Format of Deed for Sale of Plot


Format of Deed for Sale of Plot
Format of Deed for Sale of Plot

This Sale Agreement is made at ______ on _______,Between :-

___________ (hereinafter called the seller/s) of the first party.


__________ (hereinafter called the purchaser/s) of the second party.

Whereas the said first party is/are the owner in possession of a residential Property/Plot No.______.

Whereas the first party has agreed to sell the plot to the second party for a total sale consideration of  ______ on this terms and conditions hereinafter given :-

1.    That the first party has received ______ by cash/ Cheque/D.D. No. ______, dt______, as a earnest/advance  amount and balance payment  of ______ will be paid by the purchaser  on or before______ at the time of execution of sale deed before the Sub Registrar, ______.
2.    That if the______ party fails to pay the balance amount within stipulated time, the advance will be forfeited, and if the first party fail or refuse to execute the  sale deed and other necessary document in favour of purchaser/s or in the name of his/her/their nominees within the stipulated time, the seller will be responsible to pay the double of the amount given as advance.

3.    That the seller/s will be responsible to pay all the dues up to date of execution of sale deed.

4.    That the purchaser/s will have to execute the sale deed or transfer the said plot in his/her own name or in the name of his/her nominee.

5.    That the sale deed expenses or transfer charges will be paid by the purchaser/s.

6.    That the seller/s will be responsible to hand over the clear and vacant possession of the above said property to the purchaser at the time of final payment/Execution of Sale Deed.

7.    That the seller assures the above said plot is free from all sorts of encumbrances, like mortgage, gift, sale, lien, lease agreement, decree, injunction, suit, etc. the first party will be held responsible.

8.    That  both the parties and their nominees will abide by terms and conditions of the above said agreement.
In witnesses whereof the parties of this agreement have  set their respective hands on the date month and  year first above given.




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