The Glocal University Saharanpur

Address: The Glocal University
4407/3, New Bhagat Singh Colony,
Behind DM Residence,
Bajoria Road,
Saharanpur, UP-247001

Tel: 0132-6548036
Mob.: 9045734000, 9045738000

Glocal Philosophy:-

At Glocal, we believe that every individual is talented. However, it depends on how one chooses to nurture this talent, unleash this potential to the fullest and bring about the best in them. To be able to shape a mentality that drives a desire to succeed in any industry. That’s what makes a difference!

The way we see it everybody has the inner potential to achieve success and make a mark. Talent is like a raw diamond. All it requires is the right people to polish and make it shine. That’s where we, at the Glocal University, come in.

There’s a really fine line between can and cannot. At the Glocal University, we’ll help you bridge that gap with the help of mentors who can disseminate their knowledge to nurture a student’s true potential. We understand it is essential to inculcate liberal thinking and progressive action in every student. Hone every aspect of their persona and every ounce of their talent to maximize their abilities.

Our name is inspired by the ability to ‘think globally and act locally’. That’s why, with a staunch belief that everyone has tremendous potential, our objective is to polish Indian talent and put it up on the global platform, with an international outlook.

The purpose of education should be to help students harness their strengths and evolve into individuals with a deep rooted code of ethics, along with superior knowhow of the latest trends in the industry of their own choice.

Hence, we have built four pillars of our education system, which help us support our beliefs and ideas of educational excellence.

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