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  1. khan

    higher education, saudi Arabia
    Qassim University is leading higher education institution in Saudi Arabia. It has 37 colleges and about 50,000 enrolled students.

    Qassim University
    College of Engineering is leading higher education institution in Saudi Arabia. It is ABET accredited.


    College of Dentistry, Qassim University is one of the modern colleges among Saudi Arabia.

    Presently College of Pharmacy is training Pharm D students in two consecutive semesters in addition to a summer semester per year. For the successful completion of Pharm D program students are required to complete ten levels, in addition to a pre-pharmacy preparatory year and a hospital based clinical internship.
    College of Architecture and Design

  2. bhupal bhattacharya

    what are the supreme court rulings relating to the distance courses conducted by university? specific rulings with case laws are needed.

    what are the guidelines required to be observed for conducting distance courses by any university in India?

    thanks in advance

  3. pradeep Sharma

    In the Memorandum of Understanding of Mutual consent divorce, it has been settled that father shall not claim the custody of the child and the custody of the child shall remain with mother. Whether such condition operates estoppal. Can a father claim the custody of the child. Any landmark judgment on this point/issue

  4. Paul

    Could you please give an example of the scientific journal on jurisprudence, which publish articles and reviews of foreign students?

  5. RAAM

    Dear sir,
    This is very good site, it will be very helpful for the professionals to add mail accopunt for the users,

    Thanks and Regards.

  6. preksha pandya

    i want to knoe about prevention or detection of illegal export of goods under custom act , 1962

  7. Debjit Saha

    PIL stands for Public Interest Litigation. It implies litigation initiated to vindicate rights of the persons at large. Generally when rights of the people at large is in danger or is violated then any of the aggrieved person on behalf of himself and others institute action in the court of law. Even a public spirited person not directly connected to the issue may in good faith go to the court to ask for relief against such violation of right. when fundamental right of a considerable section of people is violated a petition may be filed by a person under Art 32 and Art 226 before the Supreme cCourt of India and High Court respectively. the court may consider such petition and start Public Interest Litigation.


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