur future husband, so he has all the rights on you, listen to what ever he says, think of your younger sister as well, now if u dont marry him after having S-x then how would the society will treat us…..”
    finally at the age of 18, i got married to him. Am already half died here and i continued to do all he says, sacrifised my life and dreams for my family. since my mother only took care of my husband fromt he childhood, she has more love and care for him.
    From my childhood am blamed by my mother and aunt that coz of my birth,my mother had to face many troubles in her life. and this thing did not come into her mind unless a saint/muni who told her that your elder daughter is trouble some for you through out your life as her kundali is not good.
    since then she sgtarted mentally torturing me for what ever bad happens at home. for ex…my father passed away and my sis was adopted by my uncle so she blamed me that i was the reason for my fathers death and i seperated my sis from my mother.
    had been through hell in my life.its so painful life. my husband beats me, keep quaralling and my mother blames me for everything rather giving some kind of support to me.

    Am currently an employee for MNC in contract having one Baby girl of 5 yrs. i give 90% of my salary to my mother as am responsible to take care of her and my sis me being eldest daughter.and i feel there no security for me as even today my husband bet me and injured my left eye and my mother never spoke anything instead she blamed me that its my fault.

    The above is just a point one percent of my life history. Please can some one support me and my daughter lead a peaceful life?

    • minakshi


      I hav done love marriage to a Muslim man,i have a 1 year old daughter whom i don’t want to follow Muslim religion over which my husband quarrels, abuses me and always threatens me to kill me and my daughter if don’t follow their custom.somehow i got transferred to the other City where i stay with my daughter and mother. But now my husband has also come here and stays with us and sent my mother back and brought his mother.also 2 days back over a daughter’s he abused me tried to kill me by pressing my neck forcefully…can u plz guide me….

  • Ravi Karan


    It really hurts a lot to see that in the Nation which is advancing in every field of life cannot safeguard women and mke them feel that they are human beings and in India these blogs, forums, pages on facebook would never help any single female in India.

  • m


    Only a few cruel women can misuse the laws,rest all suffer!
    After 15 years of marriage and a 9 yr old kid my husband wants to divorce me for a woman from thailand, he knows my father is no more and my mother is not in the position to support me, though my case is strong i have no financial background as he is from a business family and also they can go to any extent, moreover he is not willing to give us (me and my kid) anything , not even a house to stay and has tried everyhting to put us outside the house, as he knows i am not in the position to fight him , he is having the time of his life. if thers can guidance or advice anyone can provide it will be of great help

    • hari


      he will come back to you. I have seen another indian man trapped by a thai dancer.
      His wife was intelligent and she made it a point not to break relations ,but lived seperately with parents.Since she did not fight too much the man did pay visits to the kids . after 2 years the man realized his mistake .but it was too late .but they mend the marriage and got back after 5 years and now the guy is much less adventurus

  • A false domestic violence case has been lodged against me. Now i get anticipatory bail. What can I do now.

  • vanshika


    agar ek pati apni patni ko without any reason roj maare aur saas bhi maare to kya kiya jana chahiye. india me koi aisa law he jisase bina divorce ke pati ke sath hi safe rah sake…?

    • Ragini sharma


      India mein law manta hi kaun hai btao

  • This case was not filed for obvious reasons:
    To The Station Officer in Charge, Qdy Police Station
    Sub: A case of ‘Excess against women’ and ‘domicile cruelty against women’
    Cheekilote Vipinachandran (a retired Hindi teacher) was physically removed in a Police Van from Alikandi House, Poilkav, a scene of abuse, ‘rowdysm’ and maltreatment to elderly woman, after ten pm on Tuesday, March 19, 2013. This was the final day of the local (Poilkav) Temple Festival.
    This incident occurred in front of the Grand Parental house (Alikandi) of the accused, which is pending partition. Vipinachandran’s aunt (Mother’s youngest sister) Devaki Amma (70+) a widow, is living in Alikandi House, whose two daughters are married. Vipinachandran’s mother has a share in the undivided house-building and talks for an amicable partition are on an advanced stage.
    C Vipinachandran Nair is a liquor-addict over two decades, and often visits the above house and threatens and showers abuses over the lady and daughters who are literally terrified and frightened to make a complaint. Moreover, they fear that filing a complaint will worsen the progress of partition.
    The physically removal of Vipinachandran in a Police van after ten pm on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 was true and was soon after the latest cruel, merciless, and deliberately and remorselessly causing pain or anguish to the old widow, an incident of ‘Excess against women’ and ‘domicile cruelty against women’, which will re-occur frequently if it is not prevented early.
    The Officer-in-charge of Quilandi Police may kindly call C Vipinachandran, and make him sign a promise not to visit Alikandi House, and threaten Devaki Amma, and also find an amicable settlement for the partition of the property, with-out any bias and also inform the dire and natural consequences on re-occurrence of similar incidents.
    I repeat to mention that my widowed sister Alikandi Devaki Amma and daughters are literally terrified and frightened to make a complaint. Moreover, they fear that filing a complaint will worsen the progress of the impending amicable partition of the house property.
    This request in right earnest is filed by A. Madhavan Nair (68), youngest brother of Devaki Amma, now living a retired life in Kalyani House, No.86, Periyar Gardens, Thottakkattukara, Aluva, Ernakulam District.

  • We are women. how we can say that we needed a help for our mental,social, spiritual and physical development? we have lots of inner strength.Why we are saying that “Hame Azadi chahiye.” First update your knowledge. Participate in office , social & family matters. workout on work life balance & time management & Fitness. Must know what is Women Empowerment.If you have a time go for higher studies or training irrespective of age. All men / their families are not bad. Few of them are having criminal minds due to some circumstances.We can win them with our love & affection

    • Ragini sharma


      No one think like that, sab log sochte hai ki hum log en sab se dur rahe, mein sabse jada girls ke bare mein sochti unko aisa lagta hai ki “we are girls so we want protection” hum khud ko kya dusro ko bhi protect kar skte hai pr India mein aisa koi nhi sochta

  • Jyot


    If we have this kind of voilance at home then to whom we should contact for this. Any toll free no which is available for 24X7. Becuase all the NGO’s and women cell are working only 9 to 6 and weekend is off. I mean what kind of Govt we do have who do not have enought security for womens nor any of the no which is available for 24X365 for the help except police. And delhi ki police to itni mahan hai ki saara kaam hone ke bhi 1hr ke baad aati hai just for formality nothing else.

  • My sister has been tortured, harassed and attached in property issue by his Husband’s brother. It is a daily scene. Her husband in abroad. kindly advise pl.

  • Mukesh


    Jab 1 female iska miss use karne lage to. tab kiya kar sakte h?

  • I Think The Women is Same to Mail so Dont heart her Because,Ek Lacki apne mata pita ka Ghar chor kar ek Anjan vyakti ke saath apna poora jeewan yapan karne ke liye aur uske baccho,mata-pita ki sewa karne ke liye har samay taiyar rahti hai to …………so please dont heart female.

    • eddy


      Magar jab ek female iska missuse karte hai tab, har baat mai dhamki …. iska kya kiya jaye

  • After reading so much about domestic violence against women and young girls. We are interested in opening a hostel in India where alleged victims can stay in safe, clean, supported accommodations until such time they are confident to return within the community. Has anyone set this type of accommodations in India I would love to hear from you – please e-mail me or call, I’ll be happy to call you back. Regards

  • under the muslim Act,after Divorce in domestic violence ,muslim women are alligible/its compelsory to give meher. and second one after the judgement ( antrim judgement) if she is not collect the amount or not demanding any thing is the amount will lapse or if not lapse when it will lapse give the duration .(eg.-In family court(125) if the party is not collecting the amount the amount will automatically lapse)

  • Nilkanth


    I suggest all of indians should stop marrying till laws of 498A and Dv act made must be gender neutral its india only country where one can see there is corruption right from start to end.In all such laws dont control corruption but enhance corruption in all ways. So how can one expect the country to move ahead as America..?..Definitely it is going to lag 10 years behind if corruption occurs.And such law makers only give rise to corruption..Its much a bad luck to get born in india under such circumstances where laws are gender-biased..So who is going to care for progress of India?..Ultimately every male is going to foreign countries where he will be respected and have more proper democracy so finally with his progress- that country is going to move ahead.. Anna-Hazare really did great task, still he is opposed by many of those who dont want progress in country..

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