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Legal India understands the complexity of International Trade Law, Import and Export Policy, Antidumping duties, Counter veiling Duties and affairs of Department of Commerce of India. Legal India is providing research, consultancy services and advice on all types of commercial and banking transactions including negotiations and documentation on International Trade Law & World Trade Law, anti-dumping law, counter-veiling duties, safeguards, etc.

Legal India also provides advice on WTO, including planning pricing programs to minimize anti-dumping exposure, filling and responding to anti-dumping petitions, responding to questionnaires, commenting on preliminary or final results through the submission of briefs, and participation in hearing and in annual reviews. Further services within this area include advising on WTO related matters, the GATT 1947, the NAFTA and the FTA, Documentary Credits (UCP 500), trading terms and conditions, Demand Guarantee, Collection (URC 52), Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement (URR-525), International Standby Practices (ISP 98).

Our experience includes legal analysis, preparation of complaints, consultations, settlement negotiations, preparation of legal and factual submission, making oral submissions, adjudication and implementation of dispute settlement reports. We keep close watch on initiation of antidumping, counter-veiling, safeguard cases in India and study the impact of the same on industry in question. We keep track of preliminary and final findings on most of the antidumping, counter-veiling, safeguard cases initiated in India.

We advise and assist clients on their representation before designated authority. We work with client right from preparing reply to exporter – importer questionnaire, working out the pricing, price undertaking, applicability of provisional duty and appeals

For any foreign trading company it is very important to consider antidumping laws. We provide extensive legal support to clients on antidumping laws counter-veiling and safeguard notifications.

If you are a company, very much concerned about antidumping, counter-veiling, safeguard duty initiated in India, please let us know we shall intimate you as and when any such initiation is notified, so that you can defend accordingly:

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