Sundari (Mother Of Deceased) vs O Chetti Annan on 18 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Sundari (Mother Of Deceased) vs O Chetti Annan on 18 March, 2008
Author: Mohan Shantanagoudar
    Nib?' ,5u.§'%iKE £5!' '\l'\KI"D%.§W&l'\l"E Tfiifiili 'I-r\I\:wI\a an

mmsmzwgaaawm Jim nanmn

mm :


1 O @111 RG94}!
SID mnxaaunum G%lI3hL
3313153 DISTRICT 
TNHIJMW §'fl3.'3

,m,~m;:s, um; ggé, emesmflasa i

2 'x:m;.m:r1<':am. §msUam«m:j

Inc; a new

~!§Gi-I CQQRT 01- KAKNAERESA Hnat-I %§..«$._.._3§.J§(l ur kflfilfifiiflfifl mun wwuas vi nmnivmimnvw ,.

2. Heard on units.'

3. ma amuzt in filod by __1:h.c_     

paying tax: nnhmcamtt oz!'---.   1  _'

amzamby nu tribunal 

4. sri.vonhata:mm§  42
yum law:  that
oaenxxna     u  thn
clniwantgv     . on:
at that  sum": is the

mthar o£ *z-gm 1: and about 62

yearn. the tVimV:Va a:&  accident at tha dmcaaoa.
 .11 has awarded na.1,a9,5oor-

 rhdfiiocaaaad was mcnolor. in was 42
  as was caxpuntox by profession.
  tho ¢:3.nimant.s puama that the daauuad

 earniznq ks.10,000!~ pm. an cazpontur, the

evidancn of 183.2. Inlays: of tho deceased

diescltaaad that tho dacoauad was turning


sx...v¢§a.s9:m.JmI$IEaD%B am Ivfiffifl E..3£%§%£ ¥'§$§%§§§"§%-.%%?¥% saggy 

9.u..25m'- to P.s.35o!- per day. During 


iu=i”£s§%sfi2%:t?§.fi*&&Von€§.H J1′; aunmm

course of cminnticn he has admitted that

aomuad mud to get wan’. only when the ~

eafitta sa%£.@s~.fl.9&a mean g

were placed. ‘£’hc_ accident 1»… pt .1: u

2004. no cucouaa was mm 9

Having regard to the tata.’iV:_L ‘4:;yV’
the can. 12: would :9 .;mg.LA¢n.
imam on than pox
‘nus ezlaimnnt: uag:’£E:pchga1£:;.1:;’:: I has
to he 10
zm1tipl1§r..h§e. :i:§_;::¥,§ ruwsd tn
the age: the puma. I: it

in am to nI.2,16,000/—

__nnda.r: at dependency”. ms: the

ia:p.i’.A<3:V'«sI'§V:V1@_:"§.t«.I:::.iI%._4G.09*4)/'* has to he added under

a;.mm:.j'%% 'a;¢o entitlad to ns.2,ss,ooo/-.

fiollwing arms.

:””§§3J?’Y §.¢$J%6§K§ W5″ i\§”§lkI’§I”‘lBa!”%!\n1 Humans f;§fl.’§fl’h¢E’a was re a sum use u!

The claimants an awarded cemnnuation at

Ru.2,56,0a0/’- [knpna two lath: titty 31::


9 ass. as». aufitjas

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