Vittal Padnur Vyavasaya Seva … vs State Government on 28 September, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Vittal Padnur Vyavasaya Seva … vs State Government on 28 September, 2010
Author: S.Abdul Nazeer




WRIT PETITION N0s.2338Q~~2_3399/20.10   



Vittal Padnur VyaVasaya._ScVa :
Sahakari Ba:1kv_1\Eiya_rfiit’I1aV.’¢ E’ E
Rep. by its”Niag}dger=._ 3

Sri. Nen1u”K0flf_1ari ” __

S/0. Beibu _KQ,thai’–i. ‘
AgedVabduVt”:’3″F.:y¢ars” _ ” ”
Kadambu.VM_an<é"§V ' ' "

Kodangai Pds.t’=._» ” _ _

D.K. r:e:st1~i.ct ‘

?V1_;L1ike. Seva “S:1:1f1fikari. Bank Niyamitha

– ./Rep .-.E 1by._its Chie’f{3Xecutive

, ‘ V. 3 Sri. K. Umesh Nayak
” T S/.,V’e;n1:appa Nayak
_ “~’._Agéd.EaboL11;»4″8 years
A V Anandaikfazia Mane

“”SatE__iyasai Vihara Post
A1~a’ke’g_Grama, Bantwala Taluk

‘ .. , _D.K;—- District

V Peruvayi Vyavasaya Seva

Sahakari Bank Niyamitha

Rep. by its Manager

Sri. B. Gopala Krishna Bhat

S / 0. Shankara Narayana Bhat
Aged about 56 years

Paruvayi, Peruvayi Post
Bantwala Taluk

D.K. District

Punacha Vyavasaya Seva
Sahakari Bank Niyarnitha
Rep. by its Manager/ President
Sri. Urnesh Poojari ”

S / 0. Rukmaya Poojary

Aged about 47 years

Punacha .

Bantwaia Taiuk

D.K. District

The NeraIa_1~:a’t.te”Coéppejrative.Agtfi£:u1tu’ra1 Bank Ltd.

Rep. by its-_ .Ge;?1reraI.,I\¢1ar1ager , =

Sri. K. Sad-ashiv’a’.,A1vajp*«–.._ _ ‘

s/cs. Babu p ‘ ‘
Aged about 57’ y§3ars« .._ . _
Nerak&1ak.atte’~Pdst .–
1X{et1a.Mudko.Qr Grama

‘I ….. .. V
‘ . _’D.K.A I.)ist’1’i_(f.t

. ._ “7_Kecii1a”SeVaSahakari Bank Niyarnitha
A V Rep. by ‘Manager
“Sri. .._K. {Thannappa Gowda

S/7.0. Veerappa Gowda

.. _Aged–~ about 52 years

Kadurnanu Mane

V’ ‘r-Kedila Post

Bantwala Taluk

D.K. District

Kadeshwalya Vyavasaya Seva
Sahakari Bank
Rep. by its Manager

Sri. A. Jayararna Shetty

S/0. A. Ramanna Shetty
Aged about 52 years
Amainaddeiu Mane
Kadeshwalya Post
Bantwala Taiuk

D.K. District

Idkidu Seva Sahakari’ A. j ‘A ‘

Rep. by its Chief Executive
Sn’. S. Eshwara,_Nayak”” *
S/0. Rama;”N-é.3r_a’k :

Aged ab_out45fye.ars j _
Mathuru .

Edkid_uVyPds:;”‘IC}1E:idu Grarraa
Baritwa1a=T.1″a1uk1″fVV’ ”
D.K,_ District” . _y ‘

perne Vyairasa3r9§”‘Se’Jei ‘*– i i V.
Sa_hakar”1~.Bank’ iyamiiha
Egep. by its ‘Manager

5A. Seethara11<:a'Shetty

S/0."'Ra_rriar1na Shetty

"AgAe"d. ;§1'b_(5'ut" 5.7 years

. "~i'Pus11pavy'NiV81»sa

'A Thavarekfolia Badavane
"1*#I0sa;bc-'['E~i1 Surathkal

Maenggilore Taluk

, ; D.K'.=—Distric:t

*-Viéttal Vyavasaya Seva

Sahakari Bank Niyamitha




Rep. by its Manager

Sri. Vamana Kayaramara

S/0. K. Korgappa

Aged about 58 years

Kayaramara Mane

Vitla Post
Bantwala T aluk

D.K. District

Manchi Seva Sahakari Ban1§Niyarriith_a’ it A
Rep. by its General Manager/’President

Sri. Venkatesh Prathap A _ .

S / o. Ramakrishna Pathurridudyiy –.

Aged about 56 years  ' '  7
Pathumudi Mane

Manchi Post"  .    . 
D.K. District 5:;  * *  4- "

KarQp.agdi’V’Sahalgari Bank Niyamitha
Rep. by its.fGene’ral _Manager_
Sri.7_Ra¥Jiraj , _ ‘ –

S/OLE’. Mariyaiah~o_ __ ”

Aged about 41″ye”ars– V .
Karopac1’i~Pdst.,V Karopadi

fiarmvala Taink

A ….. .. N

T l3’aaI1’e._1\/Eaafigaiore Raithara
._ ‘SaI:iak’ar_a Niyamitha

A Rep. by sits Managing Director
‘Sri. Pukrnaya Hegde

S /’ o. Venkappa Hegde

.. Va gAgeVd= about 58 years

Pane Mangalore

it ‘~BantWa1a Taluk, D.K. District




Bantwaia Vyavasaya Seva
Sahakari Bank Niyamitha
Rep. by its President/ Manager
Sri. J ayaprakash Kamath
S/0. Gajanana Kamath

Aged about 43 years


Bantwala Taluk

D.K. District

Uli Seva Sahakari Bank Niyamitila
Rep. by its General Manager——-
Sri. K. Narayana ._ .. ..

S/0. Baddappa Poojari’ ‘

Aged about 42 years ‘ _ . .

Bithamane, U11 .Grama’& Post ._
Bant\Nala’fa1t’a;k,y-‘ . ‘V
D.K. District 5:; ‘

Vamardafiadévu;Yyavasaya Seva
Sa]:iakarib*BV5a_r1k Niyarriitha
Rep, by its 1\IIa’nage;’W__

Sri. Albert C; VD’S:_’o1_1Za__

S/0. Francis D’SduzaV

Aged abt) L11: 3?’ years ”

Vfiamanapatiaxfu Mane 8.: Post

– .B’an_twa1a Taluk ” **** ” ”

~ ,1).K_.’ Disétriet


“”ThBellaru.,»V_Seya”Sahakara Bank Niyamitha
A V Rep. by -its ‘Manager
“Sri. Chandrakantha Bhandary

S/10. igate Thyamapanna Bhandary

as ,Aget:i” about 58 years

Bradagabellur Post

Vt Bantwala Taluk

D.K. District




‘A r , mg. District

Amtadi Vyavasaya Seva

Sahakari Bank Niyamitha

Rep. by its Manager

Sri. U. Bhaskara

S/0. U. Babu
Aged about 57 years
Arntadi Post, Modamkapu

Bantwala Taluk

D.K. District —

Siddakatte Sahaka:af.Vyavasay1fka Bank Niya1fni1:.ha
Rep. by its Chief Exeeutive
Sri. Sheenashetty ” ‘ T * .

S/0. Ramapa Shetty ” av A

Aged about Y_ears’W – ..

Siddakatte”P0’*3t- & Grama’ A ‘ =
Bantwalae ” ‘

D.K. Diégtx-ic;t”_,. ” ‘

Pharangipete Vyfayasaya Sevaw
Sahakari Ban1§:- .Ni3ramitha’ ‘
Rep; — by its Maf1ager’/.Pi*esi–dent
Sri. B.”~Vamana. = V
S./Q. Paneha DVevac”._iga””
,, E’.ha1angipéie.__Post, §Pharangipete
~ .aE3CaI1_twa1a Taluk” “”” ” ‘V

« ‘ 53fi.ar1Vé;f;i1=ashekar Achar, Adv.)

x _ ftate Government

9’ Rep. by the Under Secretary to

Department of Co-operation

i\/LS. Building
Bangalore — 1

2. Registrar of Co–op. Societies
Ali Askar Road
Bangalore — 1

3. Assistant Registrar of Co–operative Societies
Mangalore Sub Division 7 ‘
Mangalore Taluk _ V ‘ _
D.K. District 575 001 ‘V RESPON.DENTS

(By Smt. M.C. Nagashree. I-E.CGP}Vm’ ”
These wI’it_ Igretitionsfare ‘;Aftic1es 226 and

227 of the Consi.itui3’.on ‘–Ind_ia pr_a3r_ingV’to–V»quash Annexure–
B to W dated..30.6.2’G-1Q__issue_d”‘oy\R:3_’ and etc.

These for Preliminary Hearing ‘B’
Group this day, ithe’Co’urt _II’iade’the foiiowing:-

“‘:7i’lhe:,.A’-spetitioners’ “” “are the Primary Agricultural Co-

“ijegistered under the provisions of the

Karnataka_Co{o1§eratiVe Societies Act. 1959 [for short ‘the

The”competent authority had passed an order dated

i?i3.QQ.”1997 directing the petitioners to delete the word

‘Society’ and in its place, to insert the word ‘Bank’ as apart

of their name. However, the competent authorityJj_agaiia.pVV” 3

passed order under Sub«~section {5} of Section S

directing the petitioners to delete in

insert in its place the word ‘Society’ avszalpart of

In some of the cases, the competent au-*:.1.1Vo’rit’_v “also
passed an order under Subsection’ ._Section” of the
Act amending their by-laws }?ee1i_ng aggrieved,

the petitioners havefiled I

2. theyhpevtitioners would contend
that the has to first propose the

axnendrnent theyr-nai:_ner”‘SV as may be prescribed by him

SddifiiibrsectiondH(‘5}”‘of Section 12 of the Act within such

“ti_rn’eyasr.he._rnay..g_specify. In case, the society concerned does

not obey thevtijorder, the competent authority has to register

amendment proposed by him after affording an

“o§;portt1nity of being heard. It is further argued that the

_.__'””ord;ers impugned have not been passed in accordance with



Sub-sections {5} and (6) of Section 12 of the Act. They are

aiso opposed to the principles of natural justice.

3. On the other hand, learned appeafirig for the A

respondents submits that after insertionfof :98§W’eA–Qf’i’i1.i_’

the Act, the petitioners were “dir–ected”‘by thei’V:’cc.111petent %

authority to amend their by–laws utehns of 9vf8–W of
the Act. Since, the petitioners’havey’faii~ed._toiobey the orders
passed under Sub–.sectior;.»{§.}._of the Act, the

competent authdrityiigehas ..4t’he”‘hy4’1’aws in exercise of

the power urider Suhlisection [6] of Section 12

of the Act.z7She prays of the Writ petitions.

Section 12″of—the Act provides for amendment of the

of”va:_SCo’-operative society. Sub–section [5] of Section

12 of the ‘states that if it appears to the Registrar that

any amendment of the bye–Iaws of a Co–operative Society is

_ nfecestsary or desirable in the interest of such society or to

effect to the provisions of the Act 01’ Rules made



thereunder, the Registrar may, by order, can upon the co–

operative society, to make the amendment proposed

in such manner as may be prescribed and within_s11ch” .

as he may specify. Sub–section {6} of; Se_C_tion_5’12” it

states that if such amendment is that

operative society within the tiinespecified. in theV’VVsai;d…oVrdeér, %

notwithstanding anything contained” the Act, Registrar
may, after giving the C0–V0pei’ative an opportunity of
being heard, register thevgsaidfiairieridrrientiiarid forward a

copy thereof e.¢.Lg;ie1¥é1t1yé:._ along with a

certificatedsignegifby shdadiibe conclusive evidence

that the argendrrientdhiasybeen».d.uiy registered.

it is ~e.vider1t’ from the above the provisions that the

‘Registrar -to..propose the amendment of the by–1aw under

Sub4sectior}..'{vVE§}_ of Section 12 of the Act. in case, the Co–

hi’-.,_’operative _’Scciety fails to obey the order passed under Sub-

[5) of Section 12 of the Act, the Registrar is

’empowered to amend the by–iaw after giving the Co–operative




Society an opportunity of being heard and forward a copy

thereof to the co-operative society along with a certific:’at_e~-_

signed by him which shall be conclusive evider1′.’–A%;V..t’YJ1″?i’l:’4 .

amendment has been duly registered. _

6. Perusal of the mate1’ia1s–~.V.on record w’ouid’v.c1earlyvb

indicate that the competent authority has .riotf_:passed the
impugned orders by foliou/ing–.gti:ievV. ‘procedure prescribed
under Sub–sections<(5} and 'ifilfofv Section the Act. He

has not proposed t;b;e._._am'endment as provided under Sub-

section u_At':VtVVnor has he heard the
representatix}e– of ,–~petitioners before amending

their bgyeiawsf'underV.Eiub=:sec£tion (6) of Section 12 of the Act.

' theynovtices/'orders impugned herein are contrary to

7: Having regard to the facts and circumstances of the

deem it proper to direct the parties to treat the

_.__""i1ripugned notices/orders as the show cause notices issued


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