M/S Ghotage Logistics Pvt Ltd vs M/S Mysore Minerals Ltd on 1 July, 2009

Karnataka High Court
M/S Ghotage Logistics Pvt Ltd vs M/S Mysore Minerals Ltd on 1 July, 2009
Author: P.D.Dinakaran(Cj) & V.G.Sabhahit
IWMVEHI WWW": 'EMU! uwwmvwrwmrmumrm win.

NEW!' W-v\J¥#W:E 'JV Wlflfllfiflmlmflwfi WWW"  5}?" mmicwmauwamn W"§lW$'?'E uwuma K433" Nl'flI\iVJ'\l!'l¥\-F1 I"iiI|-EVE"! \u\Jhli\l 'MP!' awmmuwmnnawm an

mm: 'mm Ti-IE 1*' mvor JULY was

me ucume mm. 9.0. ommcnam cHm=3t:s1ic EAA    f  




Howaus MRJUSTICESQ,      %



 'B'}'!"'.1Q,  CAMPAL
91aEcTonsg1.$t:es55 wsuoev can-mass

men 54 'raves,-%n/arr 110.104, MATHURA,

J  & mmmww COMPLEX, roam, mwl ma.


  my  smsmv, AD'V'., )

.A qua-an u m u ' "

Min. msoae MIHERAL5 LTB

A mvemmmr or KARMTAKA


mm um--u -uric-Irvmtrw.'flwr':!IIV'VU'Iffll'l'0-D -'arr iIl"IlBlI!"Q&U'-'%lIfl'W- 1|-luilll Vpillaltl 'Ill l\l1I\lI#'|i-l'Il\rl I'II'|:i7ll uwwna VHW" K\l"§l|.l'A"'§lfl"lI'\.I'h I'll\WE'I Vszuflnllfllil \#T' RMRIVKKKQNIQ I"II'U¥"I 'an

(eye M/s. SHANKAR I-lEGDl'-.§.al_s$'!' §"s3, :A£A.JVs., li£)"lA'{vF?;1 

HAVIRG rrs omce arr mas,

magma mum: Rom,

BANGALORE 560 001.

nr.-zvensamen av ITS CHAIRMAN,


H.E.flQ..1.Z1.5% __

Min. 3 a3-clwafifli K3?" lKW31.!%é"%W¥.¥,fi%¥'5A.§*Kk WBWW 9:

stock notified for ah. The bid made by the petitigner in
respect of stock at senvardom In Goa and  in

Shimoga name: was found he be the 
had man bid of Rs.21,08,400/eéaffipaltf   

Tennis of Mafiganm lumpfi at ~ iv

Pofitionur had also mado w%gr  

of 1395 Home Tonnes of _M§i;gaag;u  mm-.
Tonnes of Mangan§g§.':"fin§.§  'Metric Terms of
Manganese pqssfier.   in rmpect of
the said   was approved by
tho   for auto of Mangamfl
On|';_(oid- 1'mc-Iéasary order was imxod on
   mad: full payment as per

 said oi-d:s:§,V':$5ur:Vs::uant an we said sale, an agreerruant

 ..1§l§g  into between the petifioner and the
 _  20.06.2097. Mowever, the petitioner was

dhahli '  Amovo the shock at Kurmi minor, Shimoga

 A.  as tho roepondunt cm not furnish that ruquisibn
.  "' i)ir}rfissbn from the farm dspartrmnt. Dtsgm Murat
 "  made by the petifioner, cwaramca from the Faract

Department was not secured by the raspondent and as a


'Hm-Iwusw wmwmwmw mam 4md6"*9L§|'%%*&lofi"'°!h.it.6$"*'fiki9"MMx fl"'fli%Wfl"§ Wnhflwflfi K49!" nflfiwfifimhfl HEWH     

rusuit, the petitioner was unable to man who  at
Kurrai sector and honour its commitment to M

for supply of five ore. flmreamar, a  4_
auction not-ace dam 3cm.2ooa~~has'   §_;y an   2 

respondent caning for fmsh  rim .

communicmd by an gm

non-availability of
for rnavemerst of under nwfknfion
dam! mtitioner was
advised 33319 aggrievw
by VW.P. No.121ss;2<m w

'V In 1No;'.12581]2fl, the pefltioner has

of the short mm bender notice dated

.. 'ea aw 'unis var-w.

the naspondent in :4: far as it minim

he Na, 1:. Dandofi Stator, sum Kamaum aims:
% alga uofiuasn the mncauon mud m..o9.2m sum

which is sdcnuca: he the arm mm to

kj . t§w peti§oMr in W.P. M12155/zam.


vswv.MvrIEzn vwmmvvurmnn

Wu wwwmmwmamnww €$’li¢’4ke3F%fi “kmfllf” E’0L4i!’°*$N!\§’¢£”‘flfiR”Qi’$5″$ W'”35’¥uWW”‘§ WWW”? VQWW W$¢iP”‘i\W~V%&°”‘§5fi”l$’Kc8″§s ¥”$fi’§-3!’§”¥ W¢\JWW§ NJ?’ W\c?”fiW.5%sW’%§£”‘fi%-J”‘&« fi”‘flWn£»”$&T’¥ mamvwmm ‘méHT”‘ %'{hfi’?:EWfl'”fl&}Ail”§53%’%a¢”‘§ &”!&’£s’:’£YW”‘& M

3.11%: is award in the petition on
moazoas, the mspondant had callad for tandmé

sale of mngamm Om m the extent
Tunnas. The pefitianer participqim-:d__irAI »
and was the mm: bidder in %
on at the ratal cf Rs.10%’ L’

tho pwhbnor was u§.nctiot§;t_d V’jA>??!atzg_an« éIei’ shock)
to he lifted from Kanara Dhtridt.
The nespondeggt has on 16.04.2067
panmtanfi.’ ‘V iufiénganese are from
on from Dandoli
ciondition that we rospondant
shouId gmink pormits from the Forest
of Mina and Gaology. The

not chained my permit from the
._1 TM petmoner has botany paid an

ameunj: :::%km.93,a5,95o1– an 23.032907 imti. in spin of

~ roquuu by than pofitionar, I310 raepondont has
_V obtained ncfiry mrmb and as a intuit, hm
” “ipemoner couid not lift fire sanctionad mnganme ore.

Howevar, the rupondent has mixed a shark term bender

um” vs mu-Mmmr-m vi 5%

nwwera ‘\v«:Im;fl?&att?’I%.fl Wm ummmwmm-wwa wawm mwwmx mm” mmmwmmmmwe Wémm tmwwfii W3″ mwwmmwéa Wmgéfi fl.

nofien caiiing for fnwh under: for we of Manaumfiu Ora
and ether minerals as per Annexum ‘A’ on

Thu mtpondent has also muod lather
cancefling tha sancfion made in Ewan? oi’ » _
me around of non-Ivailahiiity .

Dopartrmnt for movon\¢nt’§3’an’nAanin_ssI’

of inaction of tho fuipofzdfifg o.EI’ta*i!’%.l!_f1Q §nocussary
perrwh, am –.,l§janganm Ora as
agreed the mtitbner
has (s§i.s:.:«%:o.i2ss1I2ma) for the

* fisuuod an an Rnspondmt.

ih§; poa~:dent statement of objxmns in boa’: the

warring that ma writ petition: are not
respective pemmmer in M43: the writ

fins got atwmfivo mmady of msotvine tho

AA boforo flu Arbitrauor as per than 22 of tho
§gmmam. It is further ammd man; during tho pusdoncy
” -“inf the writ petitions, the impugned bender nofificafion

dahad 30.08.2008 in Q far as R minim ha item No.13 –


v-aw-w-um -wmuw-mwnuw -awn: umawmuwa;-“nwrmmngsv-g gg

nun” Ng.%£MmU W?’ mmmmwvnrmww \%”‘M&%NB'”‘& MWWWE WW” wmmwmammm WIWW wwwmuw WE” W&”¢fl¥W!%¥#’*’@WJ6W fE”‘M%-«1W”‘? MWWWE Iflflfiififlfiflflfl EWEWN Wu

Dandbii Soccer, North Kamatala Bismct and immfi__o.14 –
Icumss seam:-, smmoga District, came to be mzgsmw

the order of tha mp-ondant datad 23.o6.2t;ii§
‘R1’) and than-efiora, cause of action
and mo mum mud o1.o9.2me:%:m§§g:§§dT:n&%%k %
Ffltfdons would 5% not

human infructuoua.

5. W_-5- héunsei appearing

for an yénaaenas on record.

the avamxcnix made in tho
an order pewod by tm
rggzénsiant 3.06.2909 (Annexam ‘R1′ to the

% smamant) no the cam that are Tender
X _ kgijami 3o.oa.2cm in so far as it mum in mm

13; e.;.-ms Sector, norm Karrsatalea mm which is

A x mm mm of was. mzzmz/zow and mm 199.14
L Kama sector, smmoga District, which is tho subject
L of wan. No.121SSI2OBB, cf Anmxura-1 no the am

nohfication has Men canceiied, it is clear that are awe of


mwm mmwm *zwwr’ve.¢£m¥a war” :mmmm.Ms&mu’w~& wzwm mwwm W3″ mmwmammfim %’W’é.:i9W mama? W?” %&%Nfi’§fl%& §%W%§”‘§ K

acfion wit! not survivu. Further, it Es clear that my lather
dated o1.o9.2om issued by the :-mpondergt ‘t£j’~’._t13e

mtpective petitioner in both the writ v?’§v%§§’lIf”vs~xV.<ist.'
survive as the said communication. is'
mm mac: notice mod 3o.as;;am T it}: %
by the learned comm! u|;5'gV3_v§:v'&.r..i1n§"'_i;.*.:§

writ potifians haw *

Accordingly, ans dfmposad of
as having jj; V


Chéefi Iusticé

MW' _____ JUDGE


— A [ ‘ Wat Ham: : m I No

V mew

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