Prashant Chirmade vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 18 August, 2010

Madhya Pradesh High Court
Prashant Chirmade vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 18 August, 2010
                      Prashant vs. State of M.P & Ors.

                             W.P. No.817/2008

         Shri Z. M. Shah, learned counsel for the petitioner.
         Shri S. S. Bisen, learned Govt. Advocate, for the respondent/


Shri V. K. Shukla

learned counsel for respondent
nos.7,8,11,12,15,16 and 20 to 25.

It is submitted by the learned counsel for the respondents

and agreed by the learned counsel for the petitioner that the

election of the Co-operative Society has already taken place and,

therefore, the matter is required to be decided by the Co-operative

Tribunal under section 64 of the M.P. Co-operative Societies Act,

1960 (hereinafter referred to as the Act).

In such circumstances, without entering into the merits of the

case, specifically the allegations regarding the illegality in the

election of the Society, the petition filed by the petitioner is

disposed of with liberty to the petitioner to raise a dispute before the

competent forum under the provisions of the Act and in case the

petitioner does so alongwith a copy of the order passed today and

a copy of the petition, the said dispute shall be heard and decided

on merits and shall not be dismissed only on the ground of


With the aforesaid liberty the petition, filed by the petitioner,

stands disposed of.

C.C as per rules.

( R. S. JHA )

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