Real Image Media Technologies Pvt … vs M/S Salvos Publicities Private … on 3 June, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Real Image Media Technologies Pvt … vs M/S Salvos Publicities Private … on 3 June, 2009
Author: S.Abdul Nazeer
This Civii Misc. Petitisn Gaming on tgr

admission thia éay, the Court made  th§
ioéiowimgz " " "'

The petitioner has :1i§d  £§ig ge$it;@fi¢:f
under Section li{b} or rtpe  R§@jt§ati%fi_:afi§ 
Conciiiation Act, 199% (£5%flfl@O%E_?fifi€ Eat';
to: appvintment otj%fi Ar@é%§é§§%gtQ r%S$;ve a
disputa, which gas ag;g§m ¢¢g 6f @fi§}3greement

dated 2Q,U4;2Q$€; 'f"

2; The petitggnar and the respondent had

§nté§efiuVint¢V_an agreement dated 20.84.2061

.]’feapa§§efit ta ca~marK@t scream advertiging at
V° V.d2§@iafi theatérs idemtiiie$ by the getitiener.
nit” is iurthéx’ contended. th&t the respondent

began contracting its clients and displaying

{Aflfiéxu:é:TFfi?}» in terms at whicfi the

petitioné;. Comierred the flight fig the

advaztisements in ceLiuLoid format in tha vezy

same digitai fiheaterg in direct cofittaventisn



of tha contract. The petitioner aiter several

warnings to the respendemt, reiused to ageegfi

any” mate Qrders to advertise ifipfir§fthe ”

zespondent. The respondent aise de£afiited«:u =

making Qaymants due trcm. ~thefiy’af0 “wth&

petitioner. ?he respondent ifistitutéi a suit

in O.S.I\¥<:s.255éE3/2008 aga: fL'i?;S'i:, thé'.. p'et:f~;::ener
seeking to en§o:¢éT_a yfiéye& aQutside the
@urv1ew' oi the COnE$%Ct;A3 %hé5fTfiai Court

aiter pefiW§$W§7théCc§5ir5Q§ dafed 2U.U4.2U0€

reier:efi°th§gmaffiEfi=fie afbifration in terms oi
Ciause ;8,VThefeaité:;_the petitiomar on its

part nomifiated an arbitrator and intimated the

"ppesgéndant hérein Vida its notice dated

:23;i@,2@U$£fi fiQwever, the resp0ndentT did not

aéréé :dfi_9 appaintment at an arbitrate:

'2$ugQfiBt§fi by the petitioner in its notice

'~}L<-:;:€s;ér;2. :59.:m.2ma. As the respondent did not

'°cfimp:y with the demand made in tha aaid

' .notice, he is constrained. ta approach thia


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