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An Act to amend Act 37 of 1855.Preamble.–WHEREAS by Act 37 of 1855 certain districts described in the schedule to the said Act were removed from the operation of the general Regulations and Acts; and whereas it is expedient to make certain alterations in respect to the districts so removed; It is enacted as follows:

Districts removed from operation of general Regulations and
Acts.–2* All the provisions of the said Act, which are applicable to the districts described in the said schedule, shall, after the passing of this Act, be applicable only to the districts described in the schedule to this Act, in the same manner as if the schedule to this Act had been the schedule to Act 37 of 1855.———————————————————————
1. Short title given by the Amending Act, 1903 (1 of 1903), Sch. I.

This Act extends to the Sonthal Parganas, as described in the
Scheduled to Act 37 of 1855, Supra.

2. Certain words rep. by Act 14 of 1870

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