K Srikanth Rao vs B R Kumar on 13 September, 2010

Karnataka High Court
K Srikanth Rao vs B R Kumar on 13 September, 2010
Author: J.S.Khehar(Cj) And Chellur


THE HONBLE i\/IR.J.S.KHEHAR. CHIEF JUs*If;:'§§'E:Vi:"'vii«



ccc NO. 254/2oi"o  1  


K.Srika::1th Rao, 

Aged about 42 years,'  

The Commissioner, _ 
City Municipal C_ounc3'},,~  .  V
Madikeri, Kodagii '_-Disixicf: K' 
(Described in:-.,theo'io1'de19as._ _. V V
Chief Officiér, Ma.d"ike1'i"ToWi*1V._  '

MuniC;i.pa1itj';  'Dis-t.fict}.
 i. V _    .. ...Cornp1ainar1t

[By Sri N.VD"e.VadaVs's,  Counsel for
M / $4 Ny ayam_if11a__VAdvoe:ates.)


  _' ' V._Madik'c1'iL;. Kodagu District.

 ab:s:1to"1§3'? years,
Shop NoA,2-%»;"/ 199. Market Complex.


  (;:3';.%si~s K.A.Chandrashekar & Sri. C_H.Jadhav,
"   A€fv::)cai€s}


This CCC is filei under Section '11 82. 1.2 of the
contempt of Court; Act, by the eompiaiiiant. where in he
prays that ighis Horrbie Court. be pieased to initiate
Contempt. proceedings against. the accused for
disobeying direction dated 24.06.2008 passed in
W.P.i\io.42(?371/2002[LB~RES) e/w. W,P.No.4~3382;/2002
and order of the ciivisioii ber1c.h dated 24.02..i2:0:09"'-in
W.A.N0.1 108/ 2008 {LB~R.€S} Vide Annexure~A~~&'i'  , A'

This CCC Coming on for orders .

JUSTICE passed the following:   
ORDER  ' it 2
J.S.KI-IEHAR, C.J. (Oral): 
The aceused--revs..pi)ndeVr1'€*Vsiipfogieidedi 'thisréourt by
filing a writ 1:)ei;itior1.'2""i"A'}§'e  petition was

dismissed on.'  passed by this

Court  C'<5'ur't: directed the accused
'resp0Iide1:ii_ fie  '0x_:}er,:'jupossession of the shop taken

on iease 'by "him  three months. Despite the

 '~  'As.fcIijesa.i.d, pessessieiivwas not handed ever.

0     dated 24.6.2008 was assaiied by the

 by fiiing a writ appeai. The

'*._afo1*es'*a_id1.writ appeal was aiso dismissed on 24.2.2008.

"-"_Si:iIiiiessessicin remained with the aeeusedwrespondeni.


3. The instant ctmtempt. petition came to be filed
at the hands of the Municipal Council, lviadikeri on
account of the disobedience of the orders passed by this

Court. The accused respondent has been iden.tified*by

the learned counsel re resentintf him. He has h–afI’1–ded~

over the key of the shop __.in.__ Ru

Commissioner, City Municipal «cc’tm’ci1,ii». ii/Iadii<efi~.._llAirr.

Court. today in token of o'i}*er__ It is, '

therefore, submitted by counsel} for the
aCoused~respondent. FIOW F3661':

handed over, tliie stands fully
complied l l I A

4. Haxriilig eVX3am:;nled___ the matter in its entirety, we

are__{of’ the the lapse at the hands of the

,Aaceiised-§res§;:ondent in not Voluntarily obeying orders

ll’.i3£>1lssedVV”by..__t;l*i’is. Court. is very serious. As long as a

petition had not been filed at the hands of the

–.:l’vIue17ii(:iv}5a1 Council, Madikeri, (so as to enforce the

direciiozns issued by this Court). possession of the

‘leased shop was not handed over to the complainant»

petiiiioner. Orders of this Court need to be complied with

urziiateraily. The accused-respondent. and others
similarly siiiuate as him having not abided by this
Courts orders [referred to above), consequer1t.1y as many
as ‘?8 co11t,empi’ petitions had to be flied b_v”‘-efhe

compIa1’r1antwpetitioner to enforce the olireciiorls'”:isst;;_e*:1

by this Court. Besides resuitjng in L1_r%E_n’e'(:e’ssaryf__

expense, this action of the 21ccusedmres’po:ade:of 4has~

resuited in unnecessary wastagewoil”Co1.;rt.gt,irfie.V “We,”;

therefore, C’.0I’lSid€I’ it just and a’ppropriate,_~_r for i~rI£pose*

costs on the accused~1’es}::ror1derr.t.’—-.’?}e1e_:» ‘aeci1sedw
respondent is accoi’d1_ngiy”Wdirecferi to “pa§vI costs
quantified as Rs.25,ooo/-:'(:x£r:::ity :?:3}er”.’:1,ieusand). While

paying the s2Li.€E~?..V?:V§:osf:i-3, gthe ‘ac£:u’s.e(1_;:respondem’ shall

deposir RsL.’}~0V,’GOQ’v/~«AA'{f’en”‘LVthou.saI1d) with the Karrxataka
State; Cot1:1ci_1’_?__«’,}5\Zs. 10,000/~« with the Advocates

Assoeia'{ifor1M’,r~.&_ Bangalore, and the remaining
thousand) with {he compiair1ar1t~

Marticipal’ijoiirzciil, Madikeri. Receipts thereof, shall be

placed “or1 t.he record within one month from ioday”,

H ia.i}ing w-hm. the Registry is directed to I'(3wIiS{l this case

” for._m.ot:ior1 hearing, so as to &’.1’lf()I'(‘.€ payment of costs”

5. The iI1si’anT. c()m’.emp{: petition is disposed 0f in

the aforesaid terms.


inclex: yes/110

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