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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called upon the judiciary and the executive to work together to eliminate the “scourge.”

Addressing a joint conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices here, Prime Minister said, “I can assure this august gathering with all the emphasis at my command that my government will not be found wanting at any level in this joint effort …We promise to match each step of the judiciary with two of our own. We will not hesitate to walk the extra mile at every opportunity.”

“Like Gandhiji’s common man, the focus of the judicial system should be to wipe every tear of every waiting litigant,” Dr. Singh said, adding that “unless we meet his or her legitimate demands and expectations in letter and in spirit, we cannot rest in peace.”

Urging the entire legal system and each of its rungs to function as a “seamless web and an indivisible whole,” he emphasised that all vacant judicial posts should be filled up expeditiously with meritorious individuals.

The State judicial academies should be strengthened to build the capacities of judicial officers. Dr. Singh called for comprehensive computerisation and the ultimate linking of all the courts into one mega judicial information grid. All pending cases should be screened to enable the disposal of many old cases as moot or infructuous.

Agreeing that there was scope for a significant increase in court strength, Dr. Singh said that would be subject to quick filling of the existing vacancies.

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