M/S Christy Friedgram Industry vs State Of Karnataka on 28 May, 2009

Karnataka High Court
M/S Christy Friedgram Industry vs State Of Karnataka on 28 May, 2009
Author: N.K.Patil
m THE HIGH comm' OF' KARNATAKA AT BANG;;LQ3ij_*-  " 

DATED Tms THE 23%: my cm MAY.é.?3'§9'A--.:::  T


BENNEEN; f A  u' an  A 

1. M/S cHR:'s*FY FREEDGRAM iwizsus-TRY

SUE-?VB',"Y NO, 55, I?3A£,ACzAF%AT§iA;'Hfi;?,E,Y "  . ..

VILIAGE, NERALUR §*QSfT--", AT'TI}E§E.i.;E }«-20131;:  _

ANEKAL *::m;.U:'R;I«;€t<::iz*I*_V_     

SHRE.'E'.S. KUMAr?Asw.«;=;_MY.' '   '_   ., PETITEONER

[By ms AS:1¥i(§§§§:A§é;gNA é{é;L:;:'a$_'AsSTS:ADv0cATEs}
Am _ _ V  V  .,

1, STATE OF KAi{~5.ip:rgKg_ A
REP BY :*:*a:'vsEcRE'pA_;R? '

V4.L'aEafPARf?§aa::E13rT' <3? WONE§f:'.§_.A£vJD <:;-1:L':3
 .DE"~.!§:'LC;?ME:N'F  ..

DRA§ei'.8E:DKA§? %JE B3§)}i1
3AA:s:_.<3.r~.,;_,om«;:"«._'V_ -  p

' V'  THE ::1s"1'R&:c';'1'-KA12 VEEDH1
 BEé;_N<;~;;§L{3RE  RES:?€I}N£}E§\i"}"'S

J §:?3lj;r8:*§.N¢B.ViSHWAE%'ATH, AGA FOR :2: 85 :2;

"2. Heart} the 1earne(i 0011135-:c=:l for the }")£:titi.0§*i{='iI'-

¥z=:arnc=,d ASA for the respnndenf.s.

3. The: learned Collnsiel f0r:"ffi(é'4p¢1f.iticm.i§I' _fik%d? 

memo dated 28.5.2009 and also agteémenf. £7-:«t§§{":11te£i:_' 'i:v\z '

the pétifinner befnm the cofi':fi:fitentV.  Fthe
respondents. in View uf : 1';~h_e   sratfid

in the memo, the of as
having become i;_nfi’§;1§§’§11<§:2:._;s.i: V

4. The suiguéfno dated :28.5_200c3
as s;’r.¢1i*s6=:ri:,_jé’i’*;–¥.f$*s:.’2?€:” The writ”. petitinn filed

by the pefitiézmr’ wsfa-i*1’ci¥5%”–(ihifigioseci of as having become

§nfr*11ctQi’m_ rescargiing Eiberfy tn the respondents –

1″.!§11’1*isdiL£:fi(i%i}:al h:}:npetct13f a1ithm’ity to take smch action if it

is L’pem_1i s*.siEi§gV_<2if'%f"neeri arises. Ordered arzttordingly.



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