Documentation and formalities to form a Trade Union

Form A
Date the…………. day of……………. 19……
1. We hereby apply for the registration of a Trade Union under the name of …………………………………….…
2. The address of the head office of the Union is …………………………………….…
3. The Union came into existence on the………………..…… day of …………..……. 19 ……………………
4. The Union is a Union of employers/workers engaged in the industry (or profession).
5. The particulars required by section 5(1) (c) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, are given in Schedule I.
6. The particulars given in Schedule II show the provisions made in the rules for the matters detailed in section 6 of the Indian Trade Unions Act. 1926.
7. (To be struck out in the case of unions which have not been in existence for one year before the date of application). The particulars required by section 5(2) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, are given in Schedule* III.
8. We have been duly authorized to make this application.


Signature Occupation Address Signed

To the Registrar of Central Trade Unions, Delhi.

Schedule 1 – List Of Officers 

Title Name Age Address Occupation


Note:- Enter in this Schedule the names of all members of the executive of the Union showing in column 1 the names of any posts held by them (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) in addition to their offices as members of the executive.


Schedule 1I – Refrence To Rules

The numbers of the rules-making provision for the several matters detailed in column 1 are given in column 2 below:

Matter Number of rules
1. 2.
Name of union
The whole of the objects for which the union has been established.
The whole of the purposes for which the general funds of the union shall be applicable.
The maintenance of a list of members.
The facilities provided for the inspection of the list of members by officers and members.
The admission of ordinary members.
The admission of honorary or temporary members.
The conditions under which members are entitled to benefit assured by the rules.
The conditions under which fines or forfeitures can be imposed or varied.
The manner in which the rule shall be amended, varied or rescinded.
The manner in which the members of the executive and the other officers of the union shall be appointed and removed.
The safe custody of the funds,
The annual audit of the accounts.
The facilities for the inspection of the account books by officers and members.
The manner in which the union may be dissolved.
Annexure ‘B’
I, __________________ S/O Sh.________________________ Age ________ yrs R/o_______________________________________ __________________________________________do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-
That I am the elected General Secretary of _______________________________ ___________________
Union (Name of union) ( Address of Union )
That to the best of my knowledge and belief no Union / Association by the name of “___________________
( Name of Union )
Union ” is registered under the Trade Unions Act,1926 in Delhi or any where in India
3. That in case of any legitimate claimant of union’s name, we will surrender the certificate and change name of the union as per directions of the Registrar Trade Unions, Delhi .
4. That no member or office bearer has ever been convicted by Court of India for any offence involving moral turpitude and sentenced to imprisonment.
5. That all particulars supplied as per form A as well as other documents are true.
That the scope of the Union shall be for the employees of ————-
( Name of Establishment)
That neither the applicants nor the office bearer and my self are the member of any other union functioning in ________________ ___________________
( Name of Establishment)
That there are approximate ————— employees are working in ———————————————————
(Name of Establishment)
and out of which —————————– employees are members of our union.
9. That this is my true statement.
Verified at Delhi on__________________that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


(This need not be filled in if the Union came into existence less than one year before the date of application for registration.)

Liabilities Rs. P. Assets Rs. P.
Amount of General fundAmount of political fundLoans…. fromOther liabilities (to be Specified)
In hands of TreasurerIn hands of SecretaryIn hands of-In the BankIn the Bank

Securities as per list below

Unpaid subscription due
Loans to-

Immovable property

Goods and furniture

Other assets (to be

Total Liabilities Total Assets

List Of Securities

Particulars Nominal Market value In hands of


* State here whether the authority was given by a resolution of a general meeting of the Union, if not, in what other way it was given.


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4 thoughts on “Documentation and formalities to form a Trade Union

  1. I am banker as a marketing officer.
    Can we are formed a trade union. If yes what is the process.
    What can I do and what can u do

  2. It is useful to know what are to be furnished by workers to form trade unions.
    Can a worker of a company join some state level union which is not connected with the company where he is working? Can that union say a group of workers of that union as its Branch?

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