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Delhi High Court upheld a trial court’s order of life imprisonment for two men convicted for the killing of a police sub inspector eight years ago.

Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Indermeet Kaur held Ghanshyam and Kishore guilty of gunning down sub inspector Vinod Kumar.

The court, while upholding the order of life imprisonment, relied on the testimony of other police officials who were at the spot at the time of the killing. Court said, In appreciating the evidence of an eye witness, the approach of the court is to see whether the evidence of the witness as a whole is reliable and has a ring of truth in it. Even honest and truthful witnesses may differ in some details unrelated to the main incident because power of observation, retention and reproduction differ with individuals.

The case dates back to Jan 1, 2001, when a police patrol comprising sub inspector Vinod Kumar found a Maruti car under suspicious circumstances.

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